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Moral Dilemmas Tour and Giveaway


Loving Dr Jones

Moral Dilemmas Book 1

by VR Tennent

Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance 

What happens when the woman you marry isn’t the woman you want? Your heart fights with your head and a lot of people you care about get hurt.

Being the other woman was never my goal. But loving him made it impossible not to be. A love triangle between lifelong friends certainly complicates the issue.

From the moment I realised we couldn’t be together, I hit the self-destruct button. Life gets complicated and tragedy appears out of nowhere. Loyalty is tested. And love is denied.

Our passion is real. Our feelings strong. Our story heart-breaking. He was never mine to begin with, but every moment in his arms was precious. No one is ever promised a happy ending, but for me loving him was worth the risk.

Will he ever choose me?

Trigger Warning: Contains adult themes including infidelity, terminal illness and drug use.

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Surviving Heartbreak

Moral Dilemmas Book 2

Finding my wife in bed with an old friend was the most heart-wrenching day of my life.

My world was turned upside down in a single moment, and all my plans turned to dust.

I wanted to run straight back to the army, but then I met Katie.

She was everything I shouldn’t want, almost twenty years older than me with more baggage than a jumbo jet.

But I fell for her hard and she was all I ever wanted.

The problem with falling in love with an older woman is they have a conscience. They know what society expects from them.

They try to follow their head instead of their heart.

Life without her is colourless.

I will move heaven and earth to ensure our relationship has the chance it deserves.

Trigger Warning: contains adult themes including descriptions of violence, physical and verbal abuse.

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VR Tennent emigrated from Scotland to Spain in 2020. She lives in the Spanish campo with her husband, young daughter, and ever-growing animal family.

In January 2022, she decided to put pen to paper and write a book after joining the writer’s group of her favourite author. Five months later she was offered a publishing contract on that very book.

She writes contemporary fiction filled with love, heartbreak, and spice

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Cusp of Darkness Reveal

Cusp of Darkness
Olivia Preya
(The Cusp Series, #1)
Publication date: January 20th 2023
Genres: Adult, Mafia, Romance

Valerius Cafarelli
In my world, we live and die for our family. We brand our skin with symbols of loyalty and rank that bind us together. It’s time to step from behind the scenes and claim my birthright, leader of the Cafarelli family. But the mafia is nothing if not set in tradition. Marriage is the only way to claim what’s rightfully mine.
When the angel I’ve protected from a distance suddenly needs me as much as I need her, I make an offer she can’t refuse.

She is a candle in the night.
She is a prayer to the gods.
She is the knife that brings me to my knees.

Adaliya Solarin
I took an oath to save lives, trying to redeem myself from a bloody night where I played judge, jury, and executioner. I worked hard to erase all traces of the night I claimed revenge, but my mind can’t forget the man who ensured I’d never be put away for my crime.

Now I need someone to help me save my father from himself. When I’m left desperate and defeated, the man who saved me once offers one last chance at survival. What can I do but make a deal with the devil?

He is the bump in the night.
He is my darkest temptations come to life.
He is my salvation.

Cusp of Darkness is book one of the Cusp series but can be read as a standalone. It has a guaranteed HEA, swoon-worthy anti-hero, and badass heroine. This is an interracial mafia romance containing explicit sex scenes, graphic violence, and is recommended for readers 18+. Please check the author’s website for the full list of content warnings on the author’s website.

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Exit Clause Virtual Book Tour

Sharer Mystery, Book 2

Historical Mystery

Date Published: April 12, 2022

Publisher: MindStir Media

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Grant Sharer just solved the mystery of great entertainment

Hollywood, 1948

The Supreme Court is forcing Major Hollywood Studios to sell their movie palaces marking the final curtain for filmdom's Golden Age.  The Department of Justice is threatening criminal prosecution for the Tinsel Town´s most powerful Moguls.  Backstage an international Egyptian heroin ring threatens the future of the U.S.

Grant Sharer, the Studio system´s number one scandal fixer, fighting to help a struggling actor battle discrimination, is caught in an undertow of corruption that leads from the highest court in the land to the lowliest studios on Poverty Row.

Take a thrill ride from Cairo to California.  From a secret New York Subway Station to the heights of LA´s iconic Planetarium. 

For Grantland Sharer, pitted against the most powerful men in America, there´s only one way out.

Exit Clause

The greatest scandal is not reading it.

About the Author

As primetime Emmy nominated television producer, writer and director at Walt Disney Studios, Phil May filmed on every major studio back lot in Hollywood.  He directed such Golden Era stars as Bette Davis, Helen Hayes, Gregory Peck, Jimmie Stewart, many more and avidly garnered their stories.

In retirement Phil  teaches College level film classes of his own design; ¨The Moguls¨,¨ McCarthy in the Media¨,” Film Noir¨, ¨America´s Great Mid-Century Directors¨  ¨Film Language¨  ¨The Hollywood Style¨ ¨Hitler Vs. Hollywood¨,  and many others. 

As a film historian, teacher and a former insider, Phil devised this novel to appeal to classic film lovers.  "My audience, he says,  is the avid TCM fan,  people who love movies and who read."

Every chapter is infused with obscure insights into the history of studios, movie making and the inner workings of the Hollywood Golden Age.

And the lead character, Grantland Sharer,  is nuanced and likeable enough to generate a lot of encores. 

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Jarrod and the Demon's Knight Virtual Book Tour


Dark Urban Fantasy

Date Published: 05-02-2022


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The wizard, known simply as Jarrod, has been living covertly amongst humans for over a decade. As a Professor at the University of Magic on his own planet, Prushal, he is ostensibly on Earth to research humanity’s ancient magic. But the university’s council no longer trust his motives and want him back.

Jarrod’s peaceful guise as an expert in historical artefacts is shattered as he becomes embroiled in a series of gruesome demonic murders where he becomes the prime suspect. With pressure mounting, he doesn’t have much time to confront the demon’s knight, and clear his name. An unlikely alliance forms between Jarrod and Detective Widcombe as she and the wizard work to uncover the real murderer and the evil he is unleashing on mankind.

About the Author

P N Burrows lives on a rather wet mountain in rural Wales. Phil has worked in a variety of roles over the years from IT Consultant to a Business Advisor. In his spare time, he loves to read and particularly enjoys crime thrillers. He also enjoys working his way through a comprehensive bucket list that he and his partner have created; they can frequently be found dancing the Lindy Hop.

P N Burrows has also written a 5 book science fiction series starting with the Mineran Influence and a children’s diversity picture called Emily and Her Mums.

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Heartbeat New Release Blitz

Title:  Heartbeat

Author: Nicholas Brown

Publisher:  NineStar Press

Release Date: 11/22/2022

Heat Level: 2 - Fade to Black Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 70500

Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQIA+, contemporary, romance, YA, high school, bisexual, pansexual, hurt/comfort, depression, grieving, therapy sessions

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Thomas Hart lives in the numb aftermath of his brother’s tragic death. After spending six months institutionalized for attempted suicide, Thomas returns home to build a new life for himself. He goes to therapy, starts over at a different high school, and makes new friends. All while completely abandoning his old reputation as a state champion swimmer. Or so he thought.

Thomas can’t seem to get resident star athlete Ethan Cooper out of his head. With dimples that have a track record and a kind touch capable of all but unravelling him, Ethan is everything Thomas can’t seem to have, or be. Because there’s no going back to the person he was before the accident that claimed his brother’s life.

So the question hangs. Can Thomas embrace his new existence, make peace with the past, and embrace a future that may include falling in love? Or will his old life continue to barge in, preventing him from moving on?


Nicholas Brown © 2022
All Rights Reserved

Chapter One
Waking Up

I didn’t remember much about what had happened. I remembered how it felt, waking up. How I’d had all these wires and tubes coming out of my chest and arms and how, as I looked around the room, there was no one there. I also recalled being tied to the bed—that I remembered quite well; I dozed off shortly after noticing it. Dr. Foster stood next to me, watching as she waited for me to come to. We talked for a bit. You know how it goes, if your brain is deprived of oxygen for an x amount of time things have a tendency of getting…messy. So we went through the usual questions. I told her my name, my age, where I lived, and who my parents were—stuff like that. Then she asked if I remembered how I’d gotten there.

I didn’t answer.

Not because I didn’t know, which I didn’t, but rather because I knew she’d tell me eventually, which she did. We’d both done this before, so I knew she must’ve had a good reason for not smiling like she usually did whenever we found ourselves in this particular situation. It was then that she told me Noah was the one who’d found me. It was also then that I began feeling like complete and utter shit and started sweating profusely.

Who lets their kid brother witness something like that?

I knew I didn’t. I fucking wouldn’t. He was supposed to be out. There was a party or a birthday or whatever it was that made him all but beg our dad to let him spend the night at Joe’s. He was supposed to be out.

Dr. Foster handed me her scarf, which I readily took, even though I had no idea what she was trying to do. It was pretty—black and blood-red with this sort of English pattern printed on it. She untied my left hand and touched her face, as if showing me something. I mimicked her. Turned out I wasn’t sweating. I’d started to cry, and the fact that I didn’t even recognize it immediately should have been enough to illustrate just how fucked up a person I really was.

I stopped talking after that. I didn’t say another word, except for when I told Dr. Foster I wasn’t going to repeat my behavior anytime soon. She looked pleased with the words that floated from my mouth, most of which were actual truths this time. One of Dr. Foster’s biggest talents had always been how good she was at discerning between truths, half-truths, and lies; one of my biggest talents had always been knowing just how much information to supply to keep our relationship well balanced. Basically, I knew when to shut up.

My name is Thomas Hart. I’m seventeen years old, and I live in New York City, NY. My parents are Jane and Lucius Hart, and I have a kid brother called Noah.

This was my second suicide attempt in as many years, and it earned me a six-month stay in the psych ward of St. Yve’s Hospital. It was also my last one—at least for the foreseeable future. I didn’t want to break anyone’s heart. I didn’t want my brother or anyone else to suffer too much. So, I’d wait. At least until I could be sure Noah would be okay.

I’d wait.


NineStar Press | Books2Read

Meet the Author

Nicholas Brown is a philosopher and an award-winning literary fiction writer obsessed with all things relating to infinity. Discovering new music he can write to and watching films—especially Nouvelle Vague cinema—over and over again are a few of his favorite things to do in this life. Nicholas would be the first to admit he is, in fact, a cynic, yet because life and the universe seem to have a somewhat twisted sense of humor, he cannot help but write love stories, nor can he help believing one of these days he will actually live one. That is perhaps the only paradox he accepts, for he has no other choice.

Nicholas calls certain versions of himself “his ghosts,” mainly because he’s lived a life divided into sections: the years he was not himself; the ones he was absent for; times when he felt better; times when he wished he could feel; moments he felt seen…versions of a self, of him.

Website | Twitter | Instagram | TikTok


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Thursday, November 24, 2022

Daring Done Right Blitz


Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Steamy Romance

Date Published: November 24, 2022


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In this enemies-to-lovers Regency romance by USA Today bestselling author Charlie Lane, a lady who dares too much and a brute who dares too little engage in a battle of wits.

Lady Sarah Hampton would rather sew up a wound than tend to her own heart. Or matrimonial prospects. When the small hospital she’s been volunteering at faces financial peril, she seeks to save them the best way she knows how—one dare, one wager, and one foolish rake at a time. No matter the risk to herself. If her friend’s irritatingly handsome and brutish brother doesn’t stand in her way.

Xavier Evans, Viscount Flint may be known as the Dare King to his old chums, but to Lady Sarah, he’s the King of Brutes. He’d take offense if he weren’t so busy trying to be a better man, the type who rises above insult, never gives it, and protects his family. But when his sister’s happiness hinges on her friend’s safety, he’ll have to figure out how to keep the sharp-tongued and beautiful Lady Sarah—who hates him—safe, too.

Sarah is willing to risk it all, and Xavier will do what it takes to stop her. As the game of dares draws them closer, it reveals a hidden threat, and these enemies must work together or hurt those they love… including each other.

The Debutante Dares Series

#1 Daring the Duke

#2 A Dare too Far

#3 Kiss or Dare

#4 Don't You Dare, My Dear

#5 Only Rakes Would Dare

#6 Daring Done Right

About the Author

USA Today bestselling author Charlie Lane traded in academic databases and scholarly journals for writing steamy Regency romcoms like the ones she’s always loved to read. Her favorite authors are Jane Austen (who else?), Toni Morrison, William Blake, Julia Quinn, and Maya Rodale.

Charlie writes unique stories with unconventional characters who push against the rigid restrictions of their society. Officially, Charlie has a Ph.D. in literature with a focus on the nineteenth-century novel and children’s literature and answers to Professor. Unofficially, she’s a high-flying circus-obsessed acrobat, with an emphasis on two-tail silks and answers to Muscles Magee. She lives with her own Colonel Brandon, two little dudes, and a furry fella in East Tennessee.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Ridders Tour and Giveaway


The Ridders

by Lisa Towles

Genre: Political Action Thriller 

Brock “BJ” Janoff and his older brother Jonas run a private investigation firm in Venice, CA. BJ is randomly approached by a stranger on the street with a proposition he can’t refuse – one million dollars to deliver a single envelope to a hotel lobby. They pay him up front, which sounds good on the surface, but now BJ’s life is in danger if he doesn’t deliver the envelope in time. Obsessed with the envelope’s contents and the “why me”, BJ follows clues to investigate the players behind what he believes is an organized crime scam. When an act of brilliance changes the balance of power, the safety of everyone he loves is in jeopardy. And the more he digs, the closer he gets to truths he can’t bear to face – about the elusive Bilderberg Group, his missing father, and about the fate of everyone he loves.

**Releases November 30th!!**

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  1. CHAPTER 1

What would you do if someone offered you a million dollars to bring an envelope to the reception desk of a luxury hotel? That’s it. Sure, a no-brainer. A relatively inconsequential risk, easy money, right? Trouble is, anything involving a million dollars might not be what it seems.

So many questions. Namely why me, BJ Janoff, should be offered this seemingly innocuous task. There were no answers available, no consultants waiting with details or clarifications. One million dollars in cash to perform this social experiment. Right now. Yes or no?

I know what my older brother Jonas would do. He’d say no because of the multitude of potential hazards his paranoid mind would concoct, keeping him tied to the past, still wearing the same ugly khakis from ten years ago, stuck in the protective bubble of his big house in Ladera Heights and his geriatric Mercedes. So, of course I didn’t tell him. Yet.

Then there was Lacy Diaz, the girl-next-door-turned-lawyer, who drives a car flashy enough to get a speeding ticket if she goes over fifty on the freeway. “Hell, yeah, I’d take it,” she said, with about a hundred caveats. What do you expect; she’s a lawyer. “Wear rubber gloves,” she said. “Ask to see the contents of the envelope first. If it’s money, fan it out so you can see the bill denominations. Take photos of the payor.”

“Photos of the payor?” I laughed and closed my eyes, a response Lacy inspired by pretty much everything she did. “Excuse me sir, would you mind if


“I’m just trying to protect you from potential—”

“Potential. Now you sound like Jonas. His whole world is so much potential there’s no room for now.”

“He’s your brother. You can’t choose your family so get over it.” So be it.

A million dollars? Hell yeah, of course I said yes, I’m not stupid. Luckily, the task was intended for not only the most beautiful hotel in LA but the one I went to almost every morning. Sure, the cappuccinos were okay at the Peets counter, but the staff was even more noteworthy.

“Good morning,” I said, loping up to the counter. “Is it?”

“Pretty sure.” I didn’t let my eyes fall below Raquel’s neck, given her choice of a low-cut blouse.



I watched the Westin Bonaventure Hotel staff moving wordlessly through their tasks today. A keen observer of human behavior, I knew something was going down when Mario the bellhop pushed an empty cart past me and lowered his eyes to the floor. No banter, humming, rapping, high fiving me. No smile.

“Hey?” I called after him. “What am I, invisible?”

Alena, who managed the daytime housekeeping staff, hurried after him toward the elevators. Her face looked like she’d been crying all morning. No makeup and she was buttoning her uniform top while she walked. Maybe I’m paranoid.

Raquel was moving slowly and clearly not interested in talking. So I took three steps to the left to get a view of the reception desk. The typical chorus line of coiffed, perky concierges today included a confused, twenty-year-old in a wrinkled t-shirt. Something, no doubt related to the FedEx envelope I’d tucked into the back of my pants, was afoot. Out of coffee sleeves, I burned my fingers on Raquel’s cappuccino and hunkered low on a lobby sofa watching and sipping. A cadre of men in identical black suits marched to the reception desk. Here we go. I calculated my distance to be roughly fifty feet from the polished, walnut counter, maybe forty-five. Lucky for me, the acoustics in here rivaled the Guggenheim and I could hear everything. One suited man in front, nine underlings huddled behind awaiting instructions. I heard the word envelope posed as a question. The misplaced pothead behind the counter looked like he might start crying any moment. He gazed through the suits into the cavernous lobby space. Don’t look at me, buddy, I don’t exist right now. I took three more sips of

coffee then back to my morning theater.

My phone buzzed with an incoming call. Jonas, who I suppose qualified as my business partner even though I wasn’t paid an equal salary, and there was no legal agreement in place that formalized our working arrangement.

“Hey, bro,” I whispered.

“Hey, bro?” Repeating was one of his annoying traits. He had so many. “What?”

“Where the fuck are you?”

“On a job,” I lied. “Where are you?” I laughed inside, knowing this would unglue him. He hated the idea of my taking side jobs because he felt I was

unqualified to be a private investigator. When our partner Archie Dax was still around, we used to laugh about this. He and I were so similar. He understood me almost better than anyone. I’d only had my investigator’s license for less than a year when he died, but he never thought that mattered. Said I had the right head for PI work. Aww, Arch. My world’s not the same without you.

“Job? What job?”

Poor Jonas. I still hadn’t told him.

“Okay look, we’ve got the Bergman family coming in at nine tomorrow morning and I need the…” He exhaled long and hard, specifically to relay his frustration and inspire guilt. That ploy never worked with me.

“What, Jonas—WiFi? Maybe you’ve heard of something called the internet.

Yes, I know, and we’re good.” “Router! Router. That’s it.”

Lord. “It’s not the router, it’s the modem speed and the unit will be upgraded within the hour. We’re fine. Just let them in when they arrive.”

No response.

“Are you crying?” I asked. “Pacing? Take your pill, Jonas.” “Fuck off. Say hi to Raquel for me.”

I hung up and the phone rang again. “Dude, what?”

“And please don’t wear your stupid backwards baseball hat. Please? I beg you. The Bergmans have money, a lot of it. We need that right now.”

“Okay Jonas, no hat. Happy now?” “We’ll see.”

Okay, so about the Bergmans. Jonas had been talking with them, Sten and Estelle, for the past two days about their vanished eighteen-year-old daughter, Anastasia, heir to their multi-billion-dollar estate, and how her net worth made her an especially enticing ransom target to what they described as “the underworld”. LA’s not utopia but not sure I’d call it an underworld.

Just two more errands today. First, I put a five-dollar bill in Raquel’s tip vase even though she didn’t see me. She still deserved it for being open at 6 a.m. and for looking so goddamn beautiful first thing in the morning. Then I held a small, black plastic ball in my hands and set it on a side table with a perfect view of the hotel’s reception area. The table was on the other side of the seating area so that meant roughly thirty feet from the front desk. The plastic ball, a nanny cam designed to look like an air filter, was partially concealed by the fat leaves on a fake rubber tree plant. Unless someone moved that plant, or the filter for that matter, I’d be able to see the front desk of the Bonaventure Hotel for the next twenty-four hours via an iPhone app, which I suspect would be time enough to see why someone would pay a stranger a million bucks to deliver a stupid envelope.

Lisa Towles is an award-winning crime novelist and a passionate speaker on the topics of fiction writing, creativity, and Strategic Self Care. Lisa has eight crime novels in print, including Hot House, Ninety-Five, The Unseen, Choke, and under the name Lisa Polisar Escape, The Ghost of Mary Prairie, Blackwater Tango, and Knee Deep. Her next title, Salt Island, is the second book in her E&A thriller series and will be forthcoming in late 2022. Her thriller, Ninety-Five, was released in November 2021 and won a Literary Titan Award for Fiction. Her 2019 thriller, The Unseen, was the Winner of the 2020 NYC Big Book Award in Crime Fiction, and a Finalist in the Thriller category of the Best Book Awards by American Book Fest. Her 2017 thriller, Choke, won a 2017 IPA Award and a 2018 NYC Big Book Award for Thriller. Lisa is an active member and frequent panelist/speaker of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and International Thriller Writers. She has an MBA in IT Management and works fulltime in the tech industry in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * TikTok * Bookbub * Amazon * Goodreads

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A Dragon's Wrath by Kira Nyte Release Blitz


A Dragon's Wrath: Dragons of the Otherworld

Author: Kira Nyte

Cover Design by: JMN Art-Covers by Julie

Genre: Fantasy Romance, Shifter Romance, PNR

🐉 Order Today 🐉

Available on Amazon & Kindle Unlimited


Hideously injured, black dragon Darien of Hallenwell can only watch as invaders destroy everything he loves. He vows the dragon hunters will suffer the same fate as his people—to die in fire and blood. But first, he must find the destined mate he senses nearby and get her to safety.

Ariah Callestine has forged a life for herself in Florida with those who, like her, have unusual gifts—telepaths, empaths and others who can influence the world around them with their minds. Even among them, Ariah is different. She can weave paths to realms like the lush haven they call Otherworld. She is horrified when members of her found family massacre peaceful villagers there that they believe to be sheltering a deadly dragon.

Darien is on the trail of his people’s killers when he stumbles across his mate. Not only is the gifted beauty as drawn to him as he is to her—she’s a strong warrior woman, thank the gods. He senses the shadows on her soul and knows that, together, they will banish them when he earns her trust.

Ariah dreads the day when the dragon-man she loves more with each beat of her heart learns the truth—that though she could do nothing to stop it, her people killed his. She doesn’t realize the greater threat is the evil that stalks them both.

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Moral Dilemmas Tour and Giveaway

  Loving Dr Jones Moral Dilemmas Book 1 by VR Tennent Genre: Steamy Contemporary Romance  What happens when the woman you marry isn’t ...