Saturday, March 27, 2021

Short Stories of Love and Entanglement Tour and Giveaway


Short Stories of Love and Entanglement
by Andy Houstoun
Genre: Contemporary Romance

A short collection of hauntingly beautiful love stories.
"It has a lovely kind of jazz storytelling feel that I've never encountered" Audio podcast Tall Tale TV.
"Andy Houstoun’s stories of love feel so real they hurt – and heal!" Kelly Mack McCoy, author of Rough Way to the High Way.
"The prose aches; it is felt" Expat Press.
"This is beautiful. I love having my heart broken perfectly" Elizabeth Victoria Aldrich, author of Reckless Little Things.

"A pound coin clatters down the slot. I scroll through the song choices of the old jukebox, and punch in 6-2-4. A seven inch of The Cure's 'Lovesong' moves into position. The tonearm slides across and there's a crackle as the needle settles into the grooves. A distorted guitar chord erupts from the speakers into the empty pub, and the familiar driving rhythm starts. The churchlike organ, the bouncing bass, and the jangly guitar; churn up feelings that stir my gut. 

I'm in The Wuthering Heights, a pub Dan and I visited in the early nineties. I go back to my seat and glance around the room. It still has the same decor: lead-framed windows and ornate mirrors; paintings of the Yorkshire landscape in gilt frames. The smell of real ale and stagnant smoke. 

I'm twenty again. 

I stare at the door and imagine Dan walking in. I haven't seen him for years."

Andy Houstoun is a philosophy teacher. He lives in England with his wife and four children. His short stories have been published in a range of magazines based in Australia, the USA and the UK.

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