Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Release Reboot: Reveal Me, Sir by Laylah Roberts

Reveal Me Sir by Laylah Roberts OUT NOW!

Available Wide:
All she wanted was a quiet life…
Ria is a magnet for trouble. She’s on the run, living a secret life. She’s being blackmailed by an asshole.
And she’s pretty certain the newest Dom at Club Indulgence is a thief, a private investigator or a cop.
She’s not sure which is worse. And that is exactly why she should stay away from him. Too bad he’s an irresistible blend of geeky and alpha, gentle and stern, hot and hotter.
Yep, trouble just follows her around.
He was the perfect undercover operative…
Everyone overlooked or underestimated him. This should be a simple op. Go in, find who was stealing money from Club Indulgence and leave.
Easy, right?
Well, it might have been if not for a secretive sexy little sub with way too much attitude and eyes that had seen far too much.
She roused his protective instincts, she pulled at the Dominant inside him and her past was enough to make most men run.
But she’d do well to remember not to underestimate him.
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“I’m putting the alarm in, Ria.”
“I can’t afford it,” she told him honestly.
“Did I say you needed to pay for it?”
She folded her arms across her chest. Seemed like they were headed towards an argument and she felt like she was on the back foot, being naked and all.
“Listen—” She tried to climb off his lap and he grabbed hold of her hips.
“Did I say you could move, little subbie?” His voice was dark. Commanding.
Her stomach tightened.
“You can’t Dom me into agreeing to this.”
“Dom you into it?” He shook his head. “You’re my sub. We’re signing a contract together. A contract that gives me certain rights. One of which is to protect you. You get into trouble, you need help then I provide that. Protection. Comfort. Discipline. That all comes from me. Part of that protection includes a security alarm. And since I am insisting that you get said security alarm then I will pay for it.”
“It doesn’t seem right,” she said stubbornly.
He raised his eyebrows. “You change your mind about signing the contract?”
“You know I haven’t and that’s not fair.”
“Never said I play fair, wildcat.”
She sighed. “You can’t get your way all the time.”
“Oh, I don’t think there’s any worry about that. You’re stubborn enough to fight me on plenty of things. But you won’t be fighting me on anything to do with safety, understand?”
About the Author:
Laylah Roberts grew up in rural New Zealand. She worked her way through several libraries, devouring romance books. She finally worked up the courage to write her own story and she's never looked back. She loves dominant, Alpha men who meet their match in her strong heroines. When she's not writing, she's busy running after her young daughter and trying to tame her never-ending pile of laundry.
You can find her here:
Twitter: @laylahR

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