Monday, May 21, 2018

✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ Fourth Package Stinks by Mary Abshire

Fourth Package Stinks
Warren Antiques Vol. 4 
by Mary Abshire 

Some things shouldn’t be touched.

In the short time Daisy has managed Warren Antiques, she’s learned not to mess around with the rare artifacts secretly passing through the shop. But accidents happen.

Daisy and her sister, Danica, have been at odds with each other for many years. Since Daisy inherited the family trade, Danica has been looking for ways to prove she will ruin the business. To avoid a fight that could lead to revealing the truth behind the business, Daisy tries to stay away from Danica. But when Daisy learns Danica might be infected with a lethal poison from a special package delivered to the warehouse, Daisy must rush to find her sister. Lives are at stake as Danica can spread the deadly toxin. Without a cure, Daisy fears she will lose another member of her family.

❃❃Fourth Package releases May 22nd❃❃

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

The quirky characters of Warren Antiques are back and Daisy finds herself right in the thick of another harrowing race to save someone close to her. Our heroine is a bit different than the typical in that she tends to bumble her way through in both her personal and professional life. When those lines cross and one of the mysterious antiques reeks havoc on those close to her, she enlists the help of Tristan and Cade - who really don't get along with each other. I love that even in the midst of mystery and danger, we get Daisy's scatterbrained, snarky self to keep things on the lighter side. 
In this fourth book in the series, the danger lands on Daisy's sister, Danica, who has been a source of contention from the start. When she finds her sister in danger - both from a deadly poison and those sent to solve the problem - Daisy's strength shines and she proves she'll do what's necessary to save the people she cares about. 
We also get some romance as Daisy tries to figure out her relationship with Cade, who may or may not be a good guy. He does come to her aid and occasionally even says the right thing, but neither of them can seem to decide if they're a couple or not. Which brings us to Tristan and Daisy's attraction to him, thus triggering jealousy from Cade. Tristan's past has been revealed, so we know his origins if not his whole story, but he has been somewhat elusive about his feelings even as he always manages to be there when Daisy needs him. The back and forth between all three does create a little bit of a love triangle and it is certainly interesting, especially as you can't help but hope for whichever side you're one - Team Tristan or Team Cade. 
There is danger and the lines of right and wrong do get blurred, and while there is romance, it's completely clean. I would easily recommend this series to teens and young adults who enjoy some snarky fun, a bit of danger, and a lot of the paranormal.

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