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Brilliant Bob is Brave Blitz


Children's Book

Date Published: January 2021

Bob used to be afraid, but now he wants to learn to fight the fears that are holding him back. Bob vows to be brave. Join Brilliant Bob as he learns to master his fear of the dark, the dentist, certain foods, and other kids so that he can live a full and happy life.

The Brilliant Bob series contains seven beautifully written and illustrated children’s books that were created specifically to support and encourage young boys. These fun books use the adventures of Brilliant Bob and his three best friends—Dazzling Dave, Genuine George, and Superboy Sam—to teach young boys about crucial aspects of masculinity.

Highlighting, teaching, and promoting positive and healthy masculinity in boys can improve their mental health, self-esteem, and sense of identity. These exciting and relevant books are a great way to strengthen the bond between young boys and their fathers (or other significant male role models). Using these books as bedtime stories is a great way to fill the well documented crucial void of positive masculinity in so many young boys’ lives. The stories, adventures, struggles, and triumphs of Brilliant Bob will help boys as they discover their identity as males and help them take pride in themselves.

Boys will love the fun illustrations, and the stories that have been written just for them. And dads and parents will love how these books spark meaningful conversations with their sons about how their masculinity makes them special. Just like Brilliant Bob!

Brilliant Bob is Brave

Brilliant Bob is Competitive

Brilliant Bob is Strong

Brilliant Bob is Curious

Brilliant Bob takes a Risk

Brilliant Bob is Stoic

Brilliant Bob is Persistent


About the Author

Kenneth was humbly raised in Virginia, one of eight kids. He attended Old Dominion University as an undergraduate in electrical engineering before enlisting in the United States Air Force (USAF). After basic and technical military training, he moved to Cambridge, England to work as an air traffic controller. After five years, he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Professional Aeronautics and was commissioned an officer about a year later. Kenneth served his country within the USAF in various assignments around the globe for more than two decades, before retiring as a senior officer in 2005.

Most of Kenneth’s adult life was spent in Europe. Over the years, he has traveled to dozens of countries and has been fortunate enough to live in Brazil, England, Germany, Italy, Turkey, and Spain. Kenneth was married for 21 years and is the father of two grown sons and a stepdaughter. Unfortunately, he found himself divorced at age 43, but retired and financially secure with a military pension at 44. Thus, he set about traveling for ten years to live, learn and experience the world with open eyes.

During that time, Kenneth experienced many rewarding and memorable solo treks across Europe, including a 1,200-mile walk over 44 days across Scotland, Wales, and England in 2010.

The ‘walking bug’ has taken him on many 200- and 300-mile treks across Europe, to include different parts of England, Wales, Sicily, Sardinia, and Germany. Fitness is important to Kenneth, who enjoys mixing things up with biking, tennis, running, and working out. He loves nature and tries to get outdoors whenever he can.

Kenneth became a first-time author at 47, and has gone on to write several books to help men and women through relationships and important decisions. His latest passion is to help young boys develop positive identities as males and improve their self-esteem. Kenneth hopes the Brilliant Bob books will counteract the masculinity crisis in today’s society.

Kenneth recently remarried at age 54, to a beautiful Persian lady. They split their time, as life allows, between England and Spain, with their little dog, Dio, a Bichon Frise.

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