Sunday, August 20, 2017

✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ Lesson Learned by Lillian Francis

A sweet, steamy romance was the perfect companion for my lazy Sunday and today's read was Lesson Learned by Lillian Francis.

Momma Says: 4 out 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Lesson Learned is well-written in third person POV and fits perfectly into the Romance/Gay Romance genre with its MM main characters and their love story. It is quite steamy, so I recommend 18+ readers.

Drew Jackson is sick of constantly being on the move, running away from his mistakes, his desires, and a secret-filled past. He's decided his new teaching job in Cardiff is his chance to finally settle down. Perhaps here he can have a home, and even friendships that won't end in disaster. Like his growing rapport with history teacher Nathan Morgan.
Nathan has been careful to keep his sexuality a secret at work. He doesn't want that kind of attention from the student body. There's one body he would like attention from, though—the new science teacher, Drew. But it's much too risky to let Drew know how he feels. He won't gamble their fledgling friendship on an awkward confession of lust. And Drew's probably straight anyway. 
Their friendship is derailed when a student's accusation forces a reluctant confession. Drew is tempted to run again until he comes face to face with the inescapable realisation that flight has ruined every relationship he's ever had. 
But maybe he's finally found someone worth staying in one place for.

Lesson Learned is a sweet romance between main characters, Nathan and Drew. I really liked that while there is attraction, the pair actually become friends and get to know each other, somewhat, before they act on that attraction. I was bit confused at the big deal with Drew's secret. While it was a horrible situation, and heartbreaking for Drew, I'm not sure why it was such a big secret through so much of the story. Of course, what would a romance between two teachers be without a trouble-making student to throw a wrench into the works? I did see it coming, but I was surprised by how quickly it's resolved. 
Overall, the story is longer than I felt it needed to be, with a little too much angst and attention on insignificant details. I appreciate a good description and setting the stage is important, but I would've preferred a little less on that part and a little more on the interactions between the characters. Both Drew and Nathan are likable and I liked that we get a bit of their romance as it grows, as opposed to the book ending with them finally getting together. Nathan and Drew's story did hold my interest, and despite the high level of angst, they are so good together and I enjoyed their journey from friends to lovers. 

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