Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Juice Box Tour and Giveaway

Juice Box: The Book of Shaun 
by Daneal Brown 
Genre: Urban Erotic Romance 

Shaun Sheppard is equal parts hood-grown homeboy and corporate success. He dominates boardrooms by day and tears up the club by night, searching for the finest and juiciest women he can find. He’s locally famous for both his marketing tactics and his sexual escapades. Having coined the phrase juice box to describe the female anatomy, he considers himself to be a connoisseur of juice boxes far and wide. He has no intentions of slowing down his corporate climb or taming his sex drive.
Until he sees Essence.
From the moment Shaun lays eyes on Essence, he can’t get her off his mind. She dominates his dreams, invades his thoughts at work, and all other women pale in comparison to her. He gets hooked on her juice box before he ever speaks to her.
When he’s presented with a truly golden opportunity, Shaun thinks this is his time to shine and gets on his grind. But he’s soon met with twists and turns that he couldn’t even begin to fathom. His seemingly unquenchable thirst for the juice box comes back to haunt him and puts a strain on his budding love affair with Essence.
In the end, Shaun must decide if he’s going to get the juice box, or if the juice box is going to get him. 

**Only .99 cents!!** 

Essence answered the door in tight green boy shorts with her camel toe poking out, a matching shirt, and a Mardi Gras mask that only revealed her beautiful brown eyes.

“Am I at the right house?” I asked jokingly.

She immediately told me, “Stop talking and if you don’t, I will have no other choice but to spank you.”

Next, she shockingly asked, “What’s your favorite sexual position?”

I looked at her to make sure I heard her right and then replied softly, “I like to hit it from the back.”

She threw her hands up on her thick hips. “Really, well let me see your stroke!” she requested. I began

laughing because I was amused, but I quickly got into character with her.

“You want me to go slow or put the pedal to the floor?”

She stomped her foot. “Shut up! I want to see your stroke,” she said with a beautiful grin that I could see under her mask. Then she yelled, “Be intimate with the air like it was me.”

I hesitated only a quick second before I began with leaning over to place kisses on the air where her back would have been, after getting down on my knees.

Next, I acted as if I wrapped her hair around my hand and slapped her ass cheeks with my other hand. I followed this with a slow grinding movement, then I sped it up, only to slow it down. I looked over and stared into her eyes. Even with a mask on, as she watched me sex the air, I could see this was turning her on.

Next, I imitated moving her legs closer together, then watched as if my hard love muscle was going in

and out of her pussy. I acted as if I pushed her down on her tummy and started delivering long, swift, strong pumps while counting out loud. Before I could get to my sixth pump, Essence slapped me on my ass screaming, “Did I tell you to do me Froggy Style? I said doggy

style and I meant doggy style only.”

“Yes ma'am.” I told her with a mock salute.

She bent over and came face to face with me, “I can’t hear you!”

“Yes ma'am!” I screamed.

As I got back up onto my knees, she asked, “If you could do anything to me from this position you’re in, what would it be?”

I looked up into her big brown eyes and asked, “Can you come a bit closer?” She took a few steps forward and I was face to face with her camel toe. I softly bit her print, “Meoooooooooooooow. Here kitty, kiiiiiiiiity,” I whispered.

Essence didn’t move away or stop me, so I removed her boy shorts with my teeth and began licking her right leg starting with her ankle, working my way up to her kneecap and then nibbling on her inner thigh. I followed this by licking the warmest place on her body until she made a noise I’d been craving to hear ever since laying eyes on her when she stepped foot into the bar earlier. The sound she made sent chills throughout my body, made the hair on my arm rise, my dick harden, and gave me goosebumps. This sexy sound reminded me of air being let out of a tire slowly.

I went in for lick number two, but she pushed my head away from her pussy. Not letting this stop me, I

dropped and licked her left ankle, then her knee cap, and then nibbled on her left inner thigh. Finally, she laid back on the wall and allowed me to slowly lick her pussy again and again. I thanked the ancestors that I was a muscular dude, and slowly moved to balance Essence’s legs on my arms as I immersed myself in her pussy. I licked, and I licked, until she grabbed me by the back of my neck, stuck her nails into my skin and let out a purr mixed with a meow like she was ready to feed me her pussy.

I removed her hands, stared into her eyes and whispered, “Ms. Essence, I'm in control now.”

Daneal Brown has been creative all of his life, but he didn’t start focusing his creativity on writing until he began attending high school in Atlanta, GA. His writing started out as poetry, which laterbecame raps. Being a huge rap music fan, Daneal tried his hands at many rap styles, but storytelling became his signature style. His love for storytelling intensified in college when he was a student at Grambling State University. 

After graduating and entering the real world, Daneal got away from writing his tales, but his writing was revived after seeing a writing challenge on Facebook. He hopes that his writing takes people into a zone where they lose themselves and rekindle lost emotions. When asked about his writing style, he said it’s out the box, spontaneous, entertaining, and he doesn’t plan on sticking to one genre. Daneal’s first book, Juice Box, is due out in August 2018. 

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