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Zorak Blitz


Lunar Uprising Book One

Sci-fi Romance

Published: March 2021

Publisher: Anything-but-Ordinary Books

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Passionate Sci-Fi with a touch of danger and a whole lot of sass.

When Cat’s father is kidnapped by her alien boss she turns to Zorak, one of the mysterious lunar raiders “cultivated” by the aliens to protect Earth. Cat isn’t sure she can trust Zorak, but she has nowhere else to turn. Lunar raiders are ruthless hybrids created for war, so why does Zorak make her feel safe? She has never been so intensely attracted to anyone before and has a hard time believing her feelings are real. They’re surrounded by conflict and deceit, and Cat’s father isn’t the only one in danger. If they can’t learn the truth about the aliens, the entire human race could be enslaved.


His gaze moved over her face, his expression gradually darkening. “What happened to your cheek?”

She raised her hand to the side of her face as resentment rippled through her being. The throbbing in her cheek had subsided, but the memory was still crystal clear. “I didn’t realize he bruised me.”

The mark is faint. Most will not notice. Why did Erot strike you?”

Embarrassed by his persistence, she shrugged. “He didn’t like something I said.”

Zorak rose and stalked toward her, his movements slow and purposeful. His features hardened while complex emotions ignited his gaze. “How often does he lay his hands on you?”

The possessive edge in his deep voice sent a shiver down Cat’s spine. She’d felt unsafe for so long that she welcomed his protection, but she had no interest in being owned by anyone. “He had never hurt me before, but his disapproval is escalating.”

Because you refuse to be his spy? Or are their other reasons for the escalation?”

I’m not sure.” She gazed up at him, way up. Why didn’t he go sit back down? “There are definitely fractures within Pylorian society. Unfortunately, I don’t know what they’re about or who falls on which side of the conflict.”

Without warning he wrapped his hands around her upper arms and drew her to her feet. Cat gasped, surprise widening her eyes. He didn’t pull her closer, nor did he release her. He just stood there holding her in place as his gaze searched hers.

Why force you to spy for him?” It wasn’t an accusation, just damn close. “Why not recruit someone else?”

Erot doesn’t like being challenged,” she told him, annoyed by his attitude. “He’s used to people following his orders without hesitation or complaint. He enjoys the power he has over me.”

Zorak raised one of his hands and lightly brushed her cheek with the knuckle of his index finger. “He will regret harming my female.”

I’m more concerned about—wait. What did you say?”

Pushing his fingers into her hair, he caressed her jaw with his thumb as he stared deep into her eyes. “Vosic told you we have begun to sense our mates. You, Catriona, are mine.”

About The Author

Cyndi has written about rock stars, vampires, and cat shifters, but she's currently focused on outer space. Her stories are fun, fast-paced, and seriously hot. Her books have made the USA Today Top 100, and frequently land on Amazon Best Seller lists. She is currently working on the Lunar Uprising, an all new series set in the near future.

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