Saturday, December 1, 2018

Book Blitz: Deception by Leah Moyes

 Leah Moyes happily lives in the sunny state of Arizona…year-round. She is the biological mother of four but claims many more. After a career in the airlines and teaching high school sciences, she has pursued her life-long dream to become an Archaeologist and currently works under the guidance and direction of amazing Archaeologists at Arizona State University. Between writing and archaeological digs, the world has become her playground.

Berlin Butterfly is her first Historical Fiction Series.

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Promises. Devotion. Deception. Betrayal.

It’s 1966 in East Berlin, Germany. The Wall is reinforced with cinder blocks, barbed wire, tank traps and second-generation guard towers to oversee what is known as the death strip. It’s function successfully claims a steady stream of victims longing for freedom and willing to risk everything to escape the destruction known as the Deutche Democratic Republic.
Ella Kühn now in her twenties, faithfully awaits the end of “spoiler alert” ‘s ten-year military sentence, yearning for the moment they will finally be together.
A mysterious disappearance, startling news from the West and surprising betrayal wrench Ella’s dedicated resolve in shocking directions. Her stubborn curiosity and devotion to those she loves pushes her to pursue answers in the face of doubt, danger and even death.

In Deception, book 2 of the “Berlin Butterfly” series, Ella’s search for light in an ever-growing darkness introduces her to new friends, perilous associations and deadly exploits. Will “spoiler alert” ’s love and the belief that he will return be enough to keep Ella on the East side of the wall? Or does heartache and treachery push her to join the family and a life of freedom she longs for?


“This will be our adieu, for tomorrow we will be liberated,” Karl mumbled and hobbled to his chair where his own tattered coat hung. His friends doubled over, equally intoxicated.
“Karl,” I quickly twisted around and reached for his arm. “What do you mean by that?”
“Oh . . .” He laughed again. “Did I not tell you?”
My stare absorbing him hard, I quickly pulled him away from the others and into a corner for privacy.
“We are leaving tomorrow. It’s all planned.”
“What’s planned?” My tone became serious.
“Do not worry about me, princess,” Karl hooted, “I will no longer be bound by the communist inhumanity and their collectivist agenda.”
I shook my head and tightened my grip on his arm. “Please don’t.”
“Oh, sure, you were quite insistent I leave earlier, only now . . . now you want me to stay. I’m sorry I cannot love you.”
Karl’s dramatics got a degree louder at the last of his sentence. He enjoyed the fact I was nearly begging.
“Stop it!” I growled, “You know what I mean!”

“Ella,” Karl seemed sober for one short minute. “There is no life here. I have made my choice. I choose freedom.”

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