Friday, February 28, 2020

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Academy Of Beasts IV by Becca Fanning

Academy Of Beasts IV: Shifter Romance
by Becca Fanning 

"I want to eat you alive," he said.

Was that a threat or a promise?

I don't know what to make of my life. Five Shifter men, all sworn to protect me but none of them telling me the truth. Their attention is flattering and their gazes light a fire in my belly. They tell me my scent is driving them wild, as if I can do anything to control that!

Enough! I'm going to get answers from these Council men if it's the last thing I do. I'll use every tool at my disposal, even if I leave a trail of broken hearts behind me!

USA Today Bestselling Author Becca Fanning is proud to bring you this Reverse Harem Academy Romance serial, packed with all the action, intrigue and great chemistry you can handle!

Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The tension and intrigue take another spike in this fourth book in the serial, and it makes for a page-turning read. Fiona does get some answers, vague though they are, but every answer seems to bring a whole new batch of questions. First and foremost is who the heck is Mr. X? Don't get me wrong, I want to know what Fiona is, and I'm dying to find out just how much about her these boys know, but there's just something about Mr. X and his secrets. Like the first three books, this one is a quick, engaging read, and Becca Fanning leaves us hanging once again, anxiously waiting for more. I'm having a blast getting to know these characters and trying to guess their secrets. This is a serial and as such, I wouldn't recommend just jumping in at this point. That said, I would certainly recommend starting at the beginning and enjoying Fiona's story. 

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