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Araceli Nativa
Sheltered and yet looking to expand beyond her small-town Alabama raising, Araceli's attending Vanderbilt University in Nashville but so far she hasn’t broadened her horizons in the least. A pretty and successful student, Araceli spends all her days studying, attending class and living a fairly boring existence. That is until her dorm mate peer pressures her to attend the biggest frat and Halloween party on campus and when Araceli finally breaks out of her closed up shell, the consequences might just be devastating.

Abel Slaine
For centuries, he has scoured the earth searching for her, the demonic queen who stole his beloved before they ever had the chance to thrive. She and all of her dark daughters have been his target for millennia and now there is a new one who will find her death at the end of his hands one way or another but putting plan to action may prove more difficult than Abel has bargained for when his prey becomes more than a deathly pursuit.

Title: Forbidden Fantasies
Author: Sai Marie Johnson
© 2017
 Chapter Eight:
Animalistic Tendencies
It had been two weeks since Mee-maw had passed away, and the worst Thanksgiving trip back home, in the history of the world. At least it felt that way to me. I hadn’t heard anything from Abel and not a single word about Lilith. Brett’s death was ruled an overdose and an accidental suicide with no foul play but I knew I had killed him. There was no denying it. The Succubi urges hadn’t seized me since the last time I had seen Abel. Abel Slaine, a man I could not get out of my mind. With his dark curls and hungry eyes, he had seared himself into my memory like a cattle brand on a heifer’s ass. There was no way I could ever make it go away. The last few weeks of my life had been a whirlwind and I wondered when he would reemerge. I had fallen back into the swing of normalcy, returning to my normal class schedule and assignments. Everything seemed to be exactly as it was supposed to be but wasn’t that when life always chose to throw a wrench into a person’s plans? I walked down the pathway between the library and my dorm in silence watching other students as we all shifted between our various buildings and responsibilities. It was just after dark and I overheard a group of girls discussing another frat party and who all was expected to be there. I paused to listen in on their conversation, “It’s nothing like the Halloween party was and it’s a pre-Christmas party, so there should be a ton of free booze.” One girl explained.
Free booze was an offer no collegiate would refuse and I found myself increasingly more interested in this event.
“Where’s it at?” I asked suddenly. The girl who had been talking looked at me with a quirked brow.
“Who are you?” She asked me defiantly.
“Someone who wants free booze?” I asked with a chuckle, “Seriously, where’s it at?” I asked again. She looked over at her friend hesitantly.
“Are you in one of the sororities? It’s not like every college student on campus gets invited to these parties.” She said as if I were an insect unworthy of their time.
“I’m in the premiere sorority of sororities but if you don’t want us to come I’ll just go find a better party to crash.” I said nonchalantly as I turned to walk away. The demoness in me began to rise and I felt the need to be catty, “Not like we want to be associated with the lessor riffraff anyway.” The girl fell for it, just as I expected, and blurted the address.
“255 Bellmonte way.” She said.
“Bellmonte? Nice area. Been there far too many times though. May not be our chosen cup of tea. A little too mild, ya know?” I said in an antagonistic tone. The second girl finally spoke up.
“It’s not just any Bellmonte house, it’s The Bellmonte House.” She retorted.
“Oh, so you mean it is Mayor Bellmonte’s mansion?” I asked with widening eyes.
“Well, yes but the party is for Corbin Bellmonte, Junior.” The girl said, “It’s his twenty-first birthday.” She finished.
“Ah a twenty-first birthday party. How exciting!” I said with a smirk as I walked away to leave the two girls staring at one another in shock. The shadows from the trees caused the path to my dorm to be increasingly darker. Suddenly I felt myself being slammed into a nearby tree by an unknown force.
“You think you’re funny, don’t you, bitch?” Abel’s voice echoed in my ears, his hot breath once more fanning out across my flesh to give rise to chill bumps in a matter of seconds. I could feel the shift in my blood temperature the moment it spread out across my skin.
“And what if I do, Abel?” I couldn’t explain it but every time he came around the quiet, good girl in me fled and in her place a questionable and testy bitch was exactly what he coaxed forth. I slipped from beneath him quickly turning about face to peer down his leather-clad body, “What’s with the chaps, Abel? I’ve never seen you on a bike.” I said with a feigned sense of disappointment. He sneered, his eyes turning blood-red as he tilted his head to the side.
“Are you attempting to troll me, Araceli?” He asked in a tone that was nothing like his usual deep and husky voice.
“No, I’m trying to determine what it is that keeps you from trying to kill me. Do you not keep your word?” I asked in a catty voice, “You know men who don’t keep their word tend to be what my kind target.” I added for a bit more salt to the insult. Abel rushed me then, knocking me to the ground as his body fell atop mine. He slid his right hand to my throat and held me to the ground with his teeth mere inches from my face.
“You…you...” The words left his lips so quickly that I had no time to prepare for his next move. Hungry kisses fell to the side of my cheeks as his opposing hand slid down the plane of my stomach, “How could I kill the only thing to make me feel this way?” He asked through the fountain of greedy lip claims he showered across my throat and chest.
I grinned my own teeth lengthening to extend tips as I turned my head into the swell of his shoulder. I slid the tips of my teeth along the base of his neck so that a tiny scrape appeared across his flesh. So, tiny even that the beads of tiny blood droplets were barely visible. I stared at the enticing rubies there on his skin and some animalistic desire overcame me. I had to lick his skin free of the tainting I had caused. My tongue snaked out between my lips and curved to trail over his skin. The taste of him sent a fire of arousal straight to my loins.
“You make me burn, Abel.”

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/_3weBm6bEII-oy6s48uthYq3GVavbD4tt7NyL3GLunEVHZ20VJ4pouUYyRhudU2WmcN9wf27_dLoo2XNdfdMtfv92Rpcfs13ACtsWHq4vgYVbxowc_wPzGj9uUA9YiRkUIMohspsπŸ’  ABOUT THE AUTHOR https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/TbPMkU4hSRYQ9_e_dE746o1hJUn3ycgJldP5uZlN3TdjRyZU6bzcGOmgj-SA8DDrj2RiRSsRu_aC4e0Z2hvsKNsQZwaeBf1qDO-60h5PzazL3WP2AzuT8bWjAodB6iGdjikMkrymπŸ’ 

Sai Marie is an author, creative writer, and concept creator. She resides in the Great Pacific Northwest where she enjoys the flora, fauna, action and adventure that bred the Pioneer Spirit. With a heart for advocacy, animals, the environment, and great imagination she is sure to capture your attention with something for everyone.

https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/xB68sUCktEwQL_STtj_K0tpLj8PJIKPYFXNWREECRYhxe9nyKOIpDPCsznjVF6cXNauKV4jhM31o28gD9t2Da3QuYdPpn66JE3yo-cI_TXrbxfzJxfsNba2hGJJWFuYjTgW45hyjπŸ”€Want Author Sai Marie’s autograph? https://lh6.googleusercontent.com/NP0ea-gf9UoymuVgAskmH5aCHvfbdaooyRl0SyV8g-moLPQKkaySlrn71SjmuuBZKSpkQapIEqB-skn2zJyZb7NSI6Gi73MAn0Ybt2IQ22UkQ8sJ7RXYCDNd_meSAspo2tjrOUzt
Check out her Author page on Authorgraph.com:

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