Saturday, June 30, 2018

✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ Brutal Love & Stanley Cups by Heather C. Myers

Brutal Love & Stanley Cups: A Slapshot Novel 
Slapshot Series Book 7
by Heather C. Myers 

Passion, regret, and destroying sofas all in the name of love.

Private Investigator for the Newport Seagulls Clara Bell wants nothing to do with playoff hockey. She wants nothing to do with the speed of the game. She wants nothing to do with the fights. And she especially wants nothing to do with the players.

When her boyfriend and diehard Newport Beach Seagulls fan takes Clara to the first game in the Stanley Cup Finals series, she is confronted with the fact that she never got closure with Dean. After a brief argument afterward, Bill drives off, leaving Clara stranded with no ride. Until Dean offers her his services and, against her better judgment, she finds herself accepting.

This is a bad idea. She has a boyfriend. She wants nothing to do with Dean. But one touch, and all the memories she kept buried underneath come flooding back to her, and she can’t deny there’s still something she feels for him.

Gritty defenseman Dean Morgan may have women in his bed and hockey on his mind, but there’s only one woman who’s ever managed to penetrate his heart: Clara Bell. When he finds her stranded in the parking lot after one of his games, he uses it as an opportunity to rekindle their friendship and talk trash on her boyfriend.

There’s still something there, at least for him, and he wants to go for it - especially since he was the rea
son they broke up those years ago. The problem? She has a boyfriend, he’s playing the Stanley Cup Finals, and he’s got a bad boy reputation to uphold.

Clara and Dean must decide whether a second chance at love is really worth all of the risk and sacrifice that will inevitably come with being together once again.

Brutal Love & Stanley Cups is the final book in The Slapshot Series! You won’t want to miss this steamy, heart-quenching new adult sports romance. Scroll up and 1-click today!

Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Once again, Heather Myers has given us an entertaining, sexy read in the Slapshot series. Dean and Clara's second chance story is witty and engaging, and these two are just so cute together. Our bit of drama comes by way of one of those characters that is everything we love to hate and he adds just the right amount of angst to keep things rolling in the right direction. For the hockey fans, there's plenty of game play in this one with the Gulls moving forward in their quest for the Stanley Cup, including bad boy Negan and the penalty box. Technically, the book can be read as a standalone, but we do get some peeks at past favorites in the series, so I would suggest checking it out from the beginning to get the full story on all the wonderful characters. This whole series has been full of tough guys on the ice and the women they can't get enough of, and Dean and Clara fit in perfectly. 

Check out the Slapshot Series from the beginning!

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