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✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ Reagan Through the Looking Glass by Allyson Lindt

I have always loved all things Wonderland. There's just something about the fantasy of it all that appeals to me, so I jumped at the chance to read Allyson Lindt's newest release, Reagan Through the Looking Glass.

Momma Says: 5 out of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Reagan Through the Looking Glass is wonderfully written in third person POV. It fits well into the Romantic Suspense genre and is book one in the Hacking Wonderland duet. The story does continue in book two and does end in a cliffhanger. (It's not earth shattering, but it is a good one!) There is some steam and adult situations, so use discretion.
Check out this cover! I absolutely love it!

She's stepped into a world where everything and everyone has a price, and her time is running out to discover who holds the bounty on her head, in this thrill-a-minute story inspired by Alice in Wonderland, sure to snare fans of William Gibson and JD Robb.

When Reagan's student adviser is found dead, the police say he’s the victim of a burglary gone bad, but it’s not that simple. Jabberwocky--the kingpin of the deep web, and the man who killed her brother--knows she’s close to discovering his identity.

Two men insist they can keep her safe and help her find answers. Hare is sweet, soft-spoken, and introduces her to a wicked walk on the wild side, spiced with temptation and thrill.

Hatter has kept secrets from her since they met. But he speaks her language, and a single touch from him ignites her desire.

As she follows the tracks down the rabbit hole, Reagan is dropped headfirst into a world of the dangerous and surreal, where everything and everyone has a price. And her time is running out to discover if it's the Hatter or the Hare who owns Jabberwocky’s bounty on her.

This original twist on the Wonderland story is fast-paced and full of action, intrigue, adventure, suspense, and even a bit of romance. It is a hacker tale, but it isn't so full of tech speak as to be distracting. I'm probably the most technologically challenged person that I know and I had no problem understanding what was happening on the cyber side of things. The characters are interesting and developed and the story kept me guessing from the beginning. Reagan (Alice) has no idea just how far down the rabbit hole she's going to have to go or who she should trust on her journey. She's torn between two men in this dangerous game and they both have secrets, some bigger than others, and Reagan is stuck somewhere in the middle. Too much more would give spoilers and this is one that shouldn't be spoiled for anyone. I highly recommend this captivating story to anyone who enjoys the genre.

Reagan Through the Looking Glass is currently available in paperback and releases in ebook format on August 14 at the following links. (Book two in the duet is coming in September.)

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