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New Release: Hard Boiled: The Dragon Born Academy by T.L. Christianson

Hard Boiled: The Dragon Born Academy

Author: T.L. Christianson

Title: Hard Boiled

Series: The Dragon Born Academy 

Release Date: February 24, 2020

Main Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Secondary Genres: Contemporary Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Sweet Romance, New Adult, Urban Fantasy, Mystery

Tropes: Love triangle, age gap, stuck together, coming of age

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A hidden world, secrets, love, betrayal… and dragons. 

Sydney Miller—Almost seventeen, unschooled world traveler until the you-know-what hit the fan.  Reality? Gone... yanked out from under me like a cheap Ikea rug. 

Here are the doozies I've learned since coming to the Dragon Born Academy: Dragons exist in this whole other world! My dad… not my dad. Also, bondmates exist. Yeah... I'm now bound to a heart-throb Prince to the Dragonborn—Ashe Carrick. The only downside? He won't touch me, and now he's told me to 'go live my life' - whatever that means!

I plan to forget him when I'm shipped off to my grandparents at Briony, the Dragonborn base. But how can I forget Ashe when he's right in front of me? I'm trying to resist his gorgeous baby blues and focus on other more important things. Like George! The man who raised me is here in the dungeon and he's the only one who has the answers I need about my mom, her research and the dragon realm. According to him, she might be alive! So this is my new obsession and I won't stop until I get to the bottom of it all!


Ashe Carrick—Twenty-three, Lieutenant for the Dragonborn Guard and the Elibera's hope to become Prime Leader of the Dragonborn. I have a whole host of problems, but I can't stop thinking of Sydney, the girl I'm bonded to. I've done my best to keep her at arm's length but she's like a siren. One look from her heats my blood… rousing something ancient and primal within me. 

When our dragons bonded, I thought it was fate. Then I found out how old she was! For the love of the ancestors! How did I let this happen? Logic and reason ruled my life. I was a numbers guy—always in control, but when it came to Syd… not so much. That's why I had to end things. 

Besides, I have a whole host of other problems I'm dealing with at the Dragonborn base, Briony. The PL has gone entirely off the rails and when George Miller is brought into lockdown, he might have the evidence to bring PL Lambert down—if we can keep him alive.


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I poured water over the long dragon scratch, trying to clean away the rest of the dried blood and dirt. "What do I need to do to heal you?"

"We need to face each other," Sydney said, twisting around, keeping her makeshift covering in place.

Sitting between my bent legs, she looked so small and fragile. I grabbed her feet and pulled them around my hips before drawing her closer. She started to fall back with a cry, but I caught her arm, encircling her in my arms.

"Okay," she whispered, gazing up at me, her shoulders heaving with quickened breaths. "Put your hands on the sides of my face, and…" she pulled my head down until our foreheads touched.

"Now what?" I breathed, my body aching at her proximity, frustration boiling within me. My thoughts were all on her and none of them were about healing.

"Keep your eyes closed and focus on pushing it into me."

"Oh, for the love of the ancestors!" I murmured under my breath as I leaned away to meet her eye.

"Healing. Push healing through our connection!" She said exacerbated.

I tucked a lock of hair behind her ear, "You're killing me, you know that right?"

Her body heaved in an exacerbated sigh. "Are you going to do it or not?"

I groaned, "Yes. I am… just stop saying things like that. You're doing it on purpose."

She leaned back, "I am not! You're just all wound up! Maybe I should've given you some alone time first."

"Shhhh…" I ordered, pulling her back in, half hoping she'd drop her shirt, which she didn't. "I'm trying to heal you."

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