Wednesday, July 4, 2018

✱✱ Book Review ✱✱ Alpha at Home by DJ Bryce

Alpha at Home 
Brothers of the Heart Book 1
by DJ Bryce 

Maximus has always known two things: He was destined to be the Bravo of his Pack and he's in love with Gillian Matthews. The problem is, Gillian was raised knowing she was destined to be mated to the Alpha, who is Maximus's best friend. 

Although they've kept each other at arms length, you can't escape fate. When it becomes clear that Gilly is Max's mate, and not Mateo's, they will all have to come to terms with the way this will impact, not just their lives, but the pack's future. 

Alpha at Home is the first in an all new series about men who may not be brothers by blood, but are brothers of the heart. And the realization that, regardless of how the Matthews siblings have been raised, sometimes you have to follow your heart, even if it's leading you down the hardest path.

Momma Says: 3 stars⭐⭐⭐

I finished this one with mixed feelings. It's a quick read, coming in at less than two hours read time, so it's easily read in one sitting. It's fast-paced and and introduces the key players for the series without a lot of info dumps, which is something I always appreciate. While I'm not a big fan of instalove, it somehow works for shifter romances with fated mates. We have that with Max and Gilly, but once they touch, things move fast even for a fated mates story. They go from a touch, to a passionate kiss, to sealing the deal and exchanging vows of love in a handful of pages. Even so, the characters are likable enough, but I would've liked a bit more depth on their romance. That part moves so quickly that a lot of the book was more about pack business than a love story. Granted, some of that business include clearing up some intentional misconceptions so Max and Gilly can announce that they're mates. We do have an interesting underlying story and some strong hints at future couples for the series. So, while we do get a somewhat satisfactory conclusion for out couple, the other parts of the story remain unresolved. In the end, the story is enjoyable, but I would've liked more development.

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