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Friends & Lovers Tour and Giveaway

Collecting Secrets
Friends & Lovers Book 1
by PE Kavanagh
Genre: Contemporary Romance

A grieving heiress.

A celebrity psychologist.
A decade of friendship.

When Camille first met Jackson she was too young. 
Too innocent. 
Too traumatized.

Friendship was less than what she wanted, but all she could handle.

Ten years later and she’s a different woman. Strong, successful, brave. 

At exactly the wrong moment, one bold move threatens everything.
The safe harbor of Jackson’s family.
The unconditional commitment of his friendship.
The collection of secrets she never knew existed,

Claims and confessions come hard and fast as Jackson and Camille navigate all that has never been said. 

Each step they take, closer to the truth and each other, demands another layer of secrets must fall.

Collecting Secrets is a steamy standalone contemporary romance with no cliffhanger. You will meet characters who will reappear throughout the series.

When she exited the bathroom, she was hoping that he would notice, but his eyes were closed. As she waited for him, the plan began to sound more and more ludicrous. Maybe this was a huge mistake. Maybe he was right about them not consummating their relationship just yet. Maybe she was making a huge fool of herself.
Just as the idea to duck back into the bathroom and change crossed her mind, his eyes fluttered open.
He blinked as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He sat up in bed, face frozen.
Her sheer negligee, in the lightest pink, hadn’t been a bad idea, after all. She walked slowly toward him, watching his eyes scan her breasts, the curve of her stomach, the line of her legs, and the small line of hair on her mound. She was clothed, but nothing was actually concealed from view.
“Cam… for me?” She picked up how hard it was for him to form a thought, much less an intelligible sentence.
She knelt astride him and took his face in her hands. “Yes. All for you.”
He kissed her so softly, she wondered if he thought she would break. When she offered him her tongue, the energy of his body shifted from shock to hunger. Any tentativeness disappeared.
“You really did this for me?”
“Who else would I do this for? I’m yours. Completely.” She knew he was waiting for her to say that, to feel that. There was no question in her mind that becoming her best friend’s lover was the right decision.
He slid his hands up the sides of her waist and under her breasts, which were already aching for him. The pull from his mouth and the twist of his fingers created a jolt through her body. She ground herself into him while he nuzzled her breasts. His hands wrapped around to grip her bottom and she rocked forward to press herself farther into him.
“This is so beautiful,” he said, fingering the delicate fabric, “but I don’t want anything between us.”

Coming Home
Friends & Lovers Book 2

For Ramona Barrett, a lot has happened in fifteen years.

Her maniacal grandfather finally died.
Her father sobered up and got his life in order.
She built an enviable life based on righting her family’s wrongs.
And the chubby, awkward boy who used to be her best friend is now a man she hardly recognizes. 

Lucas Winston recovered from his law-school fiasco and is now the hottest chef in DC. The elite clamor for a seat in his restaurant, the power-hungry vie for connections to his powerful family, and an old friend demands a forgotten promise be honored. Everyone wants a piece of him.

Except Ramona. She can’t see that he’s never stopped loving her. That they are meant to be together. Even if he is about to marry someone else.

If you’re looking for smart, sexy characters in a layered, emotionally-gripping story, Coming Home will take you there. 

This steamy, standalone contemporary romance has no cliffhanger, but includes characters you will meet throughout the series.

Lucas pulled a towel from a hook and turned around to wipe along the edge of the cooktop. His broad shoulders shimmied as he worked a particular spot, sandy brown curls grazing the top of his white chef’s jacket.
Ramona sucked in a breath, trying not to ogle the remarkable sight. He definitely didn’t look like he’d been partaking of his rich, restaurant food. All the chubby softness of his youth had transformed into a rock solid wall of a man.
He turned just as her gaze hovered around his bottom. Her eyes didn’t move nearly fast enough to play it off. It was impossible to know if he knew that she was staring. And what she was staring at.
He shook the towel out. “What’s up, Mo?”
Something in the sweetness of his voice switched on a memory of a life she had all but tucked away. “It feels like no time has passed. Like we’re kids again.”
His smile broadened. “Except that instead of being noon, it’s midnight.”
“And we’re in your phenomenal restaurant, instead of my mom’s kitchen.”
He looked down and swiped a crumb from the counter. “And I’ve learned how to clean up after myself.”
“Looks like you’ve learned a lot of things. Including how to grow facial hair.” And a super hot bod.
He stroked his close cropped goatee. “Yeah, I’ve had that one down for some time now. Speaking of growing things, I see all those prayers for boobs finally paid off.”

I believe that everything we experience exists as a story within us. 

My journey as a writer includes the award-winning poem I penned at the ripe old age of seven, decades of hiding and doubt, and then finally… finally!... realizing that art needs to be shared. Storytelling is part of my heritage, even though I denied it for so long. The stories I created - true and imaginary - have saved me numerous times.

My characters come to me, like old friends excited to tell me what's new. 
They represent the world I see and the world I want to see.

More than anything, I care about recovery from life’s setbacks… getting back on your feet after life has brought you to your knees… and my characters fight the hard fight for the lives they know are waiting for them.

I’ve drawn my inspiration from the many flavors of my life experience. Once a sad, shy girl, I’ve also been an MIT-trained engineer, biotech executive, professional dancer, yoga teacher and business owner, school founder, spiritual counselor, entrepreneur, and author. 

And I own a magic wand that I’m certain will work one day.

When I’m not typing, furiously trying to capture the stories that pour from me, you can find me loving my people to excess, globe-trotting to the next great adventure, and sporting bright red lips as a tango diva. And of course on my digital homes: pekavanagh.com and boldsoulcoaching.com.

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