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✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ Do This For Me by Eliza Kennedy

Do This For Me
by Eliza Kennedy 

A high-powered attorney dives into the politics of sex, the perils of desire, and why men and women treat each other the way they do. 

Raney Moore has it all figured out. An ambitious young partner at a prestigious Manhattan law firm, she’s got a dream job, a loving (and famous) husband, and amazing twin daughters. Her world is full, busy, perfectly scripted. Or so she thinks.

One sunny fall day, a bombshell phone call throws Raney’s well-ordered existence into chaos, and in a fit of rage, she diabolically, hilariously burns everything down. Once the flames subside, she finds herself asking some difficult questions: Who am I? What just happened? Am I ever going to find my way back to normal?  Assisted by enterprising paralegals, flirtatious clientele, one dear friend and an unforgettable therapist, Raney thinks the answers are close at hand, only to find life spiraling utterly out of control.

Uproarious, incisive and poignant, Do This For Me introduces a brilliant, off-kilter heroine on a quest to understand sex, fight workplace inequality, and solve the mystery of herself.

❃❃ Do This For Me releases May 15th ❃❃

Momma Says: 3 stars ⭐⭐⭐

The story line for Do This For Me started off  quite good. Raney finds out that her husband is cheating and sets a course for revenge by hitting him where it hurts - his professional life. The way she went about it and the people she involved in that revenge was on the unbelievable side, but it did make for some amusing reading and at that point, I considered her very much the heroine and was fully in her corner. However, I found myself slipping further and further away from that corner as the story progressed. Raney slips way past the line of figuring out the whys of it all while I can appreciate the just learn to live and enjoy life, she takes it to a level that I just couldn't get behind. 
The story moves at a fast pace and I enjoy the writing style - mostly. Several time throughout the story, it felt like I was reading a journal entry. Raney is a list maker, I get it. But the exact time she arrived at work, the many times she checked her email and deleted x amount, etc. became tedious and didn't add anything to the story for me. It came across as more telling than showing and really only served to pull me out of the story.
I did keep reading in hopes that Raney would learn something from her antics and find a happy medium, but in the end, I'm not sure she learned anything. There are some chuckle worthy moments and the story does get emotional, but once my opinion of Raney changed, I found her increasingly unlikable and less heroine-like as I continued to read. By the end of the book, I can't say that I particularly liked any of the characters and for me, the conclusion to this one was lackluster at best.
To sum it up, this one was easily a four-star read in the beginning, but by the end, I was somewhere around two. So, I split the difference with three.

❃❃ARC provided by NetGalley and Crown Publishing

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