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Awaken Blitz

Beautiful Nightmare, Book Two

Paranormal Romantic Fantasy

Published: August 2020

Some nightmares exist beyond our dreams.”

Arising from a month-long slumber after discovering she’s more than human, Damina Nicaud moves beyond her dreamscape as a brand new supernatural world unfolds. Torn between a new love and a love once lost, Damina grapples with her own predestined fate as she seeks to understand the origin of her lineage.

Coupled with Dacari’s sudden disappearance and the ticking time bomb set by Decaux, a new fight emerges and new enemies are revealed. Damina must now rely on the men at her side to aid her quest to find her cousin while battling growing threats on the horizon.

Journey back to New Orleans with Damina Nicaud as she awakens with new eyes, diving deeper into the supernatural world of the Order of Altrinion, Scourge vampires, Skull wolves and more as she wrestles with love, loss, betrayal and pain

Other Books in the Series

Beautiful Nightmare

Book One

Damina Nicaud, a beautiful, successful art buyer in Washington, D.C., has been plagued by hauntingly romantic dreams of a mystery man every night. While she knows she shouldn’t consider her dreams to be anything more than anxiety brought on by her upcoming nuptials, she can’t help but be lured into its entreat. Unbeknownst to her, the dreamscape that plagues her mind will be all that carries her through eventual heartbreak and learning the truth of her orphaned lineage.

She is more than human.

Escaping to New Orleans on the heels of her broken heart, she begins to unravel the mystery of her life while discovering a love powerful enough to unleash an ancient power residing within herself. Weaving through a world of artistic passion, vampires, wolves, and the supernatural, Damina Nicaud begins to take hold of her Beautiful Nightmare


A Beautiful Nightmare Companion Novel

One Woman. Two Men. Three Hearts.

A tale of two suitors.

Hearts Eclipsed is a Beautiful Nightmare Companion Novel chronicling the downfall of Damina Nicaud’s love to one man and the rising of another. Narrated by both Jackson Nash and Dalcour Marchand, see the story unfold from their eyes. As Jackson grapples with losing the love of his life, he must overcome a dark family history and fears far worse than death in an effort to reclaim his lost love and stake his claim as the Prime Alpha he is meant to become. Meanwhile, Dalcour races against a deadly deadline only to be caught off guard by a love that awakens the most dormant parts of his dark soul, bringing back a light he never thought he’d see. Betrayal and bloody contentions against vampire Scourges and Skull Wolves will ensue, but both men will soon discover their fight has only begun.


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Known for her Amazon Best Selling Short Story, With Hearts Like Fire and the series starter and epic fantasy novel, Beautiful Nightmare (Book One), L.C. Son is the happy wife of more than twenty years to her teenage sweetheart and the loving mom of three.

Growing up, she spent hours reading comic books she “borrowed” from her older brother which inspired her love for heroes and all things fantasy and paranormal. Much like the characters she adored, she lives a duplicitous life. By day she works tirelessly to champion the employment of persons with severe disabilities. By night, she puts on her wife-mom cape, sharing with her husband at their church and juggling their kid’s highly active schedules.

Presently, she’s working on the next installment in the Beautiful Nightmare series.

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Covenant by Jeanne McDonald

Series: The Forbidden; Book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance

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Verily I say unto you, one of you shall betray me this night...

For as long as she can remember, Cameron Scott has been plagued by migraines and nightmares of creatures, places, and events that couldn't be real -- no matter how realistic they seem.

Toby McCloud has spent his immortal existence bound by the laws established by the Guardians of the Covenant who were destined to protect him and his kind long before he was born.

When Cameron and Toby cross paths, everything seems to fall in and out of place.

A family secret.
A dark past.
A forbidden attraction.

Unseen dangers await as they embark on a profound journey of time, passion, mistrust, deception, and destiny.

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Spring Fling Harlequin Series Blog Tour for THE MARRIAGE HE DEMANDS by Brenda Jackson

The Marriage He Demands

by Brenda Jackson

In the wilds of Wyoming ranch country, he needs something only she can give him. What price is too high to pay? Find out in this sizzling contemporary romance from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson!

This ranching heir wants it all, including the woman who stands in his way!

Businessman Cash Outlaw has inherited almost all of his late mother’s Wyoming ranch…but still needs the fifty acres left to her former caretaker. As negotiations with beautiful, determined Brianna Banks become much more intimate, she reveals she’ll only sell him the property…if he gives her a baby! Cash’s counteroffer? That the mother of his child must become his wife!

From Harlequin Desire: Luxury, scandal, desire—welcome to the lives of the American elite.

Love triumphs in these uplifting romances, part of the Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws series.
Book 1: The Wife He Needs
Book 2: The Marriage He Demands
Book 3: What He Wants for Christmas

Heartfelt or thrilling, passionate or uplifting—our romances have it all. Visit to sample FREE books from among 12 different series. It’s just a taste of the new books published each month—every story a journey guaranteed to leave you with That Harlequin Feeling.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐
Sometimes you just need a low angst cowboy romance to get lost in. The Marriage He Demands was just what I needed for a bit of escapism in an otherwise stressful week. Cash and Brianna are likable and their romance is fun and engaging. This book is the second in the Westmoreland Legacy: The Outlaws series, but it definitely stands alone. If you require a lot of drama and turmoil in your romances, you aren't going to find that here, but if you're in the mood for some lighter romantic entertainment, this is the way to go. 



Two days later, Cash flew his Cessna to the Laramie Regional Airport. He’d ordered a rental car to be there when he arrived, and it was. Shifting his cell phone to the other ear, he tossed his overnight bag in the back seat as he continued his conversation with his sister, Charm. She was calling from Australia with her condolences. 

Charm had tagged along with Garth’s best friend, Walker Rafferty, and his wife, Bailey, on a trip to visit Bailey’s sister, Gemma, who lived in Australia. 

“Thanks, Charm, but you know the real deal with this. It’s not like me and Ellen had a close relationship. Like I told Garth, I’m surprised she remembered I existed long enough to put me in a will.” 

Cash glanced at his watch before starting the car and switching the phone call to the vehicle’s speaker system. He would get a good night’s sleep, and be at the meeting with the attorney in the morning at eleven. Then he would leave, head back to the airport and fly home to Fairbanks. 

“I need to end the call, Charm, so I can concentrate on following the directions to Black Crow. I’ll talk to you later, kid.” 

As Cash headed for the interstate, he thought about the conversation he’d had with his father be- fore leaving. Bart was typical Bart. Even with six adult offspring, their old man still assumed it was his God- given right to stick his nose into their business when it didn’t concern him. 

Cash had put Bart in his place just that morning when he’d tried telling Cash to make sure he got everything his mother owned because it was rightly due him. Cash had made it clear to Bart that he didn’t want a single thing. He’d even seriously thought about not showing up for the reading of the will. As far as he was concerned, it was too late for Ellen to make up for the years she had been absent from his life. The only reason he had decided to come was for closure. 

The drive from Laramie to Black Crow took less than an hour. He couldn’t help wondering when his mother had moved to Wyoming. According to Bart, when she left Fairbanks thirty-four years ago, she had moved to New York. 

Cash saw the marker denoting the entrance into Black Crow’s city limits, and recalled all he’d learned from doing an internet search last night before going to bed. It had first been inhabited by the Black Crow Indian tribe, from which the town derived its name. The present population was less than two thousand people, and most fought to retain an old-town feel, which was evident by the architecture of the buildings. He’d read that if any of the inhabitants thought Black Crow wasn’t progressive enough for them, they were quickly invited to leave. But few people left and most had lived in the area for years. It was a close-knit place. 

He came to a traffic light and watched numerous people walking around, going into the various shops. As he sat there, tapping his hand on the steering wheel, his gaze homed in on a woman who was walking out of an ice-cream shop. She was strikingly beautiful. He couldn’t help noticing how she worked her mouth on her ice-cream cone, and he could just imagine her working her mouth on him the same way.

Cash drew in a deep breath as he shifted in the seat. She looked pretty damn good in her pullover sweater and a pair of jeans. If she was a sampling of what Black Crow had to offer, then maybe he needed to hang around for another day or two and not be so quick to leave town tomorrow.

He chuckled, thinking it would take more than a beautiful face and a gorgeous body to keep him in this town. Besides, he doubted that even if he stayed he’d be able to find her. He had more to do with his time than chase down a woman. Chances were, she was wearing some guy’s ring. There was no way a woman who looked like her was not spoken for. 

The driver behind him beeped his horn to let Cash know the traffic light had changed and it was time to move on. Not able to resist temptation, he glanced back for one final look at the woman and saw she was gone. 

Just as well. 


Author Bio

Brenda Jackson is a New York Times bestselling author of more than one hundred romance titles. Brenda lives in Jacksonville, Florida, and divides her time between family, writing and traveling. Email Brenda at or visit her on her website at

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City of Whispers Tour and Giveaway


City of Whispers
Imperial Assassin Book 1
by Katt Powers
Genre: Epic Adventure Fantasy

A disgraced assassin. A sinister plot. Will her one shot at redemption send her to the grave?

Dhani Karim is furious. Wrongfully expelled from the Imperial Assassins, the snarky killer is forced into a lowly unranked position in a remote desert colony, working with a guy who’s clearly damaged goods. And when they barely survive an attack on what should have been a routine assignment, she fears clearing her name could cost her life.
Struggling to navigate a land where she’s the only person who can’t wield magic, things get worse when she receives a death threat and her unwanted partner vanishes. But when the clues lead to a violent cult, Dhani finds herself in a race against time to stop a bloodbath that will consume thousands of innocent lives.
Can she expose a deadly conspiracy before it causes a massacre?

City of Whispers is the thrilling first book in the Imperial Assassin fantasy adventure series. If you like kickass heroines, high-octane action, and off-the-charts snark, then you’ll love Katt Powers’ gritty tale.

Buy City of Whispers for a pulse-pounding page-turner today!

After a time living in the NSW Southern Highlands, she worked as an anthropologist in the Northern Territory for many years. 
A decade ago, she retrained as an archaeologist specialising in human remains and Aboriginal archaeology. She now works as a senior archaeologist for a large ecology and heritage consultancy. She is of Aboriginal descent and is deeply grateful to have spent over 20 years protecting Aboriginal heritage. 
She is currently writing two series:
The Imperial Assassin series follows the adventures of Dhani Karim, wrongly expelled from the Imperial Assassins for a murder she didn’t commit. Demoted to a rankless covert operative, she fights to prove her innocence and regain her place in the Assassins.
The Children of Dust and Flame series involves Nimala Sirasena, a young woman forced to become the Empire’s secret weapon to save her adopted family. Nimala must overcome hate, prejudice and her own mysterious background if she’s to succeed and save the people she loves.
Katt currently lives on 24 acres in the Murray-Mallee region of South Australia with her husband, two very naughty dogs and lots of prickles.
She does not like Vegemite and has never seen the movie Titanic.

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$30 Amazon

Virtual Book Tour: Sneha Jhanb's Stress-Free Prosperity



Date Published: February 12 2021


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Stress and Prosperity are two sides of the same coin. When you see one face up, you do not see the other. When you reduce stress in your life, you start increasing prosperity. Your outlook towards life changes. When the pressures in your life increase, your feeling of control goes down. Most of us play this coin flip all our lives.

In this book, Sneha teaches you how to feel more prosperous, more joyous and more happy in your life, while making sure that you unburden all that is not needed. Sneha has been through a fair share of stress through accidents, surgery, heart breaks, career setbacks, entrepreneurial setbacks and more. And on that journey of life navigating stress, she has always found a way to bring herself back on the road to prosperity.

When she started writing this book, one thing was clear. The idea of this book was not to send you down the road of positive thinking your way to prosperity or denying your feelings and forcing yourself to feel positive. The idea of this book is to give actionable strategies to help you lower your stress and increase your prosperity.




About the Author

Sneha Jhanb is a Certified Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki, and Sound Bath Practitioner. She is passionate to help busy professionals connect with their emotional and financial well-being and relax deeply.

Sneha transitioned from her career as an Industrial Engineer and now identifies herself as a multi-passionate entrepreneur and wears many hats under the umbrella of, a website she created to help busy professionals find the balance between joy and prosperity. Throughout her life, she has been fascinated in understanding personal growth and prosperity.

Other than writing and coaching, she loves serving her clients through meditation and relaxation sessions using mindfulness, crystal bowl sound meditation and yoga nidra.

Sneha is an author of Indian origin, now settled in the United States of America where she lives with her husband, two children and a furry pet.

Sneha’s written work has appeared in online publications like Raising World Children, Power of Moms, Huffington Post, Elephant Journal, Thrive Global and Deseret News.


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Virtual Book Tour: Simone De Muñoz's Manflu


Date Published: 3/26/21

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Following a global pandemic, which has either killed or weakened most of the male population, women now dominate all aspects of life.

Dr. Morgan Digby, married to a man rendered bedbound from his bout with manflu a decade prior, is working tirelessly on a vaccine, yet obstacles keep springing up in her path.

When she meets a handsome neighbor who has never been exposed to the deadly virus, things become…complicated. There’s something between them, but he can’t leave his home.

Morgan’s struggle to remain faithful to her ailing husband isn’t her only battle. Someone has been one step ahead of her, countering her every move. Will she find a vaccine before it’s too late to protect those she loves?

About the Author

Simone de Muñoz writes dystopian, or perhaps utopian, fiction, depending on your perspective, where women drive the story and sometimes even run the world. She holds a master’s degree in public policy from UC Berkeley and a bachelor’s degree in economics from MIT, which she uses in her day job as a data analyst at a nonprofit. Based in Silicon Valley, she lives with her patient husband, their two young sons, and a grumpy dog named Fish. Manflu is her debut novel.

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New Release Blitz: Left in the Dark by Zev de Valera

Title: Left in the Dark

Author: Zev de Valera

Publisher: NineStar Press

Release Date: 04/12/2021

Heat Level: 2 - Fade to Black Sex

Pairing: Male/Male

Length: 53200

Genre: Contemporary, LGBTQIA+, contemporary, mystery, artist, PT, temporary disability and amnesia, accident recovery, PTSD, age-gap, over 40, kids, cheating, deception, family drama

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Cal Restrepo, victim of a road rage automobile accident, emerges from unconsciousness into a world he does not recognize.

Under the care of the doctors at Wending Hills and the help of his friends and neighbors, Cal gradually recovers his memory and the full use of his body. Yet, so many of the memories do not fit what he feels is the “real” Cal.

Are his memories still clouded and unreliable, or was the Cal Restrepo who existed before the accident someone entirely different than the man who survived?


Left in the Dark
Zev de Valera © 2021
All Rights Reserved

“I’d like to keep you, but I have to let you go.”

The words immediately conjured in my mind the lyrics of some old country tune. They seemed incongruous coming from the mouth of the grim-faced, matronly South Asian woman seated before me. But, then, she merely appeared forbidding and matronly. Dr. Malhotra was a sympathetic person, and it was only her professional garb and tightly chignoned hair that gave a suggestion of the matron. Still, I found it difficult to imagine her plucking at guitar strings and warbling in a sad, twangy voice.

“Rothman and his physical therapy team have given you the green light,” continued Malhotra, “so there is no reason for continuing your—”


“For continuing your stay at Wending Hills.”


Dr. Malhotra removed her glasses. After closing the file that lay on her desk, she folded her hands over it and addressed me with an earnest expression. A classic physician’s pose—almost a parody.

I’m not a doctor, but I play one on television.

“I realize that asking you to reconsider staying on is a waste of time,” Malhotra continued. I nodded agreement. “However, I can—and must—insist on a period of home care.”

“Home care?”

I imagined myself as a frail old man accepting soupçons of saliva-laced gruel from a sadistic nurse.

“Yes. Just for a few weeks. To ensure that you’re not experiencing any unanticipated cognitive impairment and to continue your physical therapy. POW will send someone to your home tomorrow morning.”


“Practitioners on Wheels. They do excellent work.”

I sighed, accepting defeat. I trusted Malhotra—though I’d always argued with her on principle.

“Whatever you say, Doc.”

Malhotra’s eyes narrowed. “I’m not sure I’m convinced by this sudden acquiescence, but I’ll take it.”

“So, I’m officially sprung?”

“Yes. A pity you don’t have an orange jumpsuit to take with you as a memento.”


I pushed myself up from the chair, feeling suddenly awkward. Like a kid saying goodbye to his mother as he set off for college. Happy, excited, nervous and sad all at the same time. Malhotra stood and pulled a business card from her lab coat.

“Please keep in touch, Cal,” she said, handing me the card. “My mobile number is on the back. Let me know how you’re getting on.”

I tucked the card into the pocket of my chinos, accepting this as a gesture of friendship. The visiting nurse would keep Malhotra apprised of my progress. There was no need for the extra effort.

“Of course. Thank you, Dr. Malhotra.”

I hoped I would never speak to her again.

I smiled, she smiled, and I turned to walk to the door, leaning heavily on my cane. I depressed the lever and pushed.


“Yes?” I asked, looking over my shoulder.

“You’re going to be all right.”

I passed into the hallway and closed the door carefully behind me.

All right.

I was going to be all right.


I’d spent more than a month in physical therapy, recovering the use of my battered body, and an equal amount of time with Malhotra, striving to recover my memory and work through the issues of a near-death experience and survivor guilt.

All right.

A relative term.


NineStar Press | Books2Read

Meet the Author

Born in New York City and raised in the San Joaquin Valley of California, Zev now divides his time between Brooklyn, NY and Stratford, CT, where he lives with his husband, two cats, and two dogs.

Zev began writing when he was a child, scribbling observations of relatives and neighbors in a Mead notebook while the adults paid him no mind, and all the time devouring the works of Agatha Christie, Edgar Allan Poe, Jules Verne, and Phyllis A. Whitney.

Although Zev’s future career path would lead him far afield from fiction writing, Zev continued to scribble and—many years later—found himself a published author.


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Awaken Blitz

Beautiful Nightmare, Book Two Paranormal Romantic Fantasy Published: August 2020 “ Some nightmares exist beyond our dreams....