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Honestly Yours Blitz

Honestly Yours
Jaime Reese
Publication date: May 12th 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance

The truth hurts. But in the end, honesty wins. Or does it?

Warren Prescott loves a challenge. He knows how to play the game and adapts when necessary to succeed in his cutthroat world. Tired of pining for a man he’s wanted for months, Warren intends to seal the deal. Until that man throws him an endearing curveball…

Be honest.

Gian Benedetti doesn’t play games. Success has cost him the personal connections he craves, and he doubts he’ll take another chance on a relationship. Until the attractive, younger man with the brazen personality and confidence stirs his interest.

Except…someone else is playing games.
And threatening everything Gian has worked hard to achieve.

Warren won’t rest until he uncovers the new player and gets his forever with Gian.

But they’ll soon face a hard truth—
Honesty may be what brings them together…
Or it could be the one thing that tears them apart.


Honestly Yours is an age-gap standalone romance. It features a snarky younger man with a giant crush on a good-hearted, affectionate, bisexual older man. Expect some banter, a little mystery, a few twists, a dash of angst, curious parents, animal trivia, and a whole lot of love…and hugs (so many hugs).

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[Warren at Gian’s home for dinner.]


“I didn’t go all out with dessert,” Gian said, jarring him back to the present. “I’ll do that next time.”

Next time. He could get used to this. To all of this.

“I just made a chocolate cake and I’ve got some ice cream to go with it.”

There was that word again. Just. Gian had no idea how much all this meant to him.

Gian stood and took their plates to the sink, rinsed them off, and then placed them into the dishwasher. A few seconds later, he brought out a glass cake stand and raised the glass dome top.

Warren closed his eyes and took a deep breath, inhaling the mix of sweetness and chocolate filling the air. Something foreign inside him swelled and had him standing. He walked over to Gian and took the knife from his hand and set it aside.

“What’s going on?” Gian asked.

He slid his arms around Gian’s waist and held him close.

It was the million little things this man did that threw Warren off-balance. How he knew giving Warren a code for entrance to the community would put him more at ease than handing over his ID to a guard. How he never pushed. The way he paid attention to every minute detail. How he listened for the sake of understanding, not for the purpose of waiting for that precise second to interrupt. He cared about others, what they thought, and how his actions affected them. He was a good man. With good intentions. And a kind heart.

The opposite of what he had grown accustomed to expecting from others.

“If I had known I’d get a hug out of this, I would have made you two cakes.”

Warren smiled.

He couldn’t forget adding Gian’s use-of-humor-to-ease-the-tension-in-the-air to the list.

He rested his head against Gian’s shoulder when strong arms wrapped around him. This…this was where he wanted to be. A place where he felt welcomed and happy.

Author Bio:

Jaime Reese is the alter ego of an artist who loves the creative process of writing, just not about herself. Fiction is far more interesting. She has a weakness for broken, misunderstood heroes and feels everyone deserves a chance at love and life. An avid fan of a happy ending, she believes those endings acquired with a little difficulty are more cherished.

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✱✱Book Review✱✱ Blog Tour for Maisey Yates’s UNBRIDLED COWBOY

UNBRIDLED COWBOY Author: Maisey Yates Publisher: HQN Books

Welcome to Four Corners Ranch, where the west is still wild…and when a cowboy needs a wife, he decides to find her the old-fashioned way.

Cowboy Sawyer Garrett has no intention of settling down. But when he becomes a single dad to tiny baby June, stepping up to the responsibility is non-negotiable. And so is finding a wife to be a mother to his infant daughter. So he decides to do it how the pioneers did: He puts out an ad for a mail order bride.

Evelyn Moore can’t believe she’s agreed to uproot her city life to marry a stranger in Oregon. But having escaped one near-disastrous marriage, she’s desperate for change. Her love for baby June is instant. Her feelings for Sawyer are more complicated. Her gruff cowboy husband ignites thrilling desire in her, but Sawyer is determined to keep their marriage all about the baby. But what happens if Evelyn wants it all?

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Momma Says: 3 stars⭐⭐⭐
Unbridled Cowboy is surprisingly low angst, especially with it being around 400 pages. I guess I expected more tension between Evelyn and Sawyer, but maybe that's what works for this pair. Sawyer is like granite when it comes to his feelings, and Evelyn is patient as she steadily chips away at the wall he's built to protect his heart. This is a mail-order bride romance, but the theme (in my opinion) is about finding your one and the blessings you find when you come through the turmoil. Evelyn didn't need to be a mail-order bride, and running away isn't an answer, but the story feels like every step these two took toward each other was necessary for the journey. I do think it's a little longer than it needed to be, but this series start has me interested to see what's next for Four Corners Ranch.


“There’s no way around it. I’m going to need a wife.”

Sawyer Garrett looked across the table at his brother, Wolf, and his sister, Elsie, and then down at the tiny pink bundle he was holding in his arms.

It wasn’t like this was an entirely new idea.

It was just that he had been thinking the entire time that Missy might change her mind, which would put him in a different position. She hadn’t, though. She had stuck to her guns. When she found out she was pregnant, she told him that she wanted nothing to do with having a baby. She wanted to go through with the pregnancy, but not with being a mother. Not even when he proposed marriage. Oh, they hadn’t been in a relationship or anything like that. She was just a woman that he saw from time to time.

In fact, Sawyer Garrett could honestly say that he had a very low opinion of relationships and family.

Present company excluded, of course.

But when Missy had said she was pregnant, he’d known there was only one thing to do. His dad had been a flawed man. Deeply so. He’d acted like the kids were an after­thought and all he’d really done was let them live under his roof.

Sawyer wanted more for his child. Better. He’d deter­mined he would be there, not just providing housing and food, but actually being there.

If he could spare his child the feeling of being unwanted, he would.

And that was where this idea had been turning over in his head for a while.

The fact of the matter was, Garrett’s Watch had a lousy track record when it came to marriage.

The thirteen-thousand-acre spread had been settled back in the late 1800s, with equal adjoining spreads settled by the Kings, the McClouds and the Sullivans, all of whom had now worked what was known in combination as Four Corners Ranch in the generations since.

And where the Garrett clan was concerned… There was nothing but a long history of abandonment and divorces. The one exception being Sawyer’s grandparents. Oh, not his grandfather’s first marriage. His biological grandmother had run off just like every other woman in their family tree. As if the ground itself was cursed.

But then the old man had happened upon an idea. He thought to write a letter to one of the newspapers back east asking for a woman who wanted to come out to Oregon and be a mother to his children. They’d had the only successful marriage in his direct line. And it was because it was based on mutual respect and understanding and not the emotional bullshit that had been a hallmark of his own childhood. He barely remembered his own mother. He remembered Wolf’s and Elsie’s, though. Two different women. Only around for a small number of years.

Just long enough to leave some scars.

Hell, he didn’t know how he wound up in this position. He was a man who liked to play hard. He worked hard. It seemed fair enough. But he was careful. He always used a condom. And Missy had been no exception. He’d just been subject to that small percentage of failure. Failure.

He hated that. He hated that feeling. He hated that word. If there was one thing he could fault his father for it was the fact that the man hadn’t taken charge. The fact that he just sat there in the shit when everything went to hell. That wasn’t who Sawyer was. But Sawyer had to be responsi­ble for his siblings far sooner than he should’ve had to be, thanks in part due to his father’s passivity. If there was one thing Sawyer had learned, it was that you had to be respon­sible when responsibility was needed.

He wasn’t a stranger to failing people in his life, but unlike his father, he’d learned. He’d never let anyone who needed him down, not again.

“Marriage,” Wolf said. “Really.”

“Unless you and Elsie want a full-time job as a nanny.”

Elsie snorted, leaned back in her chair and put her boots up on the table—which she didn’t normally do, but she was just trying to be as feral as possible in the moment. “Not likely,” she said.

“Right. Well. So, do you think there’s a better idea?”

“Reconsider being a single father?” Wolf said.

“I am,” Sawyer said. “I’m aiming to find a wife.”

Wolf shook his head. “I mean, reconsider having a baby at all.”

A fierce protectiveness gripped Sawyer’s chest. “It’s a little late, don’t you think?”

“Wasn’t too late for Missy to walk away yesterday,” Wolf said.

“Too late for me,” Sawyer said.

It had been. From the moment he’d first heard her cry. The weight of… Of everything that he felt on his shoulders when this tiny little thing was placed into his arms. It was difficult to describe. Impossible. He wasn’t good with feel­ings when they were simple. But this was complicated. A burden, but one he grabbed hold of willingly. One he felt simultaneously uniquely suited for and completely unequal to. He didn’t know the first thing about babies. Yeah, he had done quite a bit to take care of Elsie and Wolf, and… He could see where he’d fallen short. Elsie was just a hair shy of a bobcat in human form, and Wolf suited his name, and, well…big, a little bit dangerous, loyal to his pack, but that was about it.

“It’s not too late,” Elsie said. “In the strictest sense. You haven’t even given her name.”

No. It was true. He hadn’t settled on anything yet. And he knew there was paperwork that he had to do.

“You want me to give her back?” He shook his head. “It’s not like I have a receipt, Els.”

“That’s not what I meant,” Elsie said. “It’s just… It’s a hard life here.”

“And I aim to make it a little less hard.”

“So, you’re going to… What? Put an ad in the paper?”

“Granddad did,” he said.

And it had changed their lives for the better. The history of Garrett’s Watch might be rich with failed love stories, but it was a marriage of convenience that had brought real love to the ranch.

Their grandmother—their real grandmother (blood didn’t matter here, staying mattered)—had loved them all with a ferocity their own mothers hadn’t managed, let alone their father.

She had taught Sawyer to tie his shoes and ride a bike. She’d hugged him when he’d fallen and scraped his knees.

She taught him tenderness. And he was damned grate­ful for it now, because he had this tiny life in his care, and if it weren’t for her, he would have never, ever known where to begin.

And thanks to his grandfather, he knew what else he might need.

However crazy his siblings thought it was.

“It’s not 1950,” Wolf pointed out.

Though, sometimes, on Four Corners you could be for­given for not realizing that. For not realizing it wasn’t 1880, even.

Time passed slowly, and by and large the landscape didn’t change. Sure, the farm implements got a little bit shinier.

On a particularly good year, the savings account got a little bit fatter.

But the land itself remained. The large imposing moun­tains that surrounded the property that backed Garrett’s Watch. The river that ran through the property, cutting across the field and the base of the mountain. The pine trees, green all through the year, growing taller with the passage of time.

They were lucky to have done well enough in the last few years that the large main house was completely up­dated, though it was ridiculously huge for Sawyer by him­self. Wolf and Elsie had gone to their own cabins on the property, which were also sturdy and well kept.

In truth, this whole thing with the baby had been a wake-up call. Because whether or not he could look out the win­dow and see it, time was passing. And when Missy had asked him what he wanted to do about the baby, the an­swer had seemed simple. It had seemed simple because… He had no excuse. He had plenty of money, and had the sort of life that meant he could include a kid in most any­thing. His dad had done him a favor by showing him what not to do. They were largely left to their own devices, but it was a great place to be left to your devices. And he’d had to ask himself… What was he hanging on to? A life of going out drinking whenever he wanted, sleeping with whoever he wanted.

He was at the age where it wasn’t all that attractive, not anymore.

Thirty-four and with no sign of change on the horizon. In the end, he decided to aim for more. To take the change that was coming whether he was ready or not.

Turns out not very ready. But again, that was where his plan came in.

“I’m aware that is not 1950,” he shot back at his brother. “I can…sign up for a… A website.”

As if he knew how the hell to do that. They had a com­puter. Hell, he had a smartphone. They had a business to manage and it made sense. But the fact remained, he didn’t have a lot of use for either.

Elsie cackled, slinging her boots off the table and flip­ping her dark braid over her shoulder. “A website? I don’t think people swipe on their phones looking for marriage. I think they look for… Well, stuff you seem to be able to find without the help of the internet.”

His sister wasn’t wrong. He found sex just fine with­out the help of his phone. That was what Smokey’s Tav­ern was for.

“The way I see it,” Sawyer said, speaking as if Elsie hadn’t spoken, which as far as he was concerned was the way it should be with younger siblings, “marriage can work, relationships can work, as long as you have the same set of goals as the other person. It’s all these modern ideals… That’s what doesn’t work.”

“Which modern ideals?” Elsie asked. “The kind that saw every woman in our bloodline leaving every man in our bloodline all the way back to when people were riding around in horse-drawn carriages?”

“Yes,” he said. “That is what I mean. People think­ing that they needed to marry for something other than…common need.”

He was pretty sure his grandparents had loved each other in the end. But it reminded him of something other than ro­mance. It reminded him of his connection to the land. You cared for that which cared for you. It sustained you. You worked it, and the dirt got under your nails. The air was in your lungs. It became part of you. Of all that you were.

That was something better than romance.

Excerpted from Unbridled Cowboy by Maisey Yates. Copyright © 2022 by Maisey Yates. Published by arrangement with Harlequin Books S.A.

Maisey Yates
is a New York Times bestselling author of over one hundred romance novels. Whether she's writing strong, hard working cowboys, dissolute princes or multigenerational family stories, she loves getting lost in fictional worlds. An avid knitter with a dangerous yarn addiction and an aversion to housework, Maisey lives with her husband and three kids in rural Oregon. Check out her website, or find her on Facebook.

Blurb Blitz When We Return by Eliana Tobias


When We Return

by Eliana Tobias


GENRE:   historical fiction



Who should be held responsible for public wrong? By 2008, it finally seems that the Peruvian government is ready to make amends to its citizens after the violent guerilla movement of the last three decades.

Otilia and Salvador, a mother and son torn apart during the conflict and separated for twenty years, are eager to have their pain and suffering acknowledged. But they hit a roadblock when the government denies responsibility in their legal case.

Things begin to look up however when Otilia meets Jerry, a kind man and the son of Jewish parents who escaped the Holocaust. Grappling with his own upbringing and the psychological struggled his parents endured, Jerry is just the person to empathize with Otilia's feelings. Together, Otilia, Jerry and Salvador must support one another through the turbulent journey that is healing from historical trauma. And through it, find the courage to rebuild their lives and open themselves to love and companionship.

Artfully weaving together different timelines and countries, this novel examines the nuanced topic of grief a community endures after a collective tragedy. In this exploration of the culture of remembrance following displacement and loss, we discover what happens when out past calls us back to what we must do to achieve justice and reconciliation when we return.



Salvador entered the prison gates, following an orderly line of elderly men carrying multiple plastic bags. When a person in the back started to yell, the advancing lineup came to a stop. Almost immediately a guard raised his baton and struck the unruly man to one side.

At the first security checkpoint, bags were opened for inspection. Since Salvador carried no package, he was told to move on. Next, he spread his legs wide for a pat-down. Up ahead, after showing his identity card, he was given a metal token with a printed number he’d have to return to the guards on his way out to account for his visit. Lastly, while shuffling along, he was asked to contribute a few coins for soft drinks for the guards. He reached into his pockets and found some money for drinks for the guards, which he dropped in a box at the end of the corridor.

In the prison yard, Salvador was keenly aware of the throng of people milling about. These places are jam-packed, he thought as he looked for his uncle in the crowd. Inmates talking to suited lawyers, visitors meeting up with family members, joggers getting exercise, and a group of men shooting hoops. Cooked meals, fruit, drinks, batteries, radios and clothes for sale were set up in stalls against decrepit walls. Long lineups of raucous men waited to use a few public phones that only accepted calling cards. Among the cacophony, supervising guards moved through, keeping an eye on the inmates while yelling into their megaphones.

Salvador noticed Tomas, drawn and frail, walking slowly toward him dragging his feet, his face grim. He seemed shorter than Salvador remembered him. It’d been years since they’d seen each other last, and the man had aged badly.

Tomas let out a deep breath, nodded, and pointed to a bench. Salvador checked out the courtyard, wrinkling his nose at the stench. Before Tomas rolled down his sleeves, Salvador noticed the naked female tattooed on his uncle’s forearm. Tomas pulled two cigarettes out of his stained pants pocket and held out one for Salvador.

“No Thanks, I don’t smoke.”

“So you found me, kid. How about that?” His voice was loud. He lit his cigarette with trembling hands. “How’s life?”

Salvador had no stomach for small talk. It was colder than usual for the end of March, and he wanted to be out of there as soon as he could.

Tomas coughed.”I’m stuck in this fucking place.”

“I’m here for only one reason,” Salvador said, staring him in the eyes. 

“Thought you’d be wearing your cop uniform.”

“Cut the crap,” Salvador snapped.

Tomas looked puzzled, his face carved with age.

Salvador removed a pad of paper and pen from the inside pocket of his light jacket.

“What the fuck is that for?” Tomas sneered.

“I need facts.”

“Say that again; I’m hard of hearing,” Tomas said leaning in.

“Since when?” Salvador looked at Tomas doubtfully.

“Be nice. Remember that I took you in when you were an orphan - when your mother and father left you alone. You were just a grimy little beggar. Now it’s your turn to take care of me- get me out of this nightmare.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Eliana Tobias was born in Santiago, Chile, to immigrant parents who escaped the Holocaust. She graduated from the University of Chile then completed other degrees in early childhood and special education in the United States and Canada. After working in this field in various capacities, including teaching at the National University of Trujillo in Peru, she moved to Vancouver, where she has lived for thirty years and where she discovered her love of writing. Her rich experience of political turmoil, of listening to stories of the Holocaust when Jewish communities in Europe were shattered, of losing family in Chile under military dictatorship, and living in Peru during a time of intense civil conflict, fueled her passion to write about the ways in which people caught in devastation rebuild their lives. Eliana Tobias lives in Vancouver, B.C.



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Darkness Awakening Tour and Giveaway


Darkness Awakening

The Others Book 1

by J.S. Andrews

Genre: Urban Fantasy Thriller 

Homicide might be Vanessa Flynn's business, but magic had never been in the job description.

Until now...

When a deadly car accident turns Detective Flynn's life upside down, she finds herself working the biggest case of her life.

Saving her son.

Can she find out who is behind a series of ritual killings before it's too late?

Mikey's life depends on it...and so much more.

**On Sale for Only .99cents until June 10th!!**

Goodreads * Amazon

Vanessa Flynn stood in a hospital hallway. Her mind was blank. She felt no emotion or any other sensation as she stood there staring, just a strange feeling of being disconnected. Her mind gradually awakened as she stared around in confusion. Van was wearing a hospital gown that gaped unpleasantly in the back. Yet, oddly, she felt no embarrassment or discomfort. Beyond the confusion, she didn’t feel anything at all.

As a detective on the Denver police force, Vanessa, or Van as her friends called her, was not used to feeling dazed or confused. The dawning realization that her mind was not functioning correctly allowed her to bring her thoughts better into focus. Now that her mind was working a little better, Vanessa began to take in her surroundings with more attention to detail. Not one person bustling around took notice of the half-naked, disoriented woman in a hospital gown. That alone told her something strange was going on.

“Mommy!” Van spun toward the high-pitched childish voice.

A little coppery blond boy waved at her from the other end of the hallway. Vanessa could tell there was something strange about him, but she couldn’t seem to focus as much as she wanted to. Mikey! She felt a sense of urgency and found herself going toward her five-year-old son. She wasn’t running, but she was moving. I must be a little out of it; that’s probably why I’m in a hospital.

“Mikey! What the h…what is going on?” Her voice was plaintive and thin. Vanessa didn’t like hearing herself sound like this; she wasn’t one to be whiny. Somehow, though, she knew by instinct that Mikey was aware of what was going on. Considering she had survived everything her life had thrown at her by trusting her instincts, she trusted this one implicitly.

“I think we died, Momma.” His little voice casually uttered a sentence that threatened to destroy Vanessa’s world. The small boy swiftly dismissed what, to Vanessa, was a life-changing moment. “But that doesn’t matter right now. I need you to come with me, please?”

Mikey looked up at her with that charming little grin that he knew melted anyone’s heart. He offered her his hand, and Van finally realized what was bothering her. He literally had no substance. His hand felt more like a memory of what his hand had felt like in hers. She peeked down at their hands joined together and realized she could see through both of their hands. She felt like crying. What the absolute fuck is going on? My baby can’t be dead!

There was no dismay about her being dead, but the thought of her child passing filled Vanessa with absolute dread and despair. A vast pit formed in her stomach, and she felt like she was falling.

“Sure, baby. Let’s go.” Her voice shook. Her mind wondered how it could shake if she didn’t have vocal cords. Even as she created the idea, it slipped from her mind like water slipped from a duck’s back. Those types of thoughts would drive her mad. Unless I really am dead. I can’t go crazy if I am dead. Can I? I have no clue what the fuck is going on. I’m so confused right now. Unless it’s some kind of twisted nightmare? Wake up, Van, you idiot! She tried to think of what had happened before she found herself standing in the middle of the hospital. Her thoughts refused to formulate in her mind. She didn’t remember going to sleep or anything else. Van definitely did not remember dying. She figured someone would remember something like that.

Jessica enjoys spending time with her three kids, husband, and horde of naughty critters (which her children could fall under that description). She works as a business manager for a local university in Wyoming and recently obtained her MBA.

Jessica was an imaginative child, constantly playing pretend and spending time in the stories she made up. She would write for hours but never felt brave enough to share her words with others.

Jessica is excited to embark on her journey to overcome expectations and imposter syndrome

Website * Facebook * Twitter * Instagram * Amazon * Goodreads

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The Lawyer's Angel Blitz


Crime Thriller

Date Published: January 31, 2022

Publisher: MindStir Media

Attorney James Crosson is in the grips of despair, blaming himself for his wife's death. A widow hires him to pursue a wrongful death case on behalf of her late husband who died in a seemingly ordinary car wreck. Crosson must confront his own tragic loss and gambling debts as he unravels the plot hatched by a deranged corporate tyrant who will stop at nothing to conceal the truth, take down the lawyer, and preserve his empire. With Vegas goons closing in and everything at stake, Crosson goes all in one last time with no realistic chance of winning the case or surviving the evil arrayed against him.

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The Way of the Tracker Virtual Book Tour

Natural Health / Self Development / Kinesiology / Healing / Holistic Health / Wellbeing / Fulfillment

Releasing April 2022

Publisher: Serapis Bey Publishing


photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png


This book takes you on an adventure of personal development through the detective work of Creative Kinesiology.  Muscle testing gives us the powerful tool we need to delve into any problem. It allows the body to show us what is going on physically, emotionally and in our feelings, with the mind and the spiritual self. Using maps of the body, subtle energies and clues to the problem gives the tracker the direction of healing.  Working creatively with the person and their intent for healing gives us all we need for healing and inner work to begin and continue. We look at the way the latest discoveries from the scientific world add new perspectives on the way the body systems work – or don’t.  Plumbing the depths of our being takes us to the reasons for our stress and anxiety – the traumas, large and small that can create problems in any part of us, including the digestive system, the brain and the nervous system. We may have lost our ability to look forward and reach for our visions and dreams. Help is there for us; in the exercises and techniques we can use for ourselves; some are introduced in the book.  Increasing our awareness of the body’s messages can give us the healing impetus to help ourselves and can take us to practitioners, both in the natural health world and in the medical profession.

Discover this gentle and powerful approach to healing and health for yourself as you read the book – a healing journey in itself.


  About the Author

Carrie Jost started her working life as a town planner and after having two beautiful daughters she moved on to become a community worker. When this work was coming to an end, she changed direction to work in the field of natural health and wellbeing and has continued ever since. Carrie has been a practitioner and teacher since 1987. She describes herself as a kinesiologist and has also trained as a psychotherapist and shamanic healer, as well as studying many other bodywork and energy work methods. Bringing these different approaches to health and wellbeing together has been her life’s work and vocation for more than thirty years.

She established the UK’s School of Creative Kinesiology in 1990 and was involved in setting up the Kinesiology Federation in the UK in 1991.

Carrie has worked with hundreds of people during the years; has trained many practitioners and teachers; and thoroughly enjoyed the entire process. Even though she is now an elder, she still sees clients and teaches. She also plays a part in the continuing journey of Creative Kinesiology.

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Honestly Yours Blitz

Honestly Yours Jaime Reese Publication date: May 12th 2022 Genres: Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ+, Romance The truth hurts. But in the ...