Friday, April 12, 2019

Because He's Perfect Anthology - Title Reveal Part One

Title Reveal
From six of the BHP authors and a word about their story.

Because He's Perfect is a charity anthology with all proceeds being donated to the Movember Foundation. Twenty-two authors ranging from first time writers to long-term storytellers, seek to dispel all the myths from the romance world about what a perfect hero should be.

Emotional or physical disabilities and illnesses are nothing to be ashamed of; in fact they can make a man. With the inclusion of a poignantly emotional foreword by NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann Ryan, this anthology will take you on a journey through comedic laughs, sweet contemporary romance, and into the world of darkness and bizarre.

Joining the authors on their quest are one graphic artist, two photographers, and two models donating their time and efforts to this project, which has inspired all involved.

We hope you will enjoy what you read, 'Because He's Perfect'.

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Anna Blakely
I have tied my anthology story to my R.I.S.C. Series. Each book in that series has “Risk” in the title. Because my hero’s diagnosis is so unexpected, I decided to name it “Unexpected Risk”.

Danielle Dickson
I decided to write about Narcolepsy. My hero is Jack. He’s spent his life being laughed at and teased for a condition he cannot control, so when he meets the alluring Felicity, he tries to hide a part of him she might just end up falling in love with...

Jo-Anne Joseph
I wanted to write about adult ADHD and its strain and impact. My title is inspired by a song by Lady Gaga that my husband and I love. As an advocate for mental health it only seemed fitting. These characters are flawed but perfectly imperfect.

Renee Harless
I wanted to write this story to help the readers not to view these so called flaws as a hindrance. These characters will show that perfection is in the eye of the beholder.

KA Sands
My title! Boy, that was a struggle! I don't know, it just kind of popped in the head when I was having a bath one night. (I get all my good ideas either ironing or in the tub). I hadn't even written the end on the manuscript, but the title did give me the perfect way to finish it.

Lexxie Couper
One of the symptoms of Parkinson's disease is the shakes, the trembles. In romance, the word 'tremble' is usually associated with a physical response to heightened desire. I wanted to play on the dual nature of the word, when one of the characters experiencing heightened desire can also be trembling for other reasons. That is why I chose it for my title.

More authors to follow next week…….


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