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The Maker of Worlds by David Litwack Blurb Blitz


David Litwack




If you had the chance to remake the world, what kind of world would you choose?

When tragedy strikes Lucas Mack's young life, he desperately yearns to escape its sorrow, and takes an improbable leap through the mythical maelstrom. Rather than splashing down on the far side like his neighbors, he's transported to a magical realm where he has the power to redefine not only who he is, but the world in which he resides.

As he stumbles about trying to find his way, he meets Mia, an equally troubled fellow pilgrim. With the help of a mystical guide and an aging wizard, they navigate the enchanted land while learning to control their newfound powers. Yet this realm is more complex than they expected, with seasoned sorcerers who've been corrupted by the sinister side of magic.

Limited by natural law and seduced by magic's power, they are tested as never before. Will the gift of magic bring renewed hope or drive them to the edge of the void?



Nowhere a dock or a mooring, not so much as a hint of early morning smoke rising from a chimney. Nowhere the cottages of Queen’s Hill. Nowhere houses at all. As I gaped, the edges of branches shimmered as if undecided whether to remain intangible or become real. In a panic, I realized the folly of this quest. Better to return to a safer, albeit gloomier life, to go back through the portal at once.

Behind me, the maelstrom still swirled, a fleeting comfort as it had started to recede. While I stared at the last link to my old world, the orb diminished, shrunk to a size I could cover with my hand, and then to that of the tip of my thumb. Before I sloshed more than two steps closer, it winked out.

Now, to the north and the south, nothing showed but water. I stumbled to shore, my movements causing the slightest wake in the surface, which lay so still I could make out my astonished features in the reflection.

I’d spent much of my young life with Addy, like a mate sailing across a forever lake. She’d been with me through calm and storm. I’d yearned to find renewed hope on this side of the gateway and return home to a new life, yet now the gateway, like Addy, had vanished.


The urge to write first struck at age sixteen when working on a newsletter at a youth encampment in the woods of northern Maine. It may have been the wild night when lightning flashed at sunset followed by the northern lights rippling after dark. Or maybe it was the newsletter’s editor, a girl with eyes the color of the ocean. But he was inspired to write about the blurry line between reality and the fantastic.

Using two fingers and lots of white-out, he religiously typed five pages a day  throughout college and well into his twenties. Then life intervened. He paused to raise two sons and pursue a career, in the process — and without prior plan — becoming a well-known entrepreneur in the software industry, founding several successful companies. When he found time again to daydream, the urge to write returned.

David currently lives in the Great Northwest and anywhere else that catches his fancy. He no longer limits himself to five pages a day and is thankful every keystroke for the invention of the word processor.



Twitter: @DavidLitwack





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The Ghost of Loon Lake Blitz.


The Shores of Loon Lake, Book 1


Small Town, Second Chance Romance

Date Published: July 16, 2024

Publisher: Harbor Lane Books, LLC.


Ten years ago, ASHLEY HALE left the Inn at Loon Lake, her family's business, frustrated by her father's apprenticeship that treated her more like a personal assistant than heir apparent. Her childhood best friend turned husband, CHRISTOPHER LEWIS, stayed behind, breaking her heart. After her father's sudden passing, Ashley discovers that he changed the terms of the will to include either her or her husband, whoever stays for thirty consecutive days following his death.

To claim her rightful legacy and her only chance at a happy future, Ashley sneaks into the lighthouse behind the Inn with the intention of scaring her estranged husband off the premises by pretending to be a ghost. Unfortunately for Ashley, Christopher knows she's back. He's spent the last decade running the business and hating himself for not following her. Her father forbade him from telling her the truth of the Inn's financial circumstances. In an act of love, he saved the resort and has been supporting her with an allowance ever since.

When Ashley accidentally sets the lighthouse on fire, she runs into Christopher's arms. He hopes her return means a relationship resolution and a chance to show how much work is involved in managing the property, hoping she will gladly hand over the reins. However, Ashley isn't giving up, and Christopher doesn't want her to leave. Convinced the Inn's lighthouse is haunted, she starts an investigation. Together, they uncover one mystery after another. Will they discover the secret to a happy future and a second chance at love?

About the Author

Rachelle Paige Campbell writes bestselling contemporary romances filled with heart and hope. She believes love and laughter can change lives. No matter the location—big city, small town, or European kingdom—her feel-good stories always end with a happily ever after. She’s grateful for the support of her family, her robot floor cleaner, and her reluctant writing partner (her dog).

Visit her online

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Masterpiece Virtual Book Tour


Christianity, Spirituality, Inspirational

Date Published: September 15, 2023

Publisher: Credo House Publishers



We all must ask crucial questions about our life here on earth. Am I experiencing life the way God, the Master Creator, designed my life to be lived? Or am I living a lesser, devolving life of my own choosing?

We, God’s ultimate creations, can only understand our purpose in life if we learn to see ourselves through the eyes of our Creator. This book provides practical steps on walking with the Holy Spirit. It will transform your soul if you follow the instructions.


Praise for Masterpiece

"This book will transform your life into the original masterpiece you were created to be. It teaches you how to unleash the power of the Holy Spirit so you can develop unshakeable faith and spiritual discernment when you commit to doing the work that your spirit requires. Dr. Morris takes you deep into self-reflection as you imagine the possibilities for your life when you completely surrender to the Holy Spirit."

Karen Hinds, CEO of Workplace Success Group


"If you are interested in next-level living, then you must take this reading journey into the Holy Spirit. This book helps us understand how the Holy Spirit shows up and works within our lives. Dr. Morris provides the reader with keen clarity on how to reap the fruit of the Spirit in an exceptional and timely way. This book is a spiritual gift to the soul."

Jen Olson, Co-Founder/Principal KGO


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Book Blast: Truth and Dare by Ann M. Trader


This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Ann M. Trader will award a randomly drawn winner a $20 Amazon/BN GC. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

A bright and talented environmental engineer, Goldie Vreeland understands facts and figures, but Max Corda, her secret office obsession, remains a puzzle. On the eve of a business trip to a coastal island, fate intervenes, pairing her with her sexy crush. As she thinks about sharing the same space with Max for a week, her world veers dangerously off course.

Fueled by success as engineer and president of his family’s firm, recently divorced Max needs to jumpstart his life. When his father unexpectedly assigns him to Goldie’s project, his closely guarded attraction to her comes front and center. Thoughts of spending a week alone with this beautiful intelligent woman make his internal compass glitch.

Romance stirs with the island breeze, so simple when they’re hundreds of miles away from normal. But as Goldie and Max return to reality, will they discover real love is more than a game?

Read an Excerpt

“Those lips,” I said, the words slipping off my tongue.

“Excuse me?”

His question broke my trance. “Oh, Lord. I’m sorry I—”

“Wait. You feel it, too, don’t you?”

I hesitated then nodded.

Max leaned toward me. “You know, I’ve been trying to get a read on you tonight, but I’m pretty rusty at all this.”

“Let’s get one thing straight, Max. There’s nothing about you that’s rusty.”

A smile quirked at the corner of his mouth. “The word means nothing to you because you’re young and beautiful.”

I crossed my arms over my chest. “You really think a lot about this age thing, don’t you?”

He sighed. “I’m thirty-one, Goldie.”

“Well, lucky for you my ceiling’s a good thirty-three.”

He bit back a smile, his eyes growing softer, warmer. “I like you, Goldie.”

“I like you, too, Max.”

“I really want to kiss you.”

“So, what’s stopping you?”

“The very real possibility I won’t be able to stop,” he said with a reverent tone.

About the Author

I enjoy spending time with my family and exploring recipes on the lighter side of southern comfort foods. I’m a member of Heart of Carolina Romance Writers, and I love relaxing on my back porch to read and write. These days I take walks around my neighborhood, but when I was sixteen, I hiked the Grand Canyon with a group of friends. I love watching television dramas (in no special order): Palm Royale, The Buccaneers, The Bear, Mary and George, Emily in Paris, Outlander, Shrinking, Shogun, Bridgerton, Outer Banks, Stranger Things, The Crown, and Peaky Blinders and reading a great romance book.

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Whichever Way The Road Leads by J. A. Boulet Virtual Tour


A music playlist for my book

Every author has a vision of their book in the movies, picking out the actors and playlists with accuracy. As a dedicated novelist, I personally use music and music videos as inspiration to get into the heads of my characters. Sometimes, it’s the characters themselves that come to life and propel me to the music videos!

In this case, it was Zee Collard who pushed me into country music. I have never been a huge fan of country, with the exception of a few songs, but Zee Collard has changed this!

She was raised on a farm in the Niagara Region of Upper Canada in the early 1800s. Zee became somewhat of a tomboy and enjoyed farming and horses more than anything society could offer. Growing up as an attractive girl with heterochromia, she views the world as uniquely as her different-colored eyes see things. Her father’s tough and determined spirit has rubbed off on her as she searches for her path in life.

Many videos and songs from ZZ Ward fell directly in line with Zee Collard. I was astonished that, by coincidence, even the first letter of her name was similar to the current music artist, ZZ Ward. The songs that would be included on my playlist for Whichever Way The Road Leads would be Tin Cups and Put The Gun Down, both by ZZ Ward. I found these songs on Instagram just by browsing song titles to include in my promo posts! They so eerily portrayed Zee Collard’s strong sensual side and rugged exterior that I still get shivers watching those music videos. Listen to the songs if you get a chance. ZZ Ward is a wonderfully and unique current female country artist.

As for my other main character, Jesse Eastman, the song I found the most inspirational was Stuck in the Middle With You by Stealers Wheel. Even though it is an old song from the 70s, it still has the power to portray Jesse. He was just a young man who was intent on blazing his own path in life, but it led Jesse into situations that may very well be a death sentence.

Until he meets Zee Collard. She could be an omen for the end or the beginning of something Jesse’s never dreamed of.

I hope you enjoy my newest book, Whichever Way The Road Leads, and thank you for stopping by on my book tour! 

Meet Jesse Eastman, a young man from a powerful and wealthy American family. When he joins a group of rough fur traders on a journey to open up the American Northwestern Frontier, Jesse thinks his days are numbered.

The looming War of 1812 and a rugged farm woman from Upper Canada may prove him right.

Zee Collard and her father, George, are half-American, and half-Canadian. They will stop at nothing to protect their livelihoods in Upper Canada. The Collard's family history goes back to the Revolutionary War and their past is not something many Americans are keen on.

Whichever Way The Road Leads will pull you into the lives of two American families on both sides of the border who struggle as war breaks out in 1812. This engaging and graphic first book of The Eastman Saga will take you through raging mountainous rivers and early Northwestern Frontier landscapes to the bloody Niagara battlefields of 1812.

Be careful which road you take, you never know where it'll lead.

Jesse Eastman cradled his head in his calloused hands and wondered when he had lost his mind. He thought back to several incidents and still could not accurately pinpoint what had prompted him to make the ridiculous decision to risk his life with the Overland Astorian explorers. However, one event was obvious. The argument with his father two years ago had changed his life, for better or for worse. Jesse had never fully recovered from the sting of being thrown out of the Eastman family.

He looked up as his friend threw another log on the fire. Samuel was a tall, gangly fellow he had met last year in St. Louis when the Astorians were adding men to the team. Samuel was as close to a best friend as he’d ever met.

“Still wondering how crazy you are to be here, boy?” Samuel chuckled as the Mad River  sloshed menacingly behind their backs. Samuel spit and kicked a stray log with his dirty boot into the camp fire. His long hair was firmly slicked back from his forehead, and the stray ends wisped onto his shoulders with every movement.

“Yes,” replied Jesse. “I’m wondering when I’m going to die, too.” Jesse wiped his grimy hands on his pants. The Mad River was so loud it almost drowned out the conversation at times. Jesse shouted towards the river. “How the hell are we going to ride those rapids tomorrow?”

Samuel grimaced and spat again. “With difficulty,” he responded manically.

Jesse laid down on his cot and gazed up at the night skies, feeling a shiver run through his spine.

It would be September 30, 1811 tomorrow, and Jesse imagined this was the date that would appear on his young gravestone. That is, if anyone ever found his body

J. A. Boulet is the passionate author of six historical fiction novels. Raised in a Hungarian refugee family, J. A. was born and grew up in Canada with a strong moral foundation, which she has stood behind all her life. Ms. Boulet began writing poetry at a very young age and progressed to short stories and novels easily. She quickly became a history geek and became fascinated with ancestry and the rough path of immigration. Her university studies ranged from photojournalism to accounting. After decades of working in accounting, J. A. published her first book in 2020 and has since published one to two books annually. 

She lives in the Niagara region of Canada with her two sons, a crested gecko, a large Doberdor dog, and a small orchard of fruit trees.

Follow her on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Reddit.


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✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ Over the Limit by K. Bromberg


Over the Limit
Full Throttle Series, Book 3
By: K. Bromberg
Narrated by: Gary Furlong & Stella Hunter

A forbidden, Formula 1 romance from New York Times bestselling author K. Bromberg.

You don't mess around with a teammates ex. Ever. But that's easier said than done when it comes to Blair Carmichael. She's sexy, intelligent, gorgeous, and one hundred percent off-limits.

And I've never fallen harder.

But I can't touch (when I most definitely want to).

My teams success and my chance at a new contract for next season depend on me keeping my hands on the wheel. And off her curves.

As the season progresses, we secretly steal as much time as we can together in hotel rooms, after races, anywhere we can't be found out. A real romance out in the open would risk her job in the industry, her reputation, and my image not to mention my strained relationship with my teammate.

I've lived my whole life with one mantra. Team first. What I want outside of my racing career hasn't factored in.

Until now.
Until Blair.

She deserves the world and I plan on giving it to her. Even if I have to walk away from the biggest contract of my career.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

I'm not sure how I've missed K. Bromberg, but my TBR just had a big growth spurt. I enjoyed so many things about Over the Limit. The characters are relatable, and Lachlan and Blair are super easy to root for. The "when you know, you know" romance works really well for them. There's an almost magnetic pull between them from the start, and K. Bromberg has a writing style that gives us the feel of that pull and so much more. If you've ever had that heart racing, can't get them out of your head, every minute apart is torture kind of love, then you'll understand just how intensely Blair and Lachlan fall for each other. There are also a couple of those love-to-hate kinds of characters. One is just a nuisance, but the other has the potential to be downright dangerous. This one brings me right back to those relatable characters I mentioned. Not that I can relate to being dangerous to others, but I get the emotions of it all. There was one thing that niggled at me through most of the book, which has to do with the whole forbidden part of this romance. I'll skip the details to avoid spoilers, but it was enough that I felt like it was worth mentioning.
Finally, the narration. Gary Furlong and Stella Hunter do such a good job with this book. All of the emotions come through loud and clear, and in my opinion, the performances make an already good book even better.
Over the Limit is part of a series, but it stands on its own very well. As I mentioned, I'm new to this author, so I hadn't read anything but this book, and I didn't feel like I was missing anything. I will say I enjoyed this one so much that I'll be reading or listening to the rest of the series very soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Virtual Book Tour: Jane Austen Lied to Me by Jeanette Watts


Guest Post

Hi, this is Lizzie. Normally I wouldn’t want to be talking to people about my diary, but since you asked so nicely about what’s my day like, and, well, it’s kind of exciting to be famous, okay. Here goes.

So, no two days are really exactly alike. Some of my classes are Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and others are Tuesday-Thursday, but not everything is exactly on that pattern.

I’ll talk about Wednesday, since that’s my longest day. I will roll out of bed, into my robe, and wander down the hall to take a shower. I used to try to shower before bed, but most of the girls on my floor in the dorm all do that, because no one wants to get up any earlier in the morning than they have to. I’m told that once we get out of the Freshmen dorms, if we’re lucky we get one of the new buildings and you only have to share a bathroom with four people, instead of everyone on your floor vying for the showers in the middle of the hall.

Chemistry is my first class, which sucks because that really requires more of my brain than the rest. Chem Lab is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Also in the morning. Also not good for a not morning person. If I got up earlier I could go for coffee before class, but I just can’t make myself get up any earlier than I do. So after class I go over to the library. We’ve got the best library! It’s right in the middle of campus, and there’s this sweet spot on one side where a lot of my friends will hang out. After chemistry I go to the Starbucks in the library for a big caramel macchiato – except in the fall, that’s when the pumpkin spice latte is in season. So I take my coffee, and go to the sweet spot to study. Unless Tiffany and Allie are there, then we usually end up talking more than studying. 

I’ll grab lunch with whoever’s around, and then it’s calculus class. Calculus is also not my strong suit. But I’ve been doing better since I started going to see Professor Jacobson at his office hours. He’s really nice. He has a way of explaining things to me that makes sense. It’s not the way he says things in class – he must practice a lot of different ways to say the same thing, so that everyone with a different learning style can figure it out. Numbers are not my friend, so I’m glad he has figured out a way of explaining it to me.

After Calculus I get to go to Spanish class! It’s my favorite, and it’s a nice way to end the day. I’m taking Chem and Calc because my parents want me to go to Pharmacy school and be the pharmacist for their nursing home, and those classes are required. But Spanish class is for ME. I just love it. There’s a guy in class named Ken, he’s really nice, and we work on assignments together after class. 

Then I grab some dinner, and I go to my job at the Law Library. It’s the best job in the world – I get paid to sit there doing my homework! Except when someone needs to check out a book. That does happen from time to time. But it never interrupts me for very long. Although when I’m trying to do Chem or Calc homework, the interruptions don’t help. Since honestly, I’m not very good at either.

What college girl doesn’t dream of meeting Mr. Darcy? Lizzy was certainly no exception. But when Darcy Fitzwilliam comes into her life, he turns out to be every bit as aggravating as Elizabeth Bennett’s Fitzwilliam Darcy. So what’s a modern girl to think, except....

How could my hero be so wrong?


Sept 5

Well!  That was interesting.  My roommate invited me along to this frat party she was going to.  She went through something called rush week, and she is now pledged to a sorority.  She said the frats are less formal than the sororities, and even though I wasn’t a pledge I could go with her.  I figured, why not, it should be fun, right?

I got to meet the guy she’s chasing.  I couldn’t blame her for being interested.  He’s cute, and sweet, and considerate, and a total people-pleaser.  One of his parents must be the demanding sort who is never happy.  

He introduced us to his friend… whose name is Darcy Fitzwilliam!  I wasn’t sure at first that the guy wasn’t just pulling our legs.

“Your mother obviously loves Jane Austen,” I laughed.

“Obviously,” he answered.  Not much to go by.

“I love Pride and Prejudice,” I continued.

“I hate Pride and Prejudice,” I can only describe the look he was giving me as hostile.

“I think you will find yourself very much in a minority,” I answered, returning his look with one of my own.

We didn’t talk any more that night.  Talk about getting off on the wrong foot!  

Jeanette Watts has written three Jane Austen-inspired novels and two short stories for Jane Austen Fan Fiction anthologies, two other works of historical fiction, stage melodramas, television commercials, and historical dance manuals. She is a regular contributor to MOMCC Magazine.

When she is not writing, she is either dancing, sewing, or making videos for her YouTube channel and TikTok accounts, “History is My Playground.” 



Twitter: @JeanetteAWatts



Instagram: @jeanetteamlwatts


Or YouTube handle: @historyismyplayground1827

TikTok: @historyismyplayground


The author will be awarding a Jane Austen Coloring Book (US only) to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter.

The Maker of Worlds by David Litwack Blurb Blitz

THE MAKER OF WORLDS David Litwack ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Fantasy ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ If you had the chance to remake the world, what kind of world would yo...