Sunday, September 17, 2023

✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ The Rebound by L. Steele


The Rebound
By: L. Steele
Narrated by: Shane East & Rose Dioro

He was supposed to be my forever love. Instead, he became my personal hell....

I wasn’t supposed to be on the beach that night.
Neither was Declan Beauchamp, the super-hot, super-bad-boy upcoming actor.
He saved me from being hurt.
But his life changed forever.

I never thought I’d see him again.
Until he returns and offers me the chance to embrace my dreams.
Now, I'm a singer with a break-out single.
Together, we’re a match-made-in-tabloid heaven.
Then, he betrays me.

Shattered, I put him behind and move on.
I even have a new boyfriend.
Except my career is in freefall.
The only consolation?
Declan isn’t faring better either.

With my future and his at stake, Declan comes up with a plan.
One movie together, and a fake relationship to catapult our futures back on track.

But when our chemistry detonates, how will I survive this encounter?

A standalone, enemies to lovers, fake relationship billionaire romance about mistakes, heartache, and second chances.

Momma Says: 3 stars⭐⭐⭐

This was a hard book to get through, at least for me. It's a little bit out there and stretches my ability to suspend disbelief. I realize it's fiction, but even fiction should have some limits, especially when it's contemporary. But that didn't make me hit the pause button. I may have rolled my eyes a few times, but I kept listening. What made me walk away for a while was the pacing. It's considerably long, and when a book is that long, the pace needs to be at least steady. Instead, there were some serious lag times in this book. I feel like I paused this listen a lot more than I usually do - audiobooks typically accompany me when I'm running errands, doing chores, or even just going for a nice walk, so I like, at the very least, a steady pace. I do like the premise, and I feel like it could be really good with a bit of tweaking here and there - or maybe that's trimming. There's just a bit too much going on, in my opinion. Speaking of, it's important to remember this is just one person's opinion, so if this one grabs your attention, please go with your own instincts and give it a go.
This is the audiobook, and the narration is quite good. I love listening to Shane East, who could make reading the telephone book sound good. I feel like I should be familiar with Rose Dioro, but I can't put my finger on it. I did enjoy her performance, and I would easily listen to both narrators again, 

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