Saturday, November 28, 2020

✱✱Book Review✱✱ A Man for Jared by Declan Rhodes

A Man for Jared
Sanderson Brothers Book 2
A Gay Family Romance Series
by Declan Rhodes 

Jared Sanderson has spent his life wanting to be a hero. That's why he became a cop. It was a life that kept him busy and organized without any worry about long-term romantic relationships. Those were best left to his three brothers. Life was simple until Jared nipped his old high school friend, Quinn, at the Fun Run finish line.

Quinn Martin left the small town of Lincolnport as a high school senior and cut all of his social ties, including a casual friendship with Jared. A lingering sense of guilt about a disaster in the past kept Quinn away from the idea of committed dating relationships while his professional inn-keeping career prospered.

Meeting again as two out gay adults in the best physical condition of their lives causes the old smoldering attraction between Jared and Quinn to kindle into a flame. Unfortunately, Quinn's secret and Jared's doubts conspire in an attempt to sink the new relationship. 

A Man for Jared is a 58,000-word gay friends to lovers romance with strong family relationship themes. Suicidal thoughts and deaths caused by drunk driving play a role in the plot. This is the second book in the Sanderson Brothers series following A Song for Noah. All of the books can be read as standalone stories, but they are best read as a continuing series about the Sanderson family including all four brothers as characters in each novel.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

There are a few things I've come to expect from a book by Declan Rhodes: a solid storyline, wonderful characters you can't help but root for, some steamy fun, and feels, lots of feels. A Man for Jared doesn't disappoint and throws in the added bonus of being a slow burn love story without feeling like it. What I mean by that is the story doesn't lag at all. Things move along at a steady pace even as Jared and Quinn take their time with each other. This one does hit on some serious stuff, part of which leads to that angsty obstacle our guys have to overcome. Now, that subject matter could've gone a couple of different ways, but Rhodes handled it very well in my opinion. It isn't just glossed over, but it doesn't overshadow the romance. The author does a good job of showing how certain things shaped the characters' lives without being all that they are. The only drawback for me was the case Jared was working. I realize that it was a bit of side story to move things along, but I would've liked to have seen more development there, especially considering the nature of the case. That said, the case is just one small element of the story and I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and their romance. 
Jared and Quinn's story kind of overlaps with the storyline from book 1 in the series, A Song for Noah, but it can still be read as a standalone. That said, once you've met any of these characters, you'll want to know them all, so I'd recommend starting at the beginning. 

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