Friday, May 29, 2020

Widow: A Dark Romance by Crimson Syn Release Blitz

🕷💜WIDOW: A Dark BDSM Romance💜🕷
❃❃An EDGE Series Novella❃❃
Author:  Crimson Syn
Cover Designer: Lou Gray
Available on AMAZON KU
❃❃ MICAH ❃❃

There’s something about EDGE that lures.
It seduces.
It devours.
It entices even the most innocent of souls.
One, in particular, fate has brought back to me.
She is perfect in every way.
She’s what will heal this darkness that lives inside me.
But they want to tear her away from me.
They want to sell her off to the highest bidder.
She is not safe.
And I didn’t get her back only to lose her again.
Sarai is mine,
And I will fight the devil himself for her soul.
🖤 There are some souls not even fate can tear apart.

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