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✱✱Book Review✱✱ Stay With Me, Julia by Elle Linder

Stay With Me, Julia 
Faithful Falls Book 1
by Elle Linder 

It was only three months.

Her task is simple: run her aunt’s lakeside resort and return to her life in Los Angeles.

Easy. Or maybe not.

Julia is smart, sensible, and all business, until a sexy lumberjack turns up the heat and melts away her inhibitions.

Ruggedly handsome Luke —a former Marine and divorced father instantly catches Julia’s eye…if she’d only admit it. You see, Julia isn’t looking for love, or even a fling. She’s hell bent on returning to her business, and life, in L.A. But Luke has other plans.

Luke's determined to prove a life with him in Faithfull Falls is exactly what she needs. Can this mountain man give Julia enough of a reason to stay? Will the challenges of a blended family make her abandon it all and head back to Southern California?

You’ll love Stay With Me, Julia, the first book in the Faithful Falls series, an against-all-odds small town romance.

Momma Says: 3 stars⭐⭐⭐

Let me start by saying that this first book in the Faithful Falls series is very well written. I love small town romances with their quirky, fun characters and witty interactions. This one certainly has all of that, including the town gossip, the bartender, and of course, the town slut. Luke and Julia don't exactly get off on the right foot, but their chemistry is undeniable, so with some good timing and the right words, the romance gets underway. As part of a blended family, I feel like the author did a solid job of showing some of the problems that go along with it, along with the doubts, insecurities, and stress. That said, I felt like the push and pull between this couple went a little over the top. It seemed like a lot of the book was spent with Julia pulling away and Luke chasing. Now, there's nothing wrong with that except Julia seemed a little childish at times. I get the insecurities, but more than once, she pulls away when Luke needs her support the most. Yet, he's the one apologizing and asking for another chance. For me, it just felt like Luke spent more time chasing and proving himself to Julia than they spent building a relationship. That brings me to my own personal pet peeve - the intimate scenes. Every single scene with the exception of one was absolutely wonderful, couldn't be better, best of their life sex. Life is messy, which is shown in every other part of the story except that one, and given their issues, I find it hard to believe that both of them would be completely invested and experiencing out of this world ecstasy every single time. I'll add here that the one exception was one of my favorite parts of the book, and if you have young children, you'll completely empathize with that situation. In the end, I think I would've liked a little less of the same angst over and over, but there are some wonderful characters in the world of Faithful Falls, and with that in mind, I'll certainly check out whatever comes next for this series.

❃❃Reader Copy provided by the author

Luke Hamill 
Before Faithful Falls-A Short Story Prequel 
by Elle Linder

Semper Fi and honor above all else

Luke Hamill, staunch in his convictions, is a family man who will go to any length to preserve his marriage, even leave his beloved Marines. After his final tour of duty, his life is upended by the two people he trusted most. Now, a new course is set, one that takes him to Faithful Falls, Idaho. 

In this prequel to Stay With Me, Julia, discover what drove Luke to leave all that he knows, and discover Faithful Falls. Even though the road ahead is bumpy, it leads Luke to abundant love and a strong community beyond the horizon. Meet some friendly, unique locals and get comfy in the little tourist town, where those destined to together prove love is stronger than any obstacles life throws their way.

Momma Says: 4 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐

We meet Luke in Stay with Me, Julia, the first Faithful Falls book, and this quick read gives us his backstory, the catalyst for his move to Faithful Falls. Most of the information in this one is given throughout that first book, but we don't get the in the moment emotions there. We definitely get those here. Fair warning: this is not a happy story, and if you've already read Luke and Julia's romance, you'll know what to expect. The betrayal and heartache Luke has to deal with here show why he's so closed off about his personal life later. This one isn't exactly necessary to understand the events in the first book, but it is helpful insight into the character.

❃❃Reader Copy provided by the author

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