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NBTM Tour: Theo and Sprout by Joseph Gergen

Theo and Sprout: A Journey of Growth

by Joseph Gergen


Literary Fiction (YA)


While Theo longs for some guidance through the perils of adolescence, the guidance he knew his family wouldn’t give him, he isn’t prepared for Sprout, his inner Divine Feminine, to present herself and offer it to him. In fact, he doesn’t appear to have a choice since Sprout, sassy and confident about her presence, won’t go away.



SPROUT. My brother had no idea the impact the nickname he derisively gave me would have. Neither of us knew how unwittingly appropriate it would become. Was it destiny or self-fulfilling prophecy? I don’t know. Memories and dreams and possibilities like to mix together. As far as my past is concerned and the makeup of who I am and what shaped me, I can make no distinction between memory and reality and dream. I usually don’t try.

While I certainly don’t remember all of my childhood, and many aspects are densely foggy, I remember with clarity the day my life changed. I was preparing for school in the basement bathroom—the small, cramped bathroom that seemed more like a large porta-potty with a shower than an actual bathroom. Wet towels covered the floor and almost all available surfaces. Countless toiletries jumbled themselves wherever space allowed them to balance or stack. Most of these did not belong to me. They belonged to my collection of brothers and sisters. I had a toothbrush. I knew that. Usually, I found toothpaste. If I absolutely needed a less common toiletry, I picked through a baffling array of products, many of which I had no understanding, until I found something useful.



Do you ever wish you were someone else? Who?

I don’t often wish I were another real person. There are certainly types of people I would like to be, like people who can command a room or one that people want to listen to for hours. But if fictional people are in play, I’ve mused about them often enough.  The latest fictional person I wanted to be was from the Korean Drama “It’s OK to Not Be Okay.” The lead female character, Go Moon Jung, is a chaotic, headstrong, opinionated  writer of children’s literature. I totally wanted to be her.

What did you do on your last birthday?

I grew up in  large family and when there was a birthday there were lots of people. I was insanely shy as a child and hated when people paid attention to me. So birthday’s were often awkward for me. So we can see where this is going. As an adult I don’t speak of my birthday and usually make plans with a single person. This last birthday I went to a restaurant where a friend’s son is the chef. But as low key as we tried to be, the chef surprised us with dessert with a birthday candle. 

What part of the writing process do you dread?

Oh that’s easy. The proof reading. I’m a terrible typist and tend to spell phonetically. So plenty of words get spelled correctly but are the wrong words. Also, attention to detail is not my strong suit. I try to do my best before handing it to someone to check, but it never ceases to amaze me what I miss.

Do you ever suffer from writer’s block? If so, what do you do about it?

I don’t usually suffer from writer’s block per se. Once I sit down to write I can usually keep going. The motivation or the feeling like I’m ready is the blocker for me. I usually avoid the starting by scribbling down more and more notes. I justify the procrastination by thinking that if I just keep adding notes, I’ll eventually have critical mass and there will be no choice but to start. That’s what I tell myself, anyway.

Tell us about your latest release.

My latest release is “Theo and Sprout: A Journey of Growth.” Theo’s a young boy from a large family who is lost in the shuffle of all his siblings. He longs for some guidance through the perils of adolescence, the guidance he knows he won’t receive from his family. That’s where Sprout comes in. Sprout is the manifestation of his inner Divine Feminine, his Anima, there to be his spirit guide. I think of Sprout as the guide many of us longed for when we were young and perhaps sometimes still need now. Through their adventures Sprout guides and often prompts Theo into learning the lessons he doesn’t even know he needs.

Author of “Theo and Sprout”. Born and raised on the plains of North Dakota. Moved to Twin Cities because it’s actually warmer. Enjoy creating in whatever form it takes, including writing, painting, and furniture making. The enjoyment is in the doing. Looking to add a little magic to the world through art. 

Other books include “Without a Pang” and “Methane Wars.”

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  1. Thanks for hosting Theo and Sprout. I am excited for everyone to learn about my book. If anyone has any questions, please ask away.

  2. Thank you for sharing your interview, bio and book details, I have enjoyed reading about you and your work and I am looking forward to reading Theo and Sprout, were there any aspects of this story that required research on your part?

    1. Ah yes. Good question. There is an episode where Sprout has her period. I did need to research that, but decided not to get too detailed since the story didn't require that.

  3. The cover looks great and the story sounds really interesting.

  4. I like the cover art. Looks good.


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