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Hard Harvest Tour and Giveaway

Hard Harvest

A County Fair Romance #5
by J. Haney & S.I. Hayes
Genre: Contemporary Romance

It’s Harvest time!

With six babies, a senior in High School and another pregnancy for the Blackthorne/Hopkins Clan, it should be enough.
Now there are business expansions, wedding plans, and Justin and Fallon must learn the roles of their new lives. When you tie all that into one. This group is in for on hell of a Fall.
*Erotic Elements
**Homosexual Themes participating

**Only .99 cents!**


Work. That’s what today has been. Rose just did not want to stay in her clothes. Every time Eden or I went in to check on them, she had wiggled and wrangled her onesie up over her head or pulled her arms out of the damn thing. Finally, I just said screw it and put her in the bouncer in just her diaper. Now she’s a happy little munchkin. AJ is back to throwing balls and nailed his Uncle Nick right in the nuts. Floored him completely. I think he’s gonna be a pitcher. Oddly, it also appears the kid’s a southpaw.
The babies are all fed and back in their activity centers while AJ and I watch Voltron on Netflix. I swear the remake is not what it used to be, but the kid seems to be into it. I’m just starting to nod off when I hear the front door.
“Where is everybody?” Fallon hollers and AJ is on the move, pulling from me and staring at the floor like a puppy stuck on the couch.
“Momma!” he screams and I ring out my ear as I pick him up just as  Fallon comes into the room.
She sits down next to me and I let the screamer go tottering over to her. “Has Daddy been mean to you?”
“No, though Uncle Nick is nursing a pair of black and blue balls.” I smile.
“Nick - boom!” A.J. chuckles as I shake my head.
“Do I wanna know?”
“Someone has a mean fastball,” I say, tickling the boy.
“You know he only throws balls when I’m not here.”
“Not true, he throws them all the time, I know enough to get the hell out of the way!”
“He doesn’t throw them when I’m with him.”
“That’s because he already knows it’s not nice to hit girls.”
“If you say so. I think it’s you all.”
“Could be. So how did it go? Was it worth the trip?”
She bites her lip and stares at the ceiling. “Don’t look at the bank account for a while.”
“Wait. Are you saying you already bought it?”
She’s looking around like she’s looking for someone to blame. “Maybe.”
“So much for not expanding.” I snicker.
“AJ, tell Daddy to be quiet. He has work to do.”
“Do I now?”
“Well, of course, we want it to look the same, so you need to make all the tables and chairs.”
“So, it’s like that? I see. Put the man to work. Is this to be my new life? Taking care of our kids, building furniture, and making wine?” I pull her and AJ close.
“I suppose so.”
“Huh, should probably change my name to something more Italian, to go with my new occupations. More like Vinny or Tony. Those are good, little old Italian man names. I should go out to the garden and tend the tomatoes.”
She waves me off. “Have a good one.”
“I should very much like to, just let me put the boy to bed,” I whisper.
“I doubt he’s going to sleep anytime soon.”
“I wouldn’t be so sure, he skipped his after-lunch nap. Preferred to watch the boob tube.””
“Why is he watching tits?”
“My God, woman! It’s an expression. We watched Dragon Tales and Voltron.”
“You’re the one who just said boobs.”
“The only boobs he watches are yours and Eden’s.”
“Uh-huh, just wait and see. Eventually, he’ll tell on you.”
“Tell on me? Nah, this is my little man. Right?’” I hold up my hand and he high fives me like we’ve been practicing.
“You sure about that?” Fallon crooks a brow at me.
“Well, I mean there’s no way to be sure about anything in life, we just have to trust in God and our bond.” I backpedal quickly, to save my own ass.
Just as she is about to open her mouth to take another jab at me, Pete storms through, slamming the front door.
“Pete? What’s wrong?” Fallon asks.
The kid ignores her and heads for the kitchen. Fallon follows, AJ in tow an I’m not far behind. Pete’s in the fridge taking a long hard drink from a bottle of water.
“You not gonna answer?” she asks again.
Pete stares her down like never before. “I don’t want to get into it,” he says poignantly.
“I don’t care.” She crosses her arms as AJ holds on to her thigh.
Pete tries to go around the island to deflect her, but being the dutiful man that I am, I block him.
“Ugh! Why can’t you people stay out of it? This is all your fucking fault!” he shouts.
“Whoa, easy kiddo.” I put up my hands defensively.
“I’m not your kid, Justin. Just leave me the hell alone!” He tries to push by me, but  I grab him as Fallon looks at him with concern.
“Boy, it’s about time you chill and treat us with a little more respect.”
“Respect?” He grunts against my hold. “Like you respected me when I asked you to say out of the shit at school? They suspended half the dance team! Now they are talking about firing Vice Principal Piccolo, thanks to you! Marcus won’t talk to me anymore and they are trying to take me off the video game project! That was my in for college! What the fuck am I supposed to do now? Rot here with you and a bunch of screaming babies?” He collapses into a heap in my arms, sobbing and snarling. I loosen my grip and he hits his knees in a pitiful display.
Hearing the commotion, Nick comes downstairs followed by Blaine. “What’s going on?” he asks as Blaine watches from behind him.
I look at them, not sure what to say as Pete pulls his knees up to his chest.
“Blaine, can you take AJ?” Fallon asks calmly. Blaine nods, mumbling compliance as he comes into the kitchen and picks up the little man. “We need to take him out back.” Fallon looks back to Pete and me.
Pete’s head shoots up. “I’m not going anywhere with you!” He’s up and moving before I can grab him again. Nick, however, does not disappoint, grabbing Pete by the arms and holding him tightly.
“Get the fuck off me!” he growls, struggling, his feet kicking at the air as Nick carries his ass out the back door.

Chapter- Fallon

We park in front of the house and I look over at Justin. “You ready for this?”
He looks in the backseat at three sleeping babies. “If only they’ll stay that way.”
“You know we need a nickname to call your mini.”
“Because someone is going to say Justin and right now, you’ll think they’re talking to you, but later on, both of you are going to think someone wants you.”
“We can just call him Jr. because if you call him Tin-Tin, I’ll go through the roof. My mother used to call me that. UGH, I’m not a dog.”
“I wouldn’t let you call one of the boys Dicky. What makes you think I would call him Tin-Tin?”
“Cause it's cute and annoying.”
“Not happening.”
“I don’t know. Blaine calls me Just, so that won’t work. If you call Jay, it’s too much like AJ’s name.”
“This house just got even crazier. I guess we wait and see what he gives us later on.”
“Alright.” He looks me up and down. “You ready?” he asks with a cocky grin.
“You get the two chunks.”
“Do you need a kiss for courage?”
“More like a drink to survive the night.”
We get out of the car and Justin unhooks his mini, handing him to me, then does the same with Jayce so he can get Rose. Once he gets the doors shut, he takes Jayce from me and we head inside. I come through the door and stop, looking around. Blaine is picking up balls from everywhere and Jill is mopping the kitchen. Then I notice Mitchell is in the ball pit with AJ and what looks like a fork. I look over my shoulder at Justin and of course, he’s laughing his ass off.
“Ah man,” Mitchell shouts.
“We’re home.”
Blaine looks up with his hands in the air. “I’ve not had this many balls flying at my face since PRIDE day.”
I cover up my laugh and carry little Justin on into the house while big Justin follows me with Jayce and Rose. “Do I want to know what happened to my house?”
Jill looks up from her mopping. “Ask the child.”
“Was he really that bad?” I look at AJ in what’s left of the ball pit. “Is he naked?” I ask, setting Justin’s carrier on the dining table.
I climb down into the play area and pull AJ out of the ball pit. “Alexander James, you should be ashamed of yourself. Mitchell, get out of there.  Blaine, put those balls down. If he threw them, he can pick them up.” As I carry AJ to the nursery, I look at Justin. “I need laundry baskets.”
I get a diaper on AJ and take him back out to the front room. I place him on his feet and he grasps one of my fingers in his hand. “Pick up the balls and put them in the basket.”
“No,” AJ says sternly.
“Alexander James, if you tell me no one more time, you will sit and do nothing. Pick up the balls now.”
AJ looks over at Justin for help. “You did this to yourself, bub.”
AJ looks back up at me. “NO,” he shouts.
“Blaine, I need the chair.” Blaine goes to the nursery and brings the chair back to me, setting it on the floor. I sit down on the floor beside AJ and place him on the seat. “Don’t move, you’ve got thirty seconds.” He looks at me with those brows pulled together as I count to thirty so he can hear me.
AJ goes to get off the chair when I say fifteen and I sit him back down, telling him to stay until I say thirty. Once again, he looks at Justin for help. When I say thirty, I pull myself off the floor and hold out my hand. “Now, you will pick up the balls?” AJ takes my hand and starts picking up the balls and placing them in the baskets.

Freedom Rings
A County Fair Romance #4

Momma Fal just popped!

When an early labor come with complications the Hopkins Clan must pull together to try and solve the problem. But what happens when the family you’ve come to rely on, must go on with their own lives?
Alone with babies and a recovering wife can Justin handle all that fatherhood has in store for him?
Can Fallon overcome the lingering effects of her delivery? This was supposed to be the happiest time of their lives, but when a curve ball comes this pair will always swing for the fences. Will it be a home run or a foul tip?

*Trigger Warning:
* *Erotic Elements
**Only .99 cents!**

Spring Fling
A County Fair Romance #3

Did someone say babies?
No one said pregnancy was easy, but for Fallon Hopkins it’s downright crazy!
Start with a broken and horny fiancé, sprinkle it with body issues and add dash of teen angst and you’re in for one hell of a Spring, and that’s just February!
With Nick and Blaine in the mix there are Gender reveal parties for her lament and baby showers to waddle through.
Follow the Hopkins Clan as they twist and turn through late night cravings and a little momma who just grows and grows!
*Erotic Elements
**Homosexual Themes

**Only .99 cents!**

Winter Kisses
A County Fair Romance #2

You can take the girl out of the country but can you take the country out of the girl?
In just four short months Justin Blackthorne has become a fixture in the Hopkins Kentucky household. With the holidays upon them he wants nothing more than to get Fallon away from everyone and spend New Year’s in NYC.
The family has other plans, he can take her, but the trip is going to be plus two! Nick and Peter her brothers have invited themselves along putting the kibosh on his romantic plans…
When word gets to Justin’s family he’s come home, all bets are off and he will have no choice but to take the whole motley crew to the house he’s spent years trying to forget.

*Trigger Warning:
* *Erotic Elements
**Only .99 cents!**

Stolen Moments
A County Fair Romance #1

Fallon Hopkins is a good country girl. She’s twenty-three, and spends her time taking care of her family, the Farm and going to the Local Farmer’s Markets to sell her sweet confections. This leaves little room for anything else. Her life is happy if not a little boring.

Justin Blackthorne is a New York City transplant, having come to Kentucky to dislodge the silver spoon from his foul mouth. He’s seems like a party boy, covered in tattoos, and piercings, with a life style to match.

Enter Joseph Hopkins Fallon’s meddling father, after meeting Justin he decides the boy may just be the thing to get his daughter out of the farm house and into the real world. Enlisting the aid of his youngest son Peter they force the pair to interact even after a disastrous first meeting.

The pair quickly find they have less to fight about and more to fight for. Can they conquer the bonds of family or will it all just be Stolen Moments?

*Trigger Warning: Violence
* *Erotic Elements

**Only .99 cents!**

J. Haney was born and raised in Kentucky, currently residing in Greenup County, Kentucky with her family, where she is the proud mamma to Jessalyn Kristine and co-owner to Proud Momma Designs, which she runs with her amazing Momma. J. Haney’s work tends to lean toward sweet and sexy, with suspenseful undertones giving her readers something to hold onto. It’s what she calls Real Life Romance.

S.I. Hayes was born and bred in New England, currently living in Ohio. Running around Connecticut, she used all of her family and friends as inspiration for her many novels. When not writing Paranormal Drama or Erotic Romance she can be found drawing one of many fabulous book covers or teasers, to see them check out her web site.

The pair met while working for a previous publisher and became fast friends, their split dynamics and views on life, family and love in general led to the idea of A County Fair Romance and A Sex, Drugs and Rock Romance adding to it Working Class Beauties and soon Kincaid Falls. Along with various Standalone novels. So, keep your eyes open and a fresh pair of panties close by, you know just in case.

Where to find J. Haney

Where to find S.I. Hayes

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