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Blog Tour: It’s Complicated by Lavinia Urban


It’s Complicated
Dating Game Series Book 2a & 2b
Lavinia Urban


At the end of The Dating Game, you were given a choice.
Who should Rita choose?
Caleb or Owen?
Follow Rita on her journey through both of these full length novels.
But remember... everything happens for a reason. What's meant to be will be. ;)

After I kissed them both they stood there smiling at me. Seriously. They had grins like a frigging Cheshire cat and both said the same.
“Choose me.”
It was only the sound of my doorbell chiming and someone banging on my front door that ripped me from both my dream and decision.
Opening my eyes, I peeked at my alarm clock and it was a little before nine in the morning.
Who the hell goes to see someone this early on New Year’s Day? I had a good mind to open my bedroom window and hurl abuse.
I would have done but when I peeked through my blinds I saw my mum, and she saw me.
She waved before pointing to the front door.
“Ugh.” I grunted as I grabbed my fleecy dressing gown and heavy footed it downstairs.
Unlocking the door, I didn't bother opening it, I headed to the kitchen as my mum walked in like Little Miss Sunshine on acid.
“Happy New Year,” she sang loudly, closing the door behind her and following me into the kitchen where she hugged me from behind as I switched the kettle on.
All I could do was grunt. My vocabulary refused to work without coffee and if it did it would be to utter abuse.
“I thought I would be the first footing in of the new year,” she announced but I knew that was bull. My brother had obviously told her about last night and she had come for a girly chat.
Still I said nothing. I probably looked like shit and I admit I felt like it and as for my breath... there must be someone who sneaks into my house whilst I sleep and shoves dog crap in my mouth.
As I started pouring out two mugs of coffee my mum got the milk.
Once they were made, I didn't bother giving my mum hers, I picked up my cup and started drinking. I didn't care that it was hot. It was the way I liked it. Plus, if my mum was here for a 'chat' then I needed to be a bit coherent.
Half way through the first cup I was ready to start but I wasn't going straight for the jugular.
“Where's dad?”
“He's at home,” my mum moved to sit at the kitchen table with her coffee and I moved to sit opposite her. I would have suggested we go into the living room but I knew I would need another cup of coffee in a few minutes.
“I take it you are here because Harry told you about last night,” I stated, raising an eyebrow as I finished my coffee and got up to make another.
“He may have said something.”
“Twat,” I cursed.
“Language,” my mum tutted.
Hey she is the one who chose to come round here and wake me up.
“So…” She dragged out. “What are you going to do?”
Shrugging, I busied myself making another coffee before finally moving back to the table. “Caleb. Owen. Both. None. I don’t know,” and that was the honest truth. Every time I had thought about one the other popped into my head.

Also available in the series:

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One girl
Two men
And a whole lot of funny.
Who will Rita pick... you decide.

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Follow Sam on his journey and see who finally brings him to his knees.

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