Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hell Bound by Nicole J Merchant

Book One of The Guardians Eyes
Science Fiction & Fantasy

It started out like any other day for Lex—boring school work, nasty bullies, and a life with no adventure. But, when her Guardian summons her and her sister, Brie, to Earthchild Academy, Lex’s life is about to change. Not only does their Guardian reveal a secret she’s been hiding for over a century, she tasks them with an assignment, that if they fail, could have devastating consequences to all the realms.
After using her Guardians Eye for the first time—an amulet that lets mortals travel to the other realms—Lex stands in the Underworld, not sure if she and her sister are ready for this assignment. What can two eighteen-year-old girls do, that the Guardians cannot? And why the hell was she so excited before?
Then he walks up. Tall, dark, mysterious, and an asshole. But there is something about him that calls to her, pulls her in deep, and hooks her into his claws. Lex has never felt this before and doesn’t think she wants to. Especially, not with him. But the longer she is around him, the more her feelings grow.
How can she complete this impossible mission, and keep her drooling to a minimum? Her life just became a complicated mess, and the only thing she can think…
Be careful what you wish for. 

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Editorial Reviews


"If you love Greek Mythology, and fascinating characters, this book is for you!!! Action packed, every chapter leaves you ready for more!!! I can't wait to read the rest of the series. Merchant is a fun, compelling writer;every character with their own flaws and strengths- she has changed the way I read fiction." - Kimberly K. Villemaire

"All I can say is WOW! I loved every moment of this book. Nicole Merchant did an amazing job describing every scene, creature, character you can imagine. Her writing is so detailed that you can picture yourself in the book.If you are into mythology, magic and love, this book is for you. In this amazing story you will meet Lex, Brie, and Zagreus who go on a journey in the Underworld trying to save realms from closing. In their journey they get to meet creatures of the Underworld which provides them with obstacles towards their task. I am looking forward to reading more books by Nicole J Merchant." - Amazon Customer

"This novel was amazing, and I eagerly wait to see what Miss Merchant has in store for Brie and Lex in book two!" Kayla Krantz, Author of The Council

About Nicole:
Nicole was born in Vancouver, Washington, and is the mother of three amazing boys, and married to the love of her life. She has enjoyed writing since she was young, dabbling with poems and other short pieces for many years of her life. 
Inspiration for her first novel hit her when a couple of her close friends suggested she take her writing further. She started her first full-length novel after that.
Nicole lets her imagination run wild, and her characters run the show.
She has never grown out of believing in fairy tales or happily ever afters, and to this day, hopes to meet a fairy one day—if not that, at least a vampire. She believes that all dreams can come true. If you believe hard enough, nothing is impossible. Dreams are just realities not yet started, and with hard work, passion, and a never give up attitude, anything is possible.

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 Wonderfully descriptive

Fascinating Characters

Page Turning Adventure

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