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Opium et Moi Virtual Book Tour



Every perfume is a unique work of art, no different than a piece of music or a painting in its ability to evoke feelings in its audience. In 1976, Yves Saint Laurent fell in love with the idea of creating a new perfume that would convey the lush, sensual mood of the name he had already chosen, OPIUM.

Working with Yves, his personal and business partner Pierre, and so many others in the world of high fashion and fragrance could be exhilarating, infuriating, and often, a simmering pot-au-feu threatening to boil over. This narrative takes you behind the scenes, providing a glimpse of that fascinating world and the people who kept it spinning.

It is a highly personal story, and one I know well. It is my story.

About the Author

As a young boy, I was always absorbed in books about history—particularly that of the United States—and geography, yet still managed a healthy appetite of sports and a weekly outing to see the latest cowboy or adventure movie. Later, I was exposed to the Broadway stage and developed a great fondness for musical theater, at one point picturing it as a future career choice. But alas, as I grew older and realized I was not that talented, I became more serious about the future.

Fortunately, I wound up in a creative segment of the business world, which provided me the opportunity to travel the globe and stimulated my interest in world history. It also opened avenues into entertainment and politics. I found a home in the fashion industry and served as President of Charles of the Ritz Group, Ltd., then a wholly owned subsidiary of Squibb Corporation, where I also served on its Board of Directors. Here, I was deeply involved with well-known fashion designers, Yves Saint Laurent and Gianni Versace; Hollywood stars, Linda Evans and John Forsythe; and because of the success of the perfume, Opium, wound up in Washington meeting with senators, representatives and administration officials to obtain relief from gray market goods flooding the United States in the early 1980’s.

After my retirement, I wrote two novels based on my many years of experience in the fashion industry, and continually pursued my interest in history. Following a short break to write a non-fiction book on the relationship of taxes and jobs, I spent much of my time these past several years studying the biblical account of the rise of Christianity from the varying narratives of religion, history and archaeology. The results of that research were a source of information and inspiration for my wife, Leslie Schweitzer Miller, in writing her first novel, DISCOVERY.

Now my interest is in public policy on issues that affect the United States such as healthcare, taxes, job creation and foreign affairs, about which I will be commenting periodically.


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On the Threshold by M. Laszlo Virtual Book Tour

On the Threshold
M. Laszlo

Genre: SciFi, Historical Fiction, Magical Realism
Publisher: Awesome Independent Authors Publishing
Date of Publication: February 2024
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 1922329584
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1922329585
Number of pages: 342
Word Count: Approximately 90,000 words
Cover Artist: Rose Newland

Tagline: Obsessed with solving the riddle of the universe,  Scotsman Fingal T. Smyth conducts an occult-science experiment during which he unleashes a projection of his innate knowledge. 

Book Description: 

Obsessed with solving the riddle of the universe, a Scotsman named Fingal T. Smyth conducts an occult-science experiment during which he unleashes a projection of his innate knowledge. 

Fingal aimed to interrogate this avatar to learn what it knows, but unfortunately, he forgot how violent the animal impulses that reside in the deepest recesses of the unconscious mind can be. The avatar appears as a burning man who seeks to manipulate innocent and unsuspecting people into immolating themselves. 

With little hope of returning the fiery figure into his being, Fingal must capture his nemesis before it destroys the world.

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Autumn, 1907: late one morning, some kind of torrid, invisible beast seemed to wrap itself all around Fingal T. Smyth’s body. Each one of his toes twitching fiercely, he exited the castle and scanned the distant, Scottish Highlands. Go back where you came from. As the entity wrapped itself tighter all about his person, Fingal blinked back his tears. I’m melting, I am. Aye, it’s the heat of fusion.

Gradually, the beast’s heartbeat became audible—each pulsation. At the same time, too, the illusory heat of transformation emitted an odor as of oven-roasted peppercorns dissolving in a cup of burnt coffee.

Over by the gatehouse, Fräulein Wunderwaffe appeared—the little German girl wearing a plain-sewn robe and square-crown bowler. In that moment, she no longer seemed to be a sickly child of seven years: her inscrutable expression resembled that of a wise, indifferent cat.
Perhaps even some kind of lioness. Fingal cringed, and he recalled a fragment of conversation from three weeks earlier.

“She suffers from a most unnatural pathology, an anguished, maniacal obsession with cats,”

Doktor Hubertus Pflug had explained. “Ever since the poor girl was a baby, she has always regarded it her fate to one day metamorphose into a glorious panther, for she believes herself to be ein Gestaltwandler. Do you know this word? It means shapeshifter and refers to someone who possesses the power to take the form of anything in nature.”

The heat radiated up and down Fingal’s spine now, and his thoughts turned back to the present. Aye, it’s a change of phase. I’m melting into a chemical compound. Despite all, he greeted the girl and willed himself to flash a grin.

Fräulein Wunderwaffe did not return the smile. Hand on heart, the little girl drew a bit closer.

Then, as the hot, animalistic presence undulated all across Fingal’s body, the little girl’s eyes grew wide. Until the little girl’s expression turned to that of a vacant stare.

A moment later, her feet pointed inwards, she removed her hat and undid her long, flaxen hair.

Again, he cringed. “If you’ve noticed something, ignore all. This hasn’t got anything to do with you.” A third time, he cringed.

A most ethereal, lyrical, incomprehensible hiss commenced then: from the other end of the winding, decorative-brick driveway, each clay block shining the color of blue Welsh stone, a sleek Siamese cat with a coat of chocolate-spotted ivory had just appeared. And now the creature raced toward his shadow.

As he looked into the animal’s big, searching, blue eyes, the chocolate Siamese studied the off-center tip of his nose. Then the animal turned away, as if to compare the peculiarity with that of some disembodied visage hovering in the distance.

Out upon the loch, meanwhile, a miraculous rogue wave suddenly arose—and now the swell crashed against the pebbly strand.

Not a moment later, a cool flame crawled across Fingal’s throat. The strange fire rattled, too—not unlike the sound of fallen juniper leaves caught up in the current and dancing against the surface of a stone walkway.

Crivens. By now, the alien, pulsating presence held him so tight that he could barely breathe.

Before long, he fell to the earth, and as the dreamlike flame continued to move across his throat, he rolled all about—until the illusory sensation of cool warmth wriggled and twisted and dropped into his neck dimple.

He crawled over to the little girl and grabbed her ankle. “Get on up to your physician’s room, eh?

Please. Go on and wake Doktor Pflug and tell him what’s happened.”

About the Author:

M. Laszlo is the pseudonym of an extreme recluse who lives in Bath, Ohio. Rumor holds that he derived his pen name from the character of Victor Laszlo in the classic film Casablanca. 

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Book Blast: Private License by Kevin R. Doyle

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Kevin R. Doyle will award a $10 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

All Lorie Jones wants is a little help with her divorce. Some extra information, a bit of ammunition to take into court against her no-good husband. And when she hires the biggest and best investigation firm Kansas City has to offer, that’s exactly what she gets. But after their operative wraps up Lori’s case, he decides he doesn’t want to move on, and Lori soon realizes that she’s got an even bigger problem than she had before, one that threatens her privacy, and maybe even her life.

It’s up to Sam Quinton, one-man detective agency, to take on the largest firm in the business, and as Sam digs into the background of Lori’s harasser, he soon finds something bigger, and much more dangerous, than one overzealous guy who just can’t let go.

Read an Excerpt

Thornton, his time sitting down no doubt adding to his confidence, snorted. “Lots of broads work up there, dude. How am I supposed to know . . . ”

I didn’t let him get any farther before I reached out and smacked him open-handed upside the head. I managed to do it in such a way only someone looking close could tell what had happened, meaning it was more a tap than anything. Even so, he reeled back on the bench, about half of his taco staining his blue shirt.

“Adam,” I said, keeping my voice low, “don’t give me any shit, okay? I don’t care how many women, not broads, work in your office. I’m only interested in one, and from what I hear you’re kind of interested in her yourself. Explain why I hear wrong.”

“Okay,” he said. “Now I get it. I heard something about what she’s been going through. You think I’m the one that’s been hassling her?”

“Are you?” I asked.

Actually, I’d already pretty much decided Adam Boy was a dead end. He was the kind of guy who back in the seventies would have been called a lounge lizard: tough and manly on the outside, a child on the inside.

I’d known far too many dudes like him over the years. The muscles, clothes, and general air of confidence were only a blind for a truth he didn’t want to face about himself. Not that such guys couldn’t be dangerous as hell, especially to someone weaker than themselves.

About the Author:

A retired high-school teacher and former college instructor, Kevin R. Doyle is the author of four novels in the Sam Quinton mystery series, all published by Camel Press. He’s also written four crime thrillers, including And the Devil Walks Away and The Anchor, and one horror novel, The Litter, along with numerous short horror stories published in small magazines over the years. The first Quinton book, Squatter’s Rights, was nominated for the 2021 Shamus award for Best First PI Novel, and the fifth in the series, Private License, will be out in August of 2024.

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Return to You Blitz

Return to You
Bella Rivers
(Emerald Creek Series, #3)
Publication date: June 12th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Two broken hearts. Ten years apart. Can one small town bring them back together?

Ten years in the military might have changed me, but it didn’t change the reasons I left Emerald Creek. Back for a short visit to my family after a decade away, I’ll do everything to keep my stay painless.
It will be short.
There will be no trips down memory lane.
There will be little to no reconnecting with locals.
One thing is certain: I won’t run into the girl who broke my heart. She’s long gone, married away.
Or so I thought.
All it takes is a pulled muscle, a massage tent at the town fair, and some not-so-subtle interventions from my friends for me to suddenly be alone with her—with me flat on my back on the massage table and her kneading me like I’m a stranger. Like what we had back then meant nothing to her.
She won’t even talk to me? Fine. I’m ready to bolt anyway.
But when the townies engineer another close encounter and I find out what she’s trying to hide from me, it’s Operation Get Her Back.

Goodreads / Amazon


It’s dark inside the tent, and my eyes strain to adjust. A sweet and relaxing scent fills the atmosphere. Oriental-type carpets cover the ground, giving the space a sense of being elsewhere. There’s a chair next to the entrance and a massage table in the center.

To the back, there’s the silhouette of a woman busying herself at a small console with lotions. My heart ba-booms at the shape of her shoulders, the tilt of her head. Jesus fucking Christ, she’s thousands of miles away. Not here. And even if she was here, what does it matter? Shake it off, man.

But her dark, curly hair stirs something deep inside me, and I hold my breath.

Am I hallucinating? It can’t be her, dammit.

It’s a trick of my imagination.


It’s been so long.

But then she turns around, and my heart hammers in my chest.

The last time I saw this woman, she didn’t even have one word for me.

After everything we’d shared. After everything she’d told me.

She was walking down the aisle, holding some idiot’s arm, a stiff smile fooling only herself, her gaze glazing over me.

And she didn’t have one word for me.

Not one explanation.

Didn’t even bother trying to be my friend.

It was like I’d never existed.

I’d been on leave, decided four years without coming back to my hometown was enough. I had one week off, and god played a trick on me. It was the weekend she was marrying someone else.

She was supposed to be mine.

Always was.

She said so herself. So many times.

But after her wedding, didn’t she move to Texas? She’s not supposed to be here.

She does a double take. Her eyes round, her mouth gapes, her breath catches.

“Why are you here?” I ask right as she says, “What brings you here?”

I clear my throat. “I’m—I’m just visiting.” I should add something generic and half-assed polite, like It’s nice to see you, or How have you been, but the words stay stuck in my throat.

She’s supposed to be in fucking Texas.

She blinks several times, takes a small breath, shows me a list of services calligraphed on an elegant paper and framed in gold. “I mean, what type of massage would you like?”

Oh, really? Not even Hey, Ethan. Not even Wow, it’s been a while.

Granted, I’m not good at small talk either.

But really? “I dunno. My back is tight. It hurts down to my leg.”

I can’t believe we’re talking like we’re two fucking strangers.

I glance at the tent opening. I never should have come here. I should just go. It’s only gonna get weirder and weirder.

Her voice is melodious with a touch of coldness. Professional. “Strip down to your underwear and get under the sheet. Face down.” She turns around. “Let me know when you’re ready.”

Yeah, that’s not gonna work out. “I-I… maybe I should just go.”

She whips around. Her eyes are shiny, her bottom lip trembles until she pulls herself together and snaps her mouth in a fine line. Her voice catches when she says, “Yeah, maybe you should.”

What the hell? I don’t think so. I pull my T-shirt off my back. Her eyes narrow on my torso, slide down to my abs, and even in the dimness of the tent I can see her cheeks turning a deep red. She catches herself and turns her back to me just as I unbuckle my jeans.

I fold my clothes neatly and place them on a stool. My hands don’t shake. My heartbeat doesn’t rattle the tent. Nothing betrays the anger boiling inside me. Then I slide under the cool sheet.

Face down. I turn on my belly. I wish I could look at her. Make her squirm under my gaze. Ask her to her face what the hell happened to her.

To us.

“Ready,” I grunt.

Author Bio:

Bella Rivers writes steamy small town romances with a guaranteed happily ever after, and themes of found family and forgiveness. Expect hot scenes, fierce love, and strong language!

A hopeless romantic, Bella is living her own second chance romance in the rolling hills of Vermont. When she’s not telling the stories of the characters populating her dreams, you can find her baking, hiking, skiing, or just hanging around her small town to soak in the happiness.

Her newsletter is where Bella shares progress on her writing as well as sneak peeks into upcoming books, the occasional recipe from her characters, and books from other writers she thinks her readers might like. Subscribe from her website.

You can also connect with Bella on TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook, all @bellariversauthor, or through the contact form on her website.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Instagram / TikTok / Newsletter

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Rendezvous at Midlife Blitz

Rendezvous at Midlife
Maggie Blake
Publication date: June 11th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Women’s Fiction

A fateful meeting in an airport sends her on the journey of her life.

Margot had always been a woman who knew what she wanted. She worked hard to build her successful locations scouting business in Los Angeles, and in her late forties, Margot felt she was in the prime of her life. A prosperous businesswoman with a loving husband and a beautiful daughter, Margot was living the dream. That is, until her husband left her for a younger woman. Moving forward with the help of her daughter and best friend, Margot once again enters the dating scene and soon finds that she is unable to make a meaningful connection.

Vaughn Jameson has spent his life on the road as a drummer for a well-known rock band, thankful to be living his childhood dream of making music and good times. While he yearns for something more, he isn’t sure what.

Margot and Vaughn’s lives change when they have a chance meeting that sends them on an incredible rendezvous at midlife.

Goodreads / Amazon


He started to pour more wine into her glass. “Rick, it’s been fascinating hearing about your accomplishments,” she said, deciding to give it one last try. “But I’d love to hear more about who you are as a person—what makes you tick, what drives you beyond these material achievements.”

“Uh…” he hesitated, clearly unprepared for such introspection. “I guess I just love the thrill of success, you know? The pursuit of excellence in all that I do.”

And there we have it—back to square one.

Margot’s eyes widened as she watched Rick, his mouth moving animatedly while recounting yet another tale of success. She noticed how the candlelight flickered across his slicked-back hair, casting shadows that seemed to emphasize his self-absorption.

“Rick,” Margot interjected with a tight-lipped smile, “I must say, your life is like a never-ending highlight reel. You should consider carrying around a billboard with all your accomplishments on it—you know, just to save time.”

“Ha!” he laughed, missing the sarcasm completely. “That’s not a bad idea, actually. But you know, I prefer to let my actions speak for themselves.”

Margot stifled a groan and took a really long sip of her wine, feeling the frustration bubble within her. She had given him every opportunity to reveal a more genuine side, but it seemed the universe was determined to test her patience.

Okay, Margot, time for some tough love. Maybe he just needs a little nudge in the right direction.

Leaning forward and catching his gaze, she said, “You’ve clearly led an impressive life, but I’m curious. Have you ever considered that there might be more to a person than their achievements?”

He blinked at her, seeming genuinely puzzled by the concept. “Well, sure, Margot. But isn’t that what makes us interesting? Our successes, our victories? What else is there?”

Margot sighed, realizing that this red flag was flapping wildly in the wind and she’d been ignoring it. Rick wasn’t taking any social cues from her blatant hints, and it dawned on her that he might not be genuinely interested in getting to know her at all. Or, for that matter, letting her know him.

“Margot?” Rick prompted, his eyebrows raised in anticipation of her response.

“I think what truly makes a person interesting is their ability to connect with others, Rick,” she began carefully, “To genuinely listen and engage with someone beyond just listing their accomplishments. Also, successes are great, but it’s the failures we’ve overcome that make a life worth hearing about. The shared journey.”

“Ah.” He looked slightly disarmed, but quickly recovered. “Well, Margot, surely you must realize that success is the result of failure. In that, I have shared my journey with you.”

When she didn’t respond, he shifted gears. “Okay, I am sure you have some fascinating stories of your own. Tell me, what’s your greatest achievement?”

Margot stared at him for a moment, realizing that, despite her best efforts, Rick was simply incapable of grasping the concept of genuine connection. With a sad smile, she replied, “My greatest achievement, Rick? Learning when it’s time to walk away.” With that, she placed her napkin over her plate, reached into her purse, laid a hundred-dollar bill onto the table, stood up, and left the restaurant.

Author Bio:

Maggie Blake, proud owner of a top-rated property management company in the greater Baton Rouge area, immerses herself in the vibrant Louisiana lifestyle. Having been brought up in the charming city of Rochester, New York, she now resides in the heart of Louisiana with her two precious rescue dogs. Maggie has always harbored a burning desire to write a book, a passion that remained unfulfilled until 2016 when at the Atlanta airport she met a man and it sparked her creative side.

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2020, she decided to start the journey of getting her books published. Maggie makes a mean New York-style pizza, enjoys reading, watching movies, and relaxing at home with her spouse—the very man from the airport!

Her debut novel Rendezvous at Midlife is book one in a series, with the additional three books releasing in rapid succession.

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✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ Fastball by Lisa Suzanne


Vegas Heat: The Expansion Team, Book 2
By: Lisa Suzanne
Narrated by: Aiden Snow & Stephanie Rose

It was over as quickly as it started…or at least I thought it was.

As it turns out, I can't stay away. Life keeps throwing us together, and it seems like she's everywhere all at once.

She's in the same house as me, in the bedroom next to mine as I dream about what she's doing in there.

She's interning at the baseball stadium when I'm there to focus on the game, and her boss has assigned her to shadow me as we work on a project together.

She's out at the same bar with her friends when I'm out with mine. And don't even get me started on the guy sitting next to her....

I can't keep fighting against this thing between us, but the fastballs keep flying at me, and I don't think we have a choice.

Fastball is the second book in the Vegas Heat: The Expansion Team series, which must be listened to in order.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cooper and Gabby are breaking my heart. Especially Cooper! He's the sweetest guy, and his heartache over the whole situation pulls at every heartstring. Gabby acts her age at one point, but it's understandable, given the mess she and Cooper find themselves in. This second book ends in a cliffy - not as big as the first book, but still a cliffy. I've gotta say that I'm understanding why this romance is done as a series. This way, it gives us time to recover a bit before Lisa Suzanne hits this poor couple with more to overcome.
Aiden Snow and Stephanie Rose continue to give excellent performances. Of course, I'd expect nothing less for these characters. You can hear the angst each character is dealing with.
Now, to wait impatiently for the next in this series. Lisa Suzanne is quickly becoming a must-read author for me, and I'm excited to see where this story takes us.

Queen of Ruin Blitz

Queen of Ruin
Paula Dombrowiak
(Kingmaker Series, #2)
Publication date: June 11th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

Our marriage is fake. But our feelings are dangerously real…

Marrying playboy billionaire Darren Walker was only ever supposed to be a business deal.

If only it were that easy.

I’m finding it far too comfortable living in Darren’s world, and I never predicted I’d find real meaning in the charity I’m involved with while I pretend to be the perfect wife.

The worst thing is, I’m scared Darren’s feelings for me are becoming real, too.

But a woman with a past like mine doesn’t belong in a world like his. Especially because I thought my heart belonged to someone else before we were married. Someone much too close to him.

When Darren decides to leave his playboy ways behind and follow in his father’s footsteps, I must face reality. A marriage like ours won’t last forever.

Not when my former life has the power to come back to haunt me. There’s no way Darren’s reputation will survive the scandal of being married to a former escort.

And if I let myself get any deeper, neither will my heart…

Queen of Ruin is the second book in The Kingmaker trilogy, a steamy marriage of convenience romance full of political scandal. The books must be read in order for the best reader experience. This book does end in a cliffhanger.

Goodreads / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks / Kobo


“Revisionist history, Alistair,” I say, pointing my finger in the air before taking a seat on the step.

Alistair takes a seat next to me, stretching out his long legs over the marble steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

“We look back on history and memorialize a great man, but we forget about the flaws; we minimize them. His martyrdom makes it impossible to point them out. It’s true that Lincoln had one foot in the 20th century, but the other foot was still planted heavily in the 19th,” I lament, “and yet here we sit on the steps of this memorial that holds the daily pilgrimage of thousands, and we forget about those innate things that made him human.”

“We’re not really talking about Lincoln, are we?” Alistair asks astutely.

“I didn’t get along with my father,” I say as a matter of fact. “That’s never been in question; a constant since as far back as I can remember, and yet I always looked up to him.” I sigh, tilting my head towards Alistair who looks down at his clasped hands resting on his thighs. “But I always thought I knew him. Lately, I’m beginning to question that, to question a lot of things.”

“Anything in particular that you didn’t know?” he inquires, lifting a brow.

I pull out the envelope and hand it to Alistair.

“Fuck,” he says, “He was a client?”

“No, these were taken four years ago. She was a student, and my father was giving a speech at her university. She said nothing happened.”

“Do you believe her?” The photos are damning without context, but that’s the problem with photos – they’re up to the interpretation of the viewer.

“Bailey was there when they met and attests to the fact that he drove my father back to his hotel alone.”

“That’s not what I asked,” he questions.

“I wanted to believe her,” I admit, peering over at Alistair. “But it’s this part of me,” I gesture to the monument, “that needs the facts.”

“Who gave those to you?” Alistair’s question breaks through my thoughts. “Rausch?” He gives a dark laugh.

“I know he’s pissed that you circumvented the will, but now that it’s done, what does it matter to him?”

“Other than to gloat that he was right about marrying her?” I scoff. “I’m not worried about that.” I shake my head. “It’s who he got the photos from that I’m worried about.”

“If the press had gotten ahold of them…” Alistair doesn’t finish his sentence, but he doesn’t have to. This would be a huge scandal, whether it was an innocent interaction or not. Politics runs on perception, not to mention the media storm that would descend on Evangeline.

Even though I’m angry, I wouldn’t wish that upon her or the destruction of my parents’ reputation.

“Someone’s had these for four years, Alistair,” I point out, my voice sounding grave with the weight of it. “I have a feeling it was Langley.”

“But what would he have to gain from that?” Alistair asks. “Rumor around Washington was that he was going to be your father’s first pick as a running mate.”

Something my father taught me – Presidential elections aren’t won in the final hour. Presidents are made decades before they even run.

Feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket, I hold my hand up for Alistair to stop as I take a call. He rolls his eyes.

“Sir, I’ve been notified that the jet is ready for flight,” Bailey explains on the other end.

“What are you talking about?”

“The crew called me to find out if you would be joining.”

“Bailey, I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I start to get agitated.

“I don’t think Evangeline knew that the flight crew would alert anyone.”



“What’s going on?” Alistair asks, the creases of concern fanning his eyes.

“Evangeline’s leaving, and she’s taking my fucking plane.” My heart races and the sudden change makes me feel dizzy. Never did I think she would actually leave – especially when she knows what’s at stake.

“Leaving?” he asks, tilting his head in confusion. “Does she know she’s not getting any money unless she stays the whole year?”

“She knows damn well!” I yell, pacing along the steps. But if I thought Evangeline cared about the money, I’d have bought her a closet full of designer gowns, fur coats, or whatever the fuck she wanted.

She’d rather leave penniless then stay with me.

I press the phone to my ear and ask to be patched into the pilot.

“What’s the destination?” I ask before the pilot can utter a word.

“Sorry, Mr. Walker?”

“Where the fuck is my wife going?” I fume.

“Las Vegas, sir,” the captain confirms. “Do you want me to cancel the flight?”

Author Bio:

Paula Dombrowiak grew up in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois but currently lives in Arizona. She is the author of Blood and Bone, her first adult romance novel which combines her love of music and imperfect relationships. Paula is a lifelong music junkie, whose wardrobe consists of band T-shirts and leggings which are perpetually covered in pet hair. She is a sucker for a redeemable villain, bad boys, and the tragically flawed. Music inspires her storytelling.

Website / Goodreads / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Bookbub / Newsletter

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Opium et Moi Virtual Book Tour

Memoir   Every perfume is a unique work of art, no different than a piece of music or a painting in its ability to evoke feeling...