Thursday, October 19, 2017

Precious Jade by Lilly Black

Book 3 in Lilly Black's Jaded Series

The third installment of Lilly Black's Jaded Series picks up where the second left off as Cain and Evan (female) struggle to disprove the life-changing claims his mother made on Christmas Eve. Their search takes them to New Orleans where Evan sees her own mother for the first time in six years, and she doesn't come alone, leaving Cain face to face with the man who abused Evan from the time she was twelve, paving the way for a showdown that was always meant to be. 

When Cain returns to San Diego to find his life completely turned upside down, he leaves it behind, taking a job offer he never thought he'd take, and Evan could not be more excited to follow him. Their world becomes a dizzying haze of sex, lies, and alcohol until an unexpected event brings it all to a screeching halt.

Amid scorching sex scenes as Cain and Evan push each other's sexual boundaries, Precious Jade takes the reader into Evan's pasts as she tries to overcome her step father's abuse in order to build a future with Cain without letting it destroy her, and the incident in his past that left Cain so possessive and untrusting is revealed, changing the game by devastating a major player. By the end of the book, you won't know who to hate...except for the killer, whose shadow falls upon Cain and Evan no matter where they run. 

Though bondage is a part of their sex lives, it does not define the characters or Lilly Black's books, less than half of the sex scenes containing BDSM, and even those scenes are sensual, making their story appealing to readers who may not be inclined to seek out erotica focused mainly on BDSM. This series is more than erotica, containing a well-woven plot, and as we learned in the first two books in this series, things are never as they seem. Precious Jade is no exception, taking the reader on a fast-paced ride full of unexpected twists and turns that ends with another of Lilly Black's shocking cliffhangers that will leave you anxiously awaiting the release of the fourth and final book.

Erotic, Sensual, and Mind-Blowing

Precious Jade is available on Amazon
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About Lilly:
From San Diego, Lilly Black moved to the southeastern U.S. with her husband of 20 years without whom, this series would not be possible.


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