Thursday, March 7, 2019

✱✱Book Review✱✱ Ice Hot by Tracy Goodwin

Ice Hot
A New York Nighthawks Novel 
by Tracy Goodwin 

The Nighthawks are hockey’s new expansion team. They’re ice hot. And they’re all about the chase.
Christian: They call me a hockey god because I’m a beast on the ice . . . and off. Men want to be me and women just want me. But now that the New York Nighthawks expect me to lead their team to victory, it’s all work and no play. My eyes are on the prize. Until I meet Serena Ellis, a sexy, curvalicious blonde who doesn’t know me from jack. And just like that, I’m hooked.

Serena: I don’t do one-night stands—especially with celebrity jocks who date models. Lots of models. But the god of hockey is a temptation that’s hard for mere mortals to resist. And after the best kiss of my life, I’m ready to throw my one-night stand rule out the window. Except Christian Chase won’t let me. He doesn’t want a one-night stand. He wants it all.

Momma Says: 3 stars⭐⭐⭐

Ice Hot is a good start to a new hockey romance series. The first introduction to the team is a bit abrupt, but we do get to see more of those characters throughout the story, giving us a chance to get to know them. The focus here is Christian and his love interest, Serena. Both characters are likable, and they each come with their own set of personal issues that make them feel unworthy of the other. I loved Serena's sass, and she comes across as a strong, assertive woman from the start, which is another plus. However, the talk about her size, especially from her, quickly grew repetitive and tedious, even a bit whiny. That aside, I did like the interaction between Chris and Serena, and they have great chemistry. The story is a good mix of sweet, sexy, and angsty without going too far overboard on the angst. All in all, this first book in the series is a solid start, and there are plenty of interesting characters to keep it going for awhile. 

❃❃ARC provided by NetGalley and Loveswept

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