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Atlantis: City of Mages Blitz


Sci-fi, Urban fantasy

Date Published: Initially published on 12.21.12, revised version 03.02.2021

It was meant to be a place where knowledge could be exchanged peacefully between humans and advanced beings who live among the stars.

It was meant to be a place where amazing feats of science could accelerate the evolution of humankind.

Now, lost and forgotten, the isle drifts aimlessly on the fabric of time and space.

Those who linger on Atlantis use her technology to thieve treasure and fuel the ever-growing greed of the population.

Something powerful has been stolen and Atlantis is now treading close to the waters of karma and fate.

Is it too late to change what has been done?


Even as one of the last war-raging dragons approached Oberon, he lingered in the vast canyon of his thoughts. She slithered up to him, raised her head and arched her neck, ready to fire. The stream of fire, hotter than magma, shot at him with deadly accuracy.

Oh no, you don’t!” Campanula shouted as she sprinted toward the conflict. The displaced sand shot up with force as she dug her knee in the beach for support. Aiming the hand cannon steadily with both hands, she fired a warning shot across the dragon’s nose.

Though it was just a graze, the pain was searing hot to the dragon, and it had bought Oberon some time to roll out of the way. The dragon had an overprotective mate who butted in, and with his gauntlet, he shoved Campanula so hard that he threw her into a nearby tree. She laid in the cold, wet sand trying to catch the breath that escaped her lungs. The male dragon went in for the kill. Getting up onto his feet, Oberon left his thoughts to save his friend. With all of his might, Oberon summoned strength into his hands, formed an energy blast and launched it at the dragon. The blow sent the dragon into a cluster of ice-glazed trees toward the inland far past Campanula, which was dangerously close to the death. The dragon tumbled out of the trees and landed on his back in the melting snow. He sat there taking a moment to collect himself.

Enough!” Oberon shouted almost as if he was a drunken, old, bitter man. Even his body movements were jerky as he stumbled around. “We didn’t kill your children. Those responsible are dead. Just leave us alone!” He fell to knees out of exhaustion. Campanula rushed to his side.

Campanula knew what his anger really stemmed from. “You can’t give up. Your family is out there. I know it!” Oberon didn’t seem to care what she had to say. He was so worn out that he did a face plant. “Oberon, look, you have got to see this!”

Oberon raised his head, and through sand-covered eyes, he saw a band of rainbow light, almost like the northern lights, fly from Mt. Caspen headed to the shore. Surely it was his wife accompanied by the Bennu. From his left, there came a bright white flash. When he looked over, he saw his daughter and her friends fall on their butts in the sand.

About The Author

M. Arcturus was born and raised in the Midwest. Yearning to break free from a mundane life, she writes after hours hoping that one day her life will be launched in a whole new direction. Even though her stories are immersed in fiction, she dedicates a lot of time in researching science and history to create believable events and environments to assist the reader along their journey within her books.

Atlantis: City of Mages is her first published book; however, her poetry has been published in several publications such as: 2005 Labours of Love by Noble House Publishers Poetry Division, 2003 Gardens of Youth by The International Library of Poetry, and 1999 Poetic Voices of America by Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum. She is currently working on the sequel to Atlantis as well as another science fiction book, a poetry book, and a children’s book.

Her greatest aspiration is for her books to stir the imagination in others and even create a bit of controversy. She wants her readers to form their own ideas surrounding the topics she writes about. She believes that every point of view has the ability to expand knowledge and spur people into action to follow their dreams and pursue their personal truth.

When she is not writing on her books, you can find her on paranormal investigations, painting, working on her photography skills, and seeking new adventures.

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