Sunday, April 21, 2019

Vor Tour and Giveaway

by Gabriella Clark
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Betrayed by one of their own. The kitsune are being hunted by a group of humans who want the healing properties of their blood for themselves. Facing extinction, Alpha Daiji, The only nine tailed fox on this plane has gathered the last of his skulk together. They head towards the promise of a sanctuary. Fighting for his people's very survival, he never expected to find his mate, his Tsuma.

It was hard being The Vor. Leaving her clan had been the best decision for everyone. It was better to do it on her own terms rather then be forced out when fear got the best of them. It was all worth it though, when the most delicious looking fox she had ever seen crossed her path. Better yet he was her mate! Sure he was a bit pervy and might have a shedding problem but he was all hers.
Together they would show those hunters why it was a bad idea to tangle with the nine tails and the embodiment of spring.

Icelandic, Old Norse
                   /várr/ /vɔːr/ /vár/

            Noun meaning spring
             "Eternally young and ethereally beautiful.....”


***Unedited and subject to change***


              “Is this all there is? Is there no one else?” his deep voice rumbled through the cavernous room. He sounded frustrated and angry and many looked down at the ground. They were unable to meet the golden gaze, signifying his age and power, as it swept across the room. There were less than a hundred kitsune gathered, many of them had defeated expressions. Some wore tattered cloaks with their belongs held in simple cloth wrapped bundles. Others were more richly dressed and had leather satchels with theirs. Still others had nothing more than the clothes on their backs, their thin arms crossed defensively in front of them. All had come since this was the last hope the kitsune race had. The call had gone out stretching across the globe, urging all kitsune to gather at the home of their alpha. He was the oldest, wisest, most powerful of their kind. Many had never before laid eyes on him, had only referred to him in whispers. He was a strict ruler but fair, but all knew he had no tolerance for those who broke their laws. For any kitsune who broke one of the few laws handed down, they were sent directly to him. Few wished that fate as those who were sent were never heard from again. 

He sighed quietly so that only those closest to the raised dais upon which he stood could hear it. The sound was laden with disappointment and an expression of grief crossed his face. It was there and gone so quickly that no one saw. He started down the steps leading to the dais, his arms folded behind his back. His broad shoulders were lined with tension, yet he kept his face smooth and untroubled. Projecting such an aura of calm competence that the gathered kitsune began to relax. Assured that their alpha could right a terrible wrong and find them a harbor to ride out the storm they found themselves in.
              “As you all know we are being hunted” his voice thrummed with power, reaching those standing in the furthest corner of the room “Our secret has been revealed and now our enemies are upon us. I have received word of a sanctuary for us. We will head there immediately.”
            A hand raised tentatively in the air, and the alpha inclined his head, giving the vixen permission to speak. “If I may ask Alpha, where are we traveling to?”
                 “We are going to a place called Sault Ste. Marie. It is in the state of Michigan”
                “How do we know it’s safe?” a voice shouted from the back, the speaker’s face lost in the crowd. “How do we know it’s not a trick?”
               Alpha Daiji snarled in outrage, his upper lip lifting to reveal gleaming extending canines. “You will trust that I will do what is best for my skulk!” His power flooded the room causing all of those present to kneel in supplication. He paused for a moment before pulling the heavy weight of his power back into himself. “This sanctuary comes to us from the dragon Valen, my oldest ally and friend”
             Gasps swept the room before they were quickly hushed. Expressions began to lighten. While not many had heard of Valen the Alpha’s oldest ally, for weren’t dragons supposed to be extinct? Hope began to still began take root. Surely with their alpha and the mighty dragon they would be safe.
               “Now come my skulk. We must begin our journey”

Hey guys thanks for checking out my books! I'm a 31 year old caseworker from sunny Miami Fl. Adding his 2 cents to the stories is my 4 year old cat named Charles Whisperclaws. I love romance novels and have been reading since I was about 13. I started writing because one day I thought why are all the heroines always wondering why the hero chose them? Why wouldn't they? So I decided to fix that. Hope you guys enjoy the story!

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