Monday, November 11, 2019

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Echo by Janie Crouch

A Linear Tactical Romantic Suspense Standalone
by Janie Crouch 

Sometimes the deepest scars are the ones that can't be seen.

Single mom Peyton Ward works three jobs to make ends meet. At Linear Tactical she’s surrounded by heroes on a regular basis…but none of them are hers. She thought she'd found one in Linear’s silent partner, and country music superstar, Cade Conner.

She was wrong.

Unintended wounds still cut as deep.

Cade may not work day to day operations at Linear, but he takes the mission of the company he helped create—teaching survival intelligence and self-defense skills to the people who need them most—seriously. And finding out he’s wounded Peyton in the worst way possible weighs on him.

So when danger on two separate fronts closes in on her, he will damn well be by her side. Making sure they survive so he can right his personal wrongs.

He might not have been a Special Forces soldier, but Cade Conner knows how to fight. And Peyton is a woman worth fighting for.

Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Every time I think I have a favorite couple in this series, Janie Crouch gives me another to rival the last. So, I'm just going to say that I love all the couples in the Linear Tactical series, this one included. Cade and Peyton have history, maybe even more history than Cade's aware of. As I read Cade and Peyton's story, one phrase kept coming to mind - star crossed lovers. Of course, I won't go into how far the whole star crossed thing may have gone (no spoilers here). As for the romance, Cade and Peyton are good together, and they both tug at the heartstrings, together and separately. Cade is an absolute sweetheart, and Peyton is such a strong character even when she doesn't seem so. And when you find out her whole story, she only earns that much more respect. Then we have the scene-stealer! Little Jess is a hoot. She's full of spunk and vinegar, and she's larger than life with her impromptu conversations. As much as I love all the characters in this series, Jess is hands down, the one who stands out, the one you can never get enough of.
Then we come to the suspense part of this romantic suspense, and the author gives us a double whammy, so this couple is hit from both sides. We have a fair amount of red herrings, each one pretty equal as far as plausibility, and I did guess at least part of it. However, there's an excellent twist thrown in that I did not see coming.
When you put it all together, what it all boils down to is another thoroughly engaging romance with terrific characters, suspense, edge of your seat danger, and we even get to catch up with past favorites in the series while Echo still stands on its own. We do get a little bit of a hint about what's next in the series, so I'll be anxiously waiting to see where the next addition to the series takes us.

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