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Dirty Chords Cover Reveal and Giveaway


Dirty Chords

Dirty Rock Book 2

by Cassidy London

Genre: Rock Star Romance 

The revolving door of groupies was an undeniable fact of band life.
I loved the women but hated the game.
Until her.
Harley Sanders changed everything.
Her body defied gravity onstage.
Her curves called to me like a siren intensifying the tornado inside me.
But it was all a joke to her.
She just didn’t care.
Not when I played guitar, not when I revealed my identity.
Not even when I kissed her.
The kiss that sealed our fate.
One would never be enough.
She was already mine.
And this was one game that I refused to lose.

Desolation Sound was my all-time favourite band.
I’d do anything for concert tickets but nothing would make me lose myself to a man.
Not even him.
Not even the fire that was ignited by his kiss.
Ace Novak, lead guitarist for Desolation Sound could move on to the next girl.
I’d lost my power once before.
Never again would a man dictate my life or make me a slave to his requests.
I didn’t bow down to anyone and I sure as hell, didn’t play games.
If he forced me to, I’d make his head spin.
I was a master player and he was about the lose at his own game.

Dirty Chords is a passionate and emotionally charged romance between two damaged souls. Follow Ace and Harley as they fall into an intoxicating love affair, and find out if their love can survive the scars of their past. Will these angsty lovers be able to overcome their differences and find a way to make it work, or will the pain of their past ruin their chance at love?

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The applause broke out as my fingers began to strum a tune. I was instantly transported into the depths of the music. The notes, a blur of melodic sound, reverberating through the smoky club, soothed my nerves. I could hear the rest of the band calling out in their drunken stupor as I played, cracking jokes at Devon’s expense. Devon, our manager was having a coronary. Terrified that someone would catch on and recognize me, he paced back and forth, chewing his nails. I didn’t give a shit. If I couldn’t grab my guitar and play a few notes in a club every now and then, what was the fun of fame anyway? Granted, Sunset Dreams was a strip club and both myself and the band were wasted, but I knew how to be careful. Keeping my eyes down and my face out of the light, I continued on. Lost in the moment, I barely noticed when the curtain opened and a dancer stepped into the spotlight. Until the whistling began and I allowed my eyes to wander to the stage for just a moment. 

Holy hell… who was that? 

Her figure was soft and inviting, with curves that commanded attention. Her blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders in waves, and her eyes, which seemed to sparkle from within, were somehow immediately locked on mine. She winked before turning her head and it sent a spark of electricity through me. 

My fingers continued to play but my eyes never left her. This was no ordinary girl. She exuded poise, confidence and an ethereal beauty that I’d never encountered before. She didn’t belong here. I felt a strange pull towards her that I couldn't explain. Almost as if I already knew her. Or had always known her… 

I broke my gaze only to glance at my fingers moving across the fret but when I looked back, her dance was over and she had already disappeared behind the curtain. 

I didn’t waste a second. My feet were already following her. 

“Holy shit buddy!” Gage slapped me on the back, his touch jolting me back to reality. “Did I just catch you floating towards that stripper like a teenager who just got a glimpse of his first pussy?” he chuckled. “You know Devon might never recover from that stupid stunt, right? The crowd was starting to stare…”

I could hear his words but they sounded like they were light years away. I needed to see that girl again. She was a goddess, but her beauty more than just skin deep, something about her called to my soul. And my cock. Holy shit, I was hard as a fucking rock. 

“Dude!” Jax was beside me now. “Jesus man, you’re standing by the stage door like a lost puppy with a hard on. Control yourself!” He motioned downwards to the uncomfortable tent in my jeans.

I draped my guitar in front of me, a half-assed attempt at concealing my desire. “Who was that?” I whispered.

“Your next mistake, that’s who. Come on, let’s get out of here before we get mobbed.” Jax replied. 

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Dirty Verse

Dirty Rock Book 1

"Fans of AL Jackson and Kristen Ashley will devour this! I love a good rockstar romance and Cassidy London didn't disappoint. She brought me back in time to those moments when I'd experienced ALL THE FEELS!" — Not Your Moms Romance Blog

A swoon-worthy, grunge meets pop, Rockstar Romance!

Mesmerized by her beauty, I watched as she swayed to the music.
Incomparable and exotic, her call to every cell in my body was louder than the 120 decibels of our last concert.
Winning her should have been easy.
But Aria Winters was unphased by stardom and looked at me with disdain.
She was the only girl I’d ever met who didn’t like rock stars.

Challenge accepted.

With his chiseled jawline, piercing black eyes and international fame, Jax Andersson had a voice that made women everywhere swoon.
Except for me.
I couldn’t have cared less about the alternative rock world.
It wasn’t my jam—and neither were junkie rock stars with massive egos.
I was only there to do my job and move on with my life.
But when Jax offered me the one thing I was desperate for, I couldn’t refuse.
I should have stood my ground.
He should have kept his distance.
Because now, I was going to have to beat him at his own game.

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Author Cassidy London has been in love with scandalous, steamy romances ever since she can remember. She loves the romantic escapism and women’s empowerment that they provide.

She has published fourteen romance books since 2017. Her most recent release is a dark romantic suspense called Shades of Lust. A short excerpt of this book was previously published in Seeds of Love, a charity anthology for the people of Ukraine. Her next release is Dirty Chords, book 2 in the Dirty Rock series which will release in the spring of 2023.

When she’s not writing or reading romance books, Cassidy can be found masquerading as a typical wine-drinking, suburban mom in Montreal, Canada.

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