Friday, January 3, 2020

Virtual Book Tour: Jungle Beauty Goddesses by Cassandra George Sturges

Dirty Ball
Jungle Beauty Goddesses
Book 3
Cassandra George Sturges

Genre: Fantasy, Fiction, Mythology Erotica
Date of Publication:  November 10, 2019
ASIN:  B08192Q5HZ
Number of pages:  150
Word Count:  44,790

Book Description:

The Jungle Beauty Goddesses: Dirty Ball- Book 3 is a story about love… the familial love and loyalty of family and the unbreakable bond between the seven sisters… and the power of love and how it plunges, crashes, and melds beings of different realms and realties. The Jungle Beauty Goddesses Series has been coined “Nubian Mythology a Modern Creation Story.” All life is created by sexual energy—this story is not meant to be erotic—it merely captures the sensuality of the universal powers and enthralling forces that make us human, frail, mortal, and vulnerable.

Excerpt 1
When her sobs turned into whimpers, he picked her up and carried her to their bathroom to take a bath together. The bathroom walls were red, with red and orange tile floors made out of ruby and carnelian gemstones. The red garnet fireplace was lit; and the deep, brilliant orange flames softly glowed throughout the room. Pink roses and candles surrounded the orange Jacuzzi. The steamy, hazy orange light filled the room accented by pink bubbles. The room smelled like a floral garden with hints of sandalwood and frankincense.

Nebula wrapped her arms around Dematter’s neck. He gently loosened her arms from his neck and sat her down on the red velvet couch in the bathroom. He bunched her long, black, wavy hair into a ponytail and wrapped a red rose around it to hold it in place. Dematter kissed the trail of tears on Nebula’s cheeks before kissing each eyelid. He kissed the tip of her nose. His tongue traced her full lips, before parting them with his tongue. Nebula’s tongue met Dematter’s with eagerness. They kissed. He removed his tongue from her mouth, sucked her bottom lip and said, “Nebula, look at me. You are the love of my life. I would never do anything to hurt you or our children. Believe in me again. Love me again.” Nebula buried her face on the side of his neck. Dematter could feel her warm tears rolling down his back. Nebula couldn’t talk. She hugged Dematter as tight as she could to let him know that she still loved him—wanted him—and needed him.

About the Author:

Cassandra George Sturges is the author of “A Woman’s Soul on Paper,” “Success and Beauty is an Attitude,” “The Illusion of Beauty: Why Women Hate Themselves and Envy Other Women,” and “Why Racism is a Mental Illness.” For many years, she was an advice columnist for Today’s Black Woman Magazine and is currently a full-time psychology and sociology professor at a college in the mid-west. She is a high school dropout who graduated with her General Education Diploma and eventually earned five college degrees including two masters and a doctorate degree. In her late forties, she began making life-size fabric sculpture, cloth dolls that turned out to be the main characters in her Jungle Beauty Goddesses coming of age, modern creation Nubian Mythology fantasy fiction, sensuous, romantic series. She is the mother of two adult children, a grandmother, and for over 20-years has shared her life with her twin flame.

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  1. Thank you so much for taking time to bring to our attention another great read. I enjoy these tours and finding out about many terrific books.

  2. Love this cover. This looks and sounds like a great read.


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