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Everything in Me Tour and Giveaway

Everything in Me
Everything and Always Book 2
by Mia Echo
Genre: Contemporary Romance

To say Harlow screwed up big time is an understatement. She had been young and scared, and she let that fear get the best of her. She left the man of her dreams, the only man to ever love so passionately, so desperately, the only man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with…all because she was afraid of her father’s reaction.

Max had been one of the guest speakers for Harlow’s studies, one of her teachers. She wasn’t supposed to fall in love with him, but who can argue when fate arises?
When she had to leave quickly, Harlow was so overcome by fear that she didn’t even take a minute to think about the consequences of her actions. Not only did she break her own heart by leaving, but also his. Could Max ever be able to forgive her for that?
When he shows up unexpectedly for the big family dinner one weekend, it looks like she might get her chance to find out. Letting go of the fear of her father’s reaction is easier said than done, but if it means having a second chance with Max then surely it would all be worth it, won’t it?
What will happen when the two most important men in Harlow’s life finally come face to face?
​But it’s not her father alone she has to worry about. Harlow has a secret. It’s a big secret, an important life-altering secret. If she thought Max wouldn’t forgive her before, now he’ll probably hate her for life. Even if Harlow explains, even if she apologizes, could it ever be enough?

Putting my key in the lock when I reach my apartment, I’m surprised to find the door is unlocked.  Did I forget to lock it behind me before I left for my appointment? Cautiously, I open the door little by little.  Peeking my head in  once the  opening is  wide  enough,  I  notice the lights are on in my tiny kitchen.  I know I turned those off before I left.   The open concept of my apartment allows me to see my living room next.   I jump when I see a person sitting on my couch, but quickly recover as I realize who it is.   Taking a deep breath, I clutch my chest before saying, “Fuck.  Dad, you’re gunna give me a heart attack.” Walking in, I toss my keys and purse on the counter, but I don’t set the ultrasound picture down.  I can’t quite let go of it yet.  Then I turn my attention to my father who is currently sitting like a statue.   He’s  quiet  for  a  long  minute.    Just  staring  at  me, searching my face.   Does he know?  How could he?  I haven’t told a soul, aside from my doctor and his staff.  I haven’t even told my sister yet. His  expression  seems  so  serious,  so  intense.    My earlier levity evaporates as he continues to stare at me. “Dad you’re scaring me.  What’s wrong?” Shaking  his  head,  he  laughs  humorlessly.    “What’s wrong?  You’re asking me, what’s wrong?” Confused, I look around the room as if the answer is written  somewhere  on  the  plain  blank  walls  of  my apartment.  Bringing my gaze back to his, I wait, hoping he’ll put me out of my misery and just tell me. 
When  I  don’t  respond  for  another  long  minute,  he sighs  heavily.    “A  father  knows  when  his  baby  girl  is hurting.”   Looking into his eyes, really looking for the first time, I can see the pain and worry there.  My misery is clearly causing him pain.   “You  haven’t  been  the  same  since  you  came  home.  It’s  like someone  stole  all  the  joy  from  your  eyes  and replaced it with a storm cloud so strong it’s pulling you down and I don’t know how to help you. I’d do anything for you baby girl. You just gotta let me in. I can’t help you if you don’t let me in.”  His voice cracks as he says the last sentence.   I can’t help the tears that pool in my eyes at the sound.  Closing my eyes, I let the tears fall.  I know I have to tell him what he doesn’t want to hear. I’m terrified of what he’ll say.  What he’ll do.  I can’t bear the thought of him being disappointed in me. The moment he sees my tears, he’s off of  the couch and rushing to my side.  Wrapping his arms tightly around me, he rocks me back and forth saying, “Shh, I’ve got you baby girl.  I’ve got you.”   The dam I had been doing such a good job of holding in place breaks as the comforting feeling of my father’s arms seeps into my cells.  “It hurts so much.”  I sob into his chest.   His arms tighten around me as my body shakes with each sob. Silently offering his support, he lets me cry until I have nothing left.   Several minutes later, I take a stuttering breath.  Lifting my head off of his tear-soaked chest, I sniff a couple of 
times  before  looking  up.    “You  may  wanna  sit  down, Daddy.”  I whisper before pulling away fully.   Running his thumbs gently under both eyes to clear my tears, my father nods.  He grabs for my hand to lead me into the living rooms but the ultrasound picture is in the way.  Lifting my hand so he can see what I have clutched so powerfully in my hand, his eyes harden and his jaw clenches as he sees what it is.   I wait as the anger flows through him. The muscles in his arms tighten and  I worry he’ll start yelling before  I can explain.  His chest starts to rise and fall faster as his breathing  accelerates.  “Who?”    He  demands  through clenched teeth.   “That’s not important.”  I say shaking my head. “The hell it’s not!”  He booms. “I broke his heart.”  Taking a deep breath it feels so much more real as I say the words out loud.  “I love him and I broke his heart.” My  father’s  eyes  soften  slightly  at  the  pain  in  my voice.  With the wounds open,  I  can’t  stop  the  break  down from coming in a second wave of agony.    My  father’s strong arms catch me as my knees buckle, never letting me fall.  Carrying me over to the couch, he holds me as I attempt to purge myself of the pain.   Pain I caused.   Pain I’ll have to learn to live with

His Everything
Everything and Always Book 1

When you're the only girl growing up in a family full of soldiers, it's hard to find a date, let alone true love. Either your family scares the guy off, or the dating pool is slim pickin's because you know how a real man should act and won't settle for less.

All I wanted was to find a man I could start a family of my own with, but I never imagined how quickly I'd fall in love or how quickly I could lose it all to be his everything.

Mia Echo is an author who loves love. Strong women deserve strong protective men. Mia specializes in insta-love stories with an erotic twist that will tug at your heart strings and make you melt in the best ways possible. 

Mia is from a small town in the US and she loves to introduce you to new characters and their stories. Through twists and turns, and ups and downs, Mia proves that love really can conquer all. 
When she's not steaming up the pages of her next work in progress, she's spending time with her family and friends.

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