Sunday, May 16, 2021

New Release: Bianca's Choice by Elisa Leigh


Bianca's Choice by Elisa Leigh

The Virgin Call Girls Series

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Bianca Amato has a decision to make.

When Bianca's parents die in a freak car accident she's thrust onto the streets and her brother is put into foster care.

To prove to Child Protective Services she can care for her brother she has to be financially stable with a house and show she can take care of him on her own. Losing the only family she has left isn't an option. She can either sell her virginity to the highest bidder or she can risk losing her little brother to CPS.

Stefano Russo needs a wife and not just any wife. If he must marry, he's going to make sure she's pure. She must bear him a child within two years of their nuptials or he risks losing his inheritance and the throne to the Italian Mafia. There are plenty of women he could choose from, but he doesn't want any of them.

Knowing he doesn't have much time, he seeks out the best in the business to help him with his problem. One look at Bianca's photograph and he's hooked. He knows she's the one, then Lilith reminds him this is only for one night. Not only does he have to buy her virginity, but he also has to convince her to stay forever.

Is selling your virginity unethical? Of course, it is. But this is fiction. If you don’t want to read about virgins and auctions and salacious sex and fake scenarios and not real-life situations...DO NOT READ!!! If you have no interest in powerful men, young women, taboo moments, erotica, and filthy dirty words and SEX...DO NOT READ!!! This is fiction. It is not meant to be realistic, factual, ethical or once again...REAL!!

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