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Timeslayers by Colin Sephton Virtual Book Tour

Did you have a minor character who insisted on playing a larger role in the story. If so, please tell us about it. And if not, please tell me how you get the characters in your head to behave.

This is an interesting question, do my characters behave? I think it’s also worth considering, do I want them to behave? In a sense the characters are my own creation, therefore you can look at it simply and say I am their god, their creator, they have no choice to behave or not. However, as I start writing about a character, I will usually start by visualising who they are, what do they look like, are they even human. I will sit and write a descriptive passage explaining in detail what they look like, their skin, their clothing if they have any, do they carry any weapons or artefacts, and if so what. How do these artefacts work? Other times, as I am an artist, I will paint the character from some preliminary sketches, I will design their clothing, think about the colours, and then write my description using that painting. Only then will I begin to write them into my story.

Once I have started writing using that character, they will develop as I use them for the story, Sometimes I get it just right, other times I go back and edit what I have done so the character behaves in a particular way to suit events that may happen to them later. This helps me to understand who they are. Now I am writing the third novel in the series, I feel the two protagonists, Ignatius and Indigo have really developed and I am at a point where they do always behave. This is going to sound strange, especially to non-writers, but when I begin writing a new chapter, those two are telling me how they feel, how they would react and what they would say. It’s a strange feeling to know them so well. To come back to the thought of wanting them to behave, no I don’t always want them to. I want them to lead me, sometimes not what I originally intended, it makes for a much more believable character with some depth and a personality of their own. It also makes writing more enjoyable.

In a Steampunk Oxford, Ignatius and Indigo are both agents for the Union Jacks, a secret organisation. The role of the Union is to protect the British Empire, which is at the height of its powers, and help in its technological advances. They have discovered the existence of the mystical Book of Consciousness written by the creator of the cosmos, the genderless Omnisoul. The book is the history of everything that is, that has been and that will be. The agents are aided by Skye, who accidentally calls forth seven merciless immortals called the Charon.

Known as the Beautiful and the Damned, the Charon are the Infernal Dukes of Hell, created to carry out the will of the Omisoul. But they are tired of their immortality and want to end their existence. Elsewhere, the sorcerer Ragnar of Roc has conjured a hole in spacetime, allowing the draconic Elder God Calabi Ya to re-enter the cosmos from the Ghost Worlds. He is as old as the Omnisoul and wants the book to learn his destiny. The two Union Jacks leave Oxford and are taken on a journey across the cosmos in the great ship Taraka, which sails through space and time. Ignatius and Indigo are mere pawns in the cosmic ocean of fate, carried to fabled places, witness to bloody massacres, and half-willing conspirators in the Charon’s plot to thwart the Omnisoul’s plan and defeat the protectors of the Well at the Centre of Time.

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He ran his hand through a shock of blonde hair that looked permanently wind swept. Isambard Ignatius was a tall young man; he was handsome, dressed in a frock coat of check tweed and an engineer’s waistcoat, complete with a large silver pocket watch and chain.

From previous research, Ignatius had discovered a vague reference to an archaic manuscript that was said to hold the key to reality, the story of the whole cosmos – what had been, what was and that which was to come. This was said to be the biography of the cosmos. Legend had it that the book was unique in being older than the earth, indestructible, and that whoever read it could see the events described within pass before their eyes. Ignatius didn’t believe this but did believe that in the wrong hands the book could be very dangerous. 

Ignatius was beginning to realise that the body was, as many eastern aesthetics had taught through the ages, surplus, just a vehicle for the mind. This was a philosophy and science that would make religion obsolete. The view that the real world was nothing more than the physical world was destined to come crumbling down and be lost in the debris of all religious buildings. He knew this was why the Administorium were trying to keep an eye on his activities.

Colin was born in Coventry and worked in the automotive industry for over twenty years before becoming an Engineering teacher. Obtaining his first library card at the age of thirteen, he became an avid reader of Fantasy and the mysteries of the Universe. He has an inbuilt curiosity for lost knowledge and ancient texts that may help to unlock the secrets of consciousness and the universe. Living in Oxford for many years, he has now moved back to his home county of Warwickshire where he enjoys creating and working with his wife on their garden in which he writes and entertains their two grandsons. He has always been an artist and writer and is inspired by the worlds created by Robert E Howard and Michael Moorcock, with the artwork of Frank Frazetta.

Publisher Author Page: https://cinnabarmoth.com/colin-sephton/

Website: https://sephtonart.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/timeslayers/

The author will award a $10 Amazon/BN gift card to a randomly drawn winner.


  1. Colin Sephton - thank you for hosting today, and posing an interesting question.

  2. What's your favorite thing about being a writer?

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