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Beck's Pack Cover Reveal and Giveaway


Check out the amazing cover for Beck's Pack and get started on the first book for only .99cents!

Beck's Pack

Silver Springs Pack Series Book 2

by Kay Doherty

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

Beck Landusky is new to being a wolf shifter. Having grown up an orphan surrounded by humans he finds pack life to be fascinating though not without difficulty. His only experience with shifters is from the pages of the paranormal romance novels he would find in his foster mother’s bookstore. Some things come to him naturally but for those that don’t, he relies on his mate, Shawn, and his friend and pack prophet, Jett, to help him learn.

Shawn Montgomery is slowly adjusting to his role as Silver Springs Pack Alpha while also helping his young mate find his place among the pack. Beck only recently learned what he is and still doesn’t have a complete understanding of what it means to be omega and mate to the Pack Alpha. While Shawn is struggling to find his balance between his new mate and his responsibilities to the pack, a sense of foreboding hangs over him. Shawn’s rival, Thurston Demers, Pack Alpha of the Golden Plains Pack has been entirely too quiet.

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“That’s a really big truck,” Beck said, looking at the red monstrosity parked in the driveway at the back of Jett’s house.

“It does seem to be bigger than I remember,” Jett said from beside him, head tilted to one side.

“Can you drive it?”

“We’re about to find out.”


“I could always call Shawn and ask for one of the smaller construction pickups if you’re nervous.”

“Get in the truck,” Beck grumbled. 

While he was horribly nervous about Jett, who was used to driving a tiny, thirty-year-old hatchback, being behind the wheel of this massive pickup truck, he didn’t want Shawn involved. If they asked for a smaller vehicle, he would have to talk to Shawn before he was ready. Jett pressed the button to unlock the truck and as Beck climbed into the behemoth the manufacturer labeled a pickup truck, he questioned his own sanity. He’d woken up that morning in a great mood, but now had fought with his mate and was about to entrust his life to a wolf shifter with spectacular lack of focus. 

Beck had never been this high up before and the driveway looked like it had shrunk by several feet. Did this thing even fit within the lane lines of the road? He glanced at Jett from the corner of his eye as he adjusted the seat, the steering wheel, and then all the mirrors. Though Max was considered small among the guardian wolves, he was bigger than Jett. When Jett turned the key and the engine rumbled to life, they looked at each other in awe.

“Nice,” Beck said.

“We’re gonna burn through the entire tank just getting to Newton.”

“Going down the mountain might be okay, but we’ll definitely need gas to get back up.”

“Okay. Here goes nothing.” Jett put the truck in reverse and very slowly backed out of the driveway. 

“Why do I have a bad feeling about this?”

“Why do you ask questions with obvious answers?”

“Why am I friends with you?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never had a friend before so this is all new to me.” 

Jett put the truck into drive and headed toward Silver Springs where they would connect to the interstate. Newton was approximately forty minutes east of Silver Springs halfway down the mountain if they traveled at the speed limit. Given how slow Jett was driving toward town, it was going to take twice as long. Beck decided he was fine with that for two reasons – one, he was in no rush to die a fiery death on the highway and two, he didn’t want to face Shawn for a while. He needed time to think.

Most the of the drive to Newton was quiet and uneventful; both prophets perfectly content to pass the time in silence. Beck spent it trying to decipher the niggling feeling in the back of his mind; that annoying sixth sense that would irritate him no end when something was off, but couldn’t figure out exactly what. When they’d started the drive, he thought it might be his reservations over Jett driving such a large vehicle, but they’d been on the road long enough he now knew that wasn’t it. Beck’s stomach rumbled and he glanced at the dashboard clock. It was a few minutes after one in the afternoon which meant he’d gone six hours without food.

“I’m hungry, too,” Jett said.

“I didn’t say anything,” Beck responded, just as his stomach gave another loud growl.

“Your stomach is talking for you. Newton is around this bend. We’ll load up the bookcases and then get something to eat at La Salsa. They have the best rellenos.”

“Sounds good.”

Traffic grew heavier as they approached downtown Newton. Nothing like the congestion of a big city, but noticeably more than Silver Springs. A few wrong turns, thanks to poor cellular connectivity, and they finally found the antique shop where the delivery truck had broken down. Jett parked in a spot across the street and turned off the engine. The delivery truck was backed up in front of the shop’s garage door. Several large pieces of furniture sat at the bottom of the ramp. A few feet inside the garage were two long, thin boxes with pictures of bookshelves on them.

“There they are,” Beck pointed out.

Jett nodded and they both jumped out of the truck. Jett followed Beck across the street and then almost bumped into him when Beck abruptly stopped beside the delivery truck.

“Something’s not right,” Beck said.

“Maybe we should have had lunch first?”

“More like maybe we should have had someone bigger with us.”

“Some things are destined to happen no matter what we do.” Jett looked at the garage, the delivery truck, and then back to Beck. “This is one of those things.”

“What are you talking about?”

“That sense you have in your gut, your prophetic ability, is telling you to run but my ability is telling me running will lead to more injuries. Us being injured; not them.”

Beck blinked at Jett as two wolf shifters came around the hood of the truck behind them. Two more stepped out from behind boxes stacked in the garage.

“Did we just walk into a trap?” Beck asked.

“Yes,” Jett sighed.

Beck's Wolf

Silver Springs Pack Series Book 1

Beck Landusky was five years old when he lost his parents in a car accident leaving him without family. Thrown into the foster system, he bounced around until he was twelve when he was placed with Ellie, a used bookstore owner in the small town of Drummond. Life in Drummond was slow, quiet, and sometimes boring. Certainly nothing extraordinary. Until one cold winter morning when a tall, dark, and handsome man arrived in town and changed everything.

Shawn Montgomery knew the moment he held newborn Beck in his arms that they were fated mates. When Beck and his parents suddenly disappeared one night, he was devastated. As soon as he turned eighteen, Shawn began searching for his lost mate until fourteen years later, mere weeks before his ascension to Pack Alpha of Silver Springs, Shawn got word that his mate had been found.

With his ascension looming near and the appearance of a rival pack in Drummond, Shawn must find a way to tell Beck they are fated mates and claim him. There’s just one problem – Beck has no idea who or 
what he is.

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Kay is an omnisexual/polysexual who lives in Colorado with her poly-family. Her house is overrun with cats and dogs. Family is important to her so there are daily texts, frequent visits to her parents, and constant banter with her brothers. She happily suffers an addiction to coffee and Mexican food. She loves to read and write and can easily become consumed by it for hours, much to the dismay of others. On occasion she can be convinced to venture out into the world of the living despite being annoyed with the sun shining in her face.

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