Friday, May 25, 2018

✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ New Release: Stalker by Liz Meldon

The Hunt: Book Three
by Liz Meldon


After her first real lesson in demonic cruelty, Moira Aurelia needs answers--and Severus craves revenge.

The only creature who can give them both is Diriel, who, having failed his mission, has fled back to Hell until the heat dies down.

Battered but not broken, Moira is ready to charge into the pit, fears be damned, because she trusts the incubus by her side--trusts him, cares for him, maybe even loves him. Severus, however, can't stand the thought of leading his little hybrid into the abyss. Because in Hell, there isn't just fire and brimstone and tortured human souls awaiting them, but his family, too.

And for Severus, there is no greater hell than family.

Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

'To Hell and back again.' That one line perfectly sums up this third addition to The Hunt series. Their search for answers, and maybe even a bit of justice, takes Moira and Severus to the depths of Hell, both literally and figuratively. 
We see a bit of soul searching as this pair get to each other better and start to examine their feelings beyond the physical attraction. Of course, there's plenty of the physical too, and I was impressed with the depth of feeling in those scenes. More than just steamy, they're positively sensual. 
While the story is high on introspection, that doesn't slow down the pace and the action keeps coming. The hunt for Diriel leads to the one place Severus doesn't want to go - Home With that comes some backstory for the sexy incubus, which explains so many things about him. 
I can't talk about Stalker without commenting on Liz Meldon's Hell. It's not the fire and brimstone place we all think of. Like so many other things about this series, it's wonderfully descriptive and completely original. From the rain to the suburbs - yes, suburbs, it's brilliantly done and written so well that I could see it. We also get some new characters to enjoy and hope to see more of. Malachi! I absolutely love Malachi. I'm still not sure which side he's on, but he's a terrific addition to this story.
To sum it up, Liz Meldon has outdone herself with this one and this series just keeps getting better and better. I would advise heeding the series note. This is a continuing story and should be read in order to fully enjoy these wonderful characters and their world and true to form, the author gives us a heart-stopping, oh no, she didn't just do that, cliffy to ponder while waiting for the conclusion. 

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