Monday, July 3, 2017

Daddy Darkest by Ellery Kane

I'm always on the lookout for a psychological thriller to keep my on the edge of my seat. I was so excited about this one after reading the blurb, but was left feeling a bit ambiguous.

Momma Says: 3 out 5 stars⭐⭐⭐

Daddy Darkest is the first book in Ellery Kane's Doctors of Darkness series. Kane has an interesting writing style and the story is written in both first and third person POV. The here and now chapters are in first person and from the perspective of main character, Samantha, while the chapter that delve into the past are in third person and from the perspective of Samantha's mother, Clare. It is most certainly a psychological thriller and does have some pretty dark themes throughout the story. I do have to say that the cover is interesting, to say the least. Certainly caught my eye and made me want to see what this one was about. 

*Advanced reader copy received from Hidden Gems

Bury your secrets. Bury them deep...

A month after her high school graduation, small-town-girl Samantha “Sam” Bronwyn boards a plane with her best friend, Ginny. Destination: San Francisco. But when Ginny disappears inside an airport bathroom wearing Sam’s letterman jacket, it doesn’t take her long to figure out she was the intended target. Alone in a strange city, Sam’s on a run for her life—drawn into a dark past she never knew existed. A past where secrets aren’t all that’s buried and where revenge comes at the highest price.

Who is Sam really—and who can she trust? The mysterious stranger in 4A who secreted a gun in his backpack? The guilty ex-con? The disarming FBI agent? Her own mother?

Only one thing is certain. Someone is after her. Someone who knows more about her than she does. Someone who wants to teach her a hard lesson: There are worse things than murder.


Daddy Darkest started out really well and quickly caught my interest. Unfortunately, it was way too easy to figure out exactly where this story was going. The chapters go back and forth with a few being from the present and then a few from the past. The chapters from the past is where I started having problems. 

Too much detail of the past can be tricky when trying to maintain a reader's interest and Clare's history, while integral to the story, became quite convoluted with so many characters and their own stories. Then we get Clare's memories - we're already in the past and Clare starts remembering something from her earlier past. I hope that made sense! It got a bit tedious to keep up with. 

I did push through and things picked up, but it just felt like it took way too long to get there. The story is quite dark and twisted, and had it not been quite so drawn out, could've easily been a five-star read. 

That's just my 2¢ worth and if you enjoy Psychological Thrillers, pick up a copy of  Daddy Darkest and give it a read. It's available for purchase at the following links. 

Thanks for joining me! I think I'm ready to read something fun! 


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