Friday, March 23, 2018

✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ Prey by Liz Meldon

The Hunt Book 2
by Liz Meldon


Moira Aurelia has put her faith in a demon. She offered her hand and he took it. Partners. Just like that. Black eyes and sinful smiles, she trusts an incubus to lead her into the abyss if it means she'll finally find her dad on the other side. Her real dad. The creature who cursed her.

Or blessed her. Because from the way Severus--snarky, seductive Severus--watches her, touches her, ravishes her, Moira can't decide if this new body is a curse, or if she's finally growing into the woman she was always meant to be.


Unable to fathom how this woman, this ethereal creature, has so much raw power over his inner demon, Severus tries to keep her at an arm's length while he helps her hunt down her father--but he can only abstain for so long.

Moira is the sweetest hell he's ever tasted, a woman who squares off with his truest self and doesn't even flinch. When he's with her, the loneliness disappears, the bitter ache in his heart--mended. How can he resist such a divine temptation?

Meanwhile, the Farrow's Hollow demon community is positively aquiver when news of Moira's heritage leaks--and suddenly Severus isn't the only demon in town who must have her.

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Momma Says: 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Fan yourself sexy and heart-racing action. Absolutely unputdownable. I thought I'd seen it all in the world of paranormal romance, but Liz Meldon has proven me wrong with The Hunt series. This refreshingly original take on the world of angels and demons makes for a gripping story and this second book in the series is packed full of surprises as Moira's true self begins to show and Severus finds her impossible to resist. In addition to the many revelations about Moira, we also learn more about several other players in this game as Moira realizes that things aren't always what they seem and allies can come from unlikely places. With some fascinating characters on both sides and an ever-building tension leading to a hold your breath conclusion, Prey is a great addition to the series. The author does give us a small break with the conclusion of this one in that it's more open-ended than earth shattering cliffy, but it certainly left this reader chomping at the bit for more. I can't wait to see what's next in this world of angels, demons, magic, and mayhem. 


PREY is the second novel in THE HUNT, a paranormal romance serial. It has a rating of EXPLICIT for coarse language, graphic sexual content, and graphic violence. The Hunt is considered a continuous story containing one novella and three novels, and should be read in order:

PREY (#2)

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