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Deadly Precious Tour and Giveaway


Deadly Precious

by Larion Wills

Genre: Romantic Suspense 

Drew Dray had one purpose in life, destroy his father and the inheritance his wheedling, gutless brother thought would be his. Only one thing interfered with his goal, nearly crippling pain from a bad hip. To ease the pain, he agreed to an injection, had a drastic reaction to the drug, and his plans changed. He awoke in a hospital, manacled to the bed. The last thing he remembered was knowing he needed help.

He was told while hallucinating from the drug, he’d walked into a stranger’s house, attacked the woman there, and raped her, and unbelievably, the woman, Letitia Winters, wasn’t going to press charges. To his mind, any woman who could dismiss such an attack, regardless of the circumstances, had to be simple-minded. What did he care? Pay her off and be rid of her, but the woman and circumstances kept driving him back.

When he discovered his actions resulted in her pregnancy, and her husband divorcing her for refusing to abort his baby, Drew proposed and bullied her into a marriage of convenience, to give the child his name his only reason. After being branded a bastard by the man he meant to destroy, he swore no child of his would suffer the label. Even after her raving ex-husband warns that she isn’t normal, that she’s a witch who makes bad things happen to get even with people, he goes back. He didn’t believe it or credit it to the house burning down or his plane crashing.

Was she the naïve, submissive mouse she seemed? A witch casting spells to keep him going back? Was her aim revenge or was she just a greedy, dangerous woman who found out he had millions? Would he survive to destroy his father or discover how deadly sweet, bland Letitia could be?

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“I’m tired of your hospitality.” He crossed the short space to the closet and jerked the door open. Reaching in for his clothes, he hesitated, stared at the shirt, and willed his head to cease its spinning. For a man who made his way trading on his physical abilities to find them impaired, for any reason, was infuriating.

“There isn’t any hurry. I seriously doubt Mrs. Winters will change her mind about pressing charges.”

The shirt came off the hanger with enough force to bounce the hanger off the back of the narrow closet.

“She won’t allow that husband of hers to file any civil suit, either, if that’s what worries you,” the doctor added.

“It doesn’t worry me. What’s her address?”

“I don’t think−”

“I take care of my own affairs.”

“You do realize that shirt has blood on it, her blood.”

Drew dropped in a chair and fumbled for a shoe to hide another wave of dizziness. “If you don’t give it to me, I’ll get it somewhere else.”

“For God’s sake, leave her alone. You’ve done enough.”

“Either this is the biggest con going or someone’s made a mistake. I don’t rape women, and I damned sure don’t cut them up with chunks of glass.”

Dr. Ames dragged another chair up and sat down opposite him. “You thought she was someone else, and you didn’t cut her. You were too far gone to know there was glass on the floor. It was unfortunate, but it happened. A drug made you crazy, and you hallucinated. It wasn’t your fault. Letitia Winters was the first to say so.”

“I don’t believe it,” he said flatly.

“If you go out there, it’ll only cause more trouble. Her husband is nearly crazy over it as it is.”

“I don’t believe I did it.”

“For God’s sake, it was your semen. That’s her blood on your shirt. The ambulance picked you up at her house.”

“I never raped!”

“Then, don’t believe it. Just go away, believe whatever you want, and leave her alone.”

“I will, just as soon as I find out the truth.”

When Letitia Winters opened the door, she jerked and clutched the door edge tight enough her fingers hurt.

“I’d like to talk to you,” he told her.

She shook her head, looking behind her. She jerked again when Eddie stormed out of the kitchen. She looked back at him, said, “No,” and shut the door.

Eddie elbowed her aside and jerked the door open again. “Can’t you read the damned sign? No solicitors or salesmen. Now get the hell out of here before I throw you off my property.”

“Would you like to…” Drew Dray’s words trailed off as she stood behind Eddie, shaking her head, pleading with her eyes. “Forget it.” He turned on his heel and stalked off.

Eddie yelled after him, “Stay the hell away, or next time you won’t get off so easy.”

The door slammed behind him. “I guess I showed that son of a bitch.”

“I’m sure you did,” she said with a sigh and turned to walk away.

“What do you mean by that?” he demanded, catching her by the arm.

“You’re hurting me,” she said quietly, the jerk pulling at the stitches in her back.

“What are you going to do about it? Sic that hillbilly kin of yours on me?”

“Don’t push anymore.”

He pushed, making her stumble to keep her feet. “You’re going to press charges.”

 “It wouldn’t accomplish anything. He’d never be convicted.”

“Not with the garbage you’ve been saying.” His voice changed to a singsong while he mocked. “He thought I was someone else. He didn’t know what he was doing.”

She walked away from him. He followed, still shouting. “You ought to want to see him punished unless you liked it. Maybe I ought to work you over a few times, so you’ll respect me.”

“You know better.” The sound she’d been waiting for finally came. A car started and pulled away. She went to the refrigerator and poured herself a glass of juice, not listening to what Eddie shouted any more than necessary to be able to give some kind of answer when he stopped.

She wondered why Drew Dray had come there and was grateful he’d backed off when Eddie threatened him. She knew, as well as Eddie—despite his bluster—that the man wasn’t afraid of him. She also knew the man had backed off for her sake. She was the one he’d looked at before he walked off.

“Did you hear what I said?” Eddie demanded.

“I won’t do it.”

“He scarred you!”

“Doctor Ames said the scars won’t be bad.”

Eddie grabbed her by the right arm, jerked her around, and the juice in the glass splashed over the sling on her left. She froze, drawing in a long, deep breath, and Eddie backed off. He stared at her a moment, his hands clenched in fists, before storming out of the house.

Larion Wills, a multi-genre author, also writes under the name of Larriane Wills. From the present, to the past in historical westerns, to far in the future with science fiction, she holds up to her tag given to her by one of her publishers of ‘two names, one author, thousands of stories’, although not all of them are in print, yet. Born in Oklahoma but raised in Arizona she feels a native to the state and has settled in the high desert country. In a quiet, rural area with a family who tolerates her writer’s single-mindedness, she presents us with a collection of unique contemporary romances, many laced with paranormal settings, all with strong characterizations and suspenseful plots, capable of dragging you into a story in a genre you thought you didn’t care for. Under her other pen of Larriane she writes science fiction and fantasy. At her website, , you can keep abreast of releases under both pen names, keep up with new releases through various publishers.

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