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Promo Tour: The Give & Take Duet by Demetra Georgiou

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The Give & Take Duet by Demetra Georgiou is available now!

Diane Petrou’s world turns on its axis the moment she’s caught in the mysterious Zac Dimas’ web.
In the blink of an eye, Diane leaves her job and moves to another city, where she becomes reluctant owner of a bookshop. What she didn’t anticipate, though, was to be set directly into Zac’s grasp who seems to have it out for her.
Every encounter is more volatile than the first and their sexual chemistry is something neither of them can ignore.
But all the cards are not on the table. Zac has always had an agenda where Diane is concerned, and his secrets may be the reason that these two won’t end up together.
Can love conquer all, or some people never deserved a chance in the first place?
2. Nothing more to take

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Can love survive amidst lies, schemes and subterfuge?
Zac, a man accustomed to getting what he wants, seeks retribution on behalf of the only father figure he's known, even though no one asked him to.
"I still can't believe how an ethereal being like Diane can be a plotting bitch. Why the old man held her in such a high regard, is beyond me. She is ungrateful and someone needs to teach her a thing or two. And I have the only right to do so."

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3. All the More to GIve

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Zac was too proud to realise that he lost a piece of himself when he walked out of Diane. But now he’s back and wants nothing more than to have her in his arms again.
Revenge plots be damned.
Diane has to do whatever she can to protect herself, but her heart won’t let her walk away from Zac. For her, he’s worth one more chance… until she discovers just how deep his betrayal goes.
Can they overcome the overwhelming obstacles that stand in their way or is this a couple destined to live apart?
Only time will tell.
Time that was borrowed from the very beginning.

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Ever the incurable romantic, Demetra loves to put on the virtual paper what her vivid imagination conjures. She has a soft spot for alpha males and feisty heroines. She just loves the sparkles when they turn into fireworks. And who can blame her? After all she’s a firm believer that blushing makes everything more interesting.
Ever since her debut Give & Take Duet was published in 2019, she never looked back. Nothing is impossible and romance is like the sky, they both know no limits.
One of her greatest inspirations is her favourite city, Athens in Greece where she always finds something new to surprise her.
She has a soft spot for romance novels, detective series, wine, and all kinds of ice cream.
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