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✱✱Book Review✱✱ Dead Again by Kevin Grover

Dead Again
by Kevin Grover

“In a week I'll be murdered. I need to figure out who kills me before they do it again. I know they'll try. If I was that person, I would.”

Neve’s last week before she dies is far from dull. There’s someone stalking her, doing their best to make her life hell. Her husband suspects she’s cheating on him, so she has to cover her tracks. Perhaps that’s what gets her killed?
Or is the threat from Jenny who’s convinced there’s something alien in the woods? Is she hiding a darker secret? Of course, the obvious suspect is Neve’s secret lover, but he wouldn’t harm her. Would he? What about the stories of aliens in the woods? Could they be responsible for bringing her back to life?

A dark story of a woman returning from the dead a year later to solve her own murder brings a number of exciting twists. Can anyone be trusted in this tale of murder, betrayal and secrets? Is the woman who returned really Neve and what’s her link to a murdered woman twenty years ago?

Neve must find her killer before she’s….

Dead Again.

Momma Says: 2 stars⭐⭐

The author presented an interesting concept here. A woman mysteriously comes back from the dead, presumably to solve her own murder. It started out well enough with Neve telling her story. We get the week leading up to her death in detail, and considering the sheer amount of stuff that happened within that week, the biggest mystery for me was when she had time to get murdered. Nevertheless, the story does come with its share of questions. Who killed Neve and why? What mysterious force brought her back from the dead? And why her? Out of all the murdered people in the world, why her? Some of those questions do get answered, but some - well, not so much. Unanswered questions aside, the story did have an acceptable pace despite a few lags here and there. So, we have a decently paced story with hints at the supernatural, and a mystery to solve. That should've made for at least an okay read. Ah, but here's the rub. The characters, there wasn't a likable one in the bunch except for the teenager who also wasn't in the running for who killed Neve, at least not as far as I was concerned. The more I read, the more my question changed from who killed Neve to who wouldn't at least want to kill her. Sadly, the list was long, and the suspects were just as reprehensible as the victim, each and every one of them. Everyone was cheating, lying, just plain crazy, or a combination of all three, and none of them seemed to see anything wrong with any of it. It felt like the author picked every negative quality he could find in any given group of people and gave them all to this group. Honestly, I started to put this one aside, unfinished, numerous times, but I kept going in hopes of finding some reason to care about this woman, some reason for her to be given this second chance at life. In the end, I couldn't find much reason to care about any of these characters or what happened to them, and felt like I'd just been subjected to every dirty secret they had whether I wanted it or not. Instead of gritty thriller, it was like a day spent at the gossip fence. So, while the premise was a good one, the journey came up short - way short. If you don't mind a whodunit with no real good guys, give this one a shot, hopefully, you'll like it more than I did.

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