Thursday, December 20, 2018

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Colton Cowboy Standoff by Marie Ferrarella

Colton Cowboy Standoff 
The Coltons of Roaring Springs
by Marie Ferrarella 

Two exes reunite as danger rocks the family ranch.

A Coltons of Roaring Springs romance

Years after ending her relationship with her husband, Wyatt Colton, Bailey Norton shows up on his doorstep with an unexpected request: to father her child. Unresolved passion sets off sparks between them, but Bailey must resist Wyatt’s undiminished allure—and show her true grit when the Colton ranch is mysteriously sabotaged. Can this Colton cowboy lasso the culprit and a forever family?

❃❃Colton Cowboy Standoff releases January 1, 2019❃❃

Momma Says: 2 stars⭐⭐

Second chances and cowboys are among my favorite romance tropes, which is what made me pick this one up, but it completely missed the mark for me. Actually, I spent more time confused and/or shaking my head in aggravation than I would've thought possible for a book of this length. As near as I can tell after looking this one up, this is not the first Colton story, but it is the first in this particular series. Maybe I missed something from the other books about this large family, but there were a number of things here that just rubbed me the wrong way. Now, I'm going to try to be vague here, so I don't give spoilers, while still attempting to explain my issues with this story. As far as the romance goes, most of the problems, both past and present,  between Wyatt and Bailey could've been non-issues if either of them had bothered to communicate. Six years have gone by and Wyatt still has no clue why Bailey left him in the first place - because she didn't tell him! She just left. Then, she just shows up at his door and asks him to make a baby with her? Really? I can't be the only person that wanted Wyatt to show her out and slam the door. Don't get me wrong, Bailey is a strong woman with a solid determination and drive. Yet, she wasn't strong enough to tell this man she supposedly loves how she was feeling. It's the same with Wyatt. He has no problem speaking his mind with everyone except the one person he should be able to talk to. Then we have the public reaction to things that happen, some closely related to Wyatt and some not, but either way, I just don't buy it. He doesn't seem like a bad guy, yet everyone is ready to believe the worst on little to no evidence and based only on their feelings toward Wyatt's father? The story does end on a cliffhanger with a lot of important questions unanswered. Maybe some of my questions about the why's and how's will be addressed later in the series, but based on what I found here, I won't be reading further to find out. For me, the story was a bit too simplistic, things happened way too fast in the romance even with it being a second chance, and there wasn't enough development of important aspects of the story. 

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