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Vampire Huntress Chronicles Tour and Giveaway


Blood Hunt
Vampire Huntress Chronicles Book 1
by Jessica Wayne
Genre: Paranormal Romance

A Top 300 Bestseller★

Hunting vampires is her legacy.

Detective Rainey Astor walks a dangerous line between the human and supernatural worlds.  As a vampire hunter, she’s a formidable opponent, having killed hundreds of their kind.  Yet, when her latest foray into the supernatural world goes terribly wrong, she finds herself rescued by the very creature she’s vowed to kill.

Elijah Hawthorne is unlike any vampire Rainey has ever met.  His sexy as hell exterior hides a tortured soul seeking redemption.  Rainey knows she should avoid him at all costs, but fate has other plans. 
 Together, they’re forced down a twisted path of ancient revenge and tainted love.

With Elijah guarding her back, Rainey must protect her heart, because giving in could mean a death sentence for them both. But if they don’t discover the hidden identity of their enemy before the clock runs out, she’s as good as dead anyway. 

Fans of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, Lynsay Sands Argeneau Novels, Linsey Hall’s Shadow Guild, L.J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries, or the TV show The Originals, will devour this brand new trilogy.

Grab your copy of Blood Hunt and start this addicting Vampire Paranormal Romance today!
 But be warned, this romance comes with a bite.

Then, she reaches into her pocket and withdraws an iron key the size of her palm.

         “What are we waiting for?”

         “The driver needs to be out of sight,” Rainey tells me with a forced smile as she waves. Once his car is out of sight, she turns and unlocks the gate.

         “Why did we have to wait?”

         She sets her bag down. “Because.” Gripping the key in both hands, she pulls it apart, revealing a hidden blade. Then, she runs it over her palm.

         Copper tang fills the air, the scent of it a powerful roar in my head, an invasion of every single fucking sense within me, and I jump back, putting space between us before I fucking lose my mind. “What the fuck are you doing?” With no adrenaline, no immediate threat, there’s nothing to distract me from the allure of the crimson in her veins.

         “You can’t get in without my blood,” she says, stepping toward me. “My grandmother had the property warded against supernaturals. The only way around that is to give you my blessing.” She reaches me.

My body shakes, desire for her, for her blood, nearly overwhelming me. Then, she stretches up and runs her injured palm over my cheek.

If I thought the scent of her blood was overwhelming, it’s nothing to the blood-hammering, stomach-twisting, cock-hardening, potent assault racing through my body as she spreads it over my skin.

         “You okay?” she asks. I barely hear her over the sound of my blood pounding in my ears as I fight to gain control over myself like I had to do the night she nearly died.

         But this is nothing like that.

         My hunger is strong—stronger than anything I’ve ever felt, and before I realize it, I’m reaching for her. Hand cupping the back of her neck, I yank her toward me and slam my mouth onto hers.

         She bucks, fighting against my hold for just a moment before she sighs and grips my arms with both hands. Rainey opens beneath me, her tongue slipping into my mouth, giving me a full fucking taste of the woman beyond the hunter.



         I fucking devour her mouth, spinning her and pinning her to the gate with my body pressed against her. My cock is beyond hard, my body ready to claim the woman as my mate even if my brain tells me what a horrible fucking idea that would be. None of that matters now. I want to claim her, possess her, just as she owns me.

         My hands roam down her body, gripping her ass and lifting her as she wraps her legs around my waist. Her hands are in my hair, tugging as she gives me back every demanding moment of this kiss.

         She nips my lip, and I growl in response, the caged beast within straining against the chains I’ve used for so long.

         The gate creaks, and I pull away, releasing her mouth as I slide her down my body. Our breaths are little more than ragged gasps, each perfectly in tune with the other, and I stare down at her, unable to tear my gaze from her swollen lips.

         Lips I’d just tasted. And already, I want more.

Blood Captive
Vampire Huntress Chronicles Book 2

She was the hunter. Now, she's the prey.

Detective Rainey Astor has run headfirst into danger for as long as she can remember. Her trip to Salem was no different, and although she and Elijah are back in Billings, nothing could have prepared them for the repercussions they will face upon their return home.

Determined to get back to normal despite the fact that everything's changed, Rainey dives back into work at the same time bodies of dead witches start popping up all over town. Their ritualistic style murders scream sacrifice, but there's something darker at work, something far more sinister than Rainey or Elijah could have anticipated.

As someone begins beckoning to Rainey from the shadows, drawing her closer and closer into their web, she unearths a horrible truth that will alter her irrevocably. And soon she will discover, not even Elijah can shield her from what's to come.

Picking up from Blood Hunt's explosive cliffhanger ending, Blood Captive turns the tables for Rainey and Elijah as they go from being the hunters to the hunted.

This series is perfect for fans of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, Lynsay Sands Argeneau Novels, Linsey Hall’s Shadow Guild, L.J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries, or the TV show The Originals.

Grab your copy of Blood Captive, and pick up right where you left off with this bestselling Vampire Paranormal Romance series!

Blood Cure
Vampire Huntress Chronicles Book 3

She is in hell.

Trapped in the shadows, Rainey is unable to do much more than watch while her entire life is destroyed.

While the Original Witch's plan continues to fall perfectly in place, it's up to Elijah to put it all on the line and save his hunter.

Or die trying.

Picking up from Blood Captive's heartbreaking cliffhanger, Blood Cure tests Rainey and Elijah in ways they never saw coming.

This series is perfect for fans of J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, Lynsay Sands Argeneau Novels, Linsey Hall’s Shadow Guild, L.J. Smith’s The Vampire Diaries, or the TV show The Originals.

Grab your copy of Blood Cure and pick up right where you left off with this bestselling Vampire Paranormal Romance series!

Curse of the Witch
Vampire Huntress Chronicles Book 4

Her death was just the beginning.

Two years trapped between the living and the dead would make anyone jumpy. But soon Delaney realizes the shadows surrounding her are more than  light casting shapes upon the wall. Someone is hunting her, and they won't stop until she's back in the ground.

Cole left his heart in an alley two years ago when he walked out covered in the blood of a hunter he would have died to protect. Now that she's back from the dead, he's determined to keep his distance.
 After all, if he lost control once it could happen again.

When Delaney's life is threatened, Cole knows he can't ignore the call. Even if answering it could mean death for them both.

Shifter meets witch in this epic battle for the soul of Delaney Astor. Perfect for fans of Lynsay Sands, Kelly St. Clare, McKenzie Hunter, and Jennifer Ashley, Curse Of The Witch will take you on a brand new adventure with characters you know and love.

Bestselling author Jessica Wayne writes paranormal and fantasy romance. She lives in Texas with her husband, three kids, and their two dogs.

She is skittle obsessed, enjoys the occasional whiskey, and is an ambassador for the mix-matched socks movement.

A believer in true love, Jessica also believes that good things are worth fighting for, and sometimes you have to risk it all to find your place in the world.

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