Sunday, November 14, 2021

✱✱Audio Book Review✱✱ Getting Real by Emma Chase


Getting Real
By: Emma Chase
Narrated by: Andi Arndt, Zachary Webber
Publisher: Audible Originals
Categories: Romance, Contemporary

A sexy, hilarious, emotional new romance from New York Times best-selling author Emma Chase.

Connor Daniels never thought he’d be starting at dating square one again. His career as a successful doctor, and his three boys, are everything to him. It’s not exactly a setup conducive to a scorching love life - but he’s giving it a shot.

ER nurse Violet Robinson never intended for Connor to find out she’s had a crush on him forever. It was a dirty little secret only meant for her dirty dreams. Her heart trips every time he’s around - and so do her feet.

When Connor sees Violet coasting across the grocery store parking lot - and she falls on her face - he starts falling for the gorgeous young nurse right back.

Dating can be tricky. And life can be beautiful and crazy and unpredictable. But when it gets real, you discover what matters most...and the one person you want loving you through it all.

Momma Says: 5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

After reading the blurb for Getting Real, I expected and hoped for a fun, engaging romance. Well, I got that and a whole lot more. This book turned out to be exactly what I needed this weekend. I had no problem identifying with the characters, and I live the blended family trope every single day. I know how stressful it can be and how wonderful it can be. Emma Chase captured all of that with a whole cast of terrific characters - even the secondary characters and the ones that just pop in for a scene or two feel real. As for Connor and Violet - well., I found myself talking to them a couple of times. Not that they listened to me of course, but I certainly tried.
This story has all the feels. It's as hilarious as it is sweet, and it's as emotional as it is lighthearted. I laughed, I cried, I laughed some more, and I swooned. You can't help but swoon over Connor even when he says and does things that make you want to shake the daylights out of him. And the things his boys said and did? Yeah, Emma Chase hit the nail right on the head with their age groups, which is just one more thing to make these characters feel so real.
I had actually planned to stretch this listen out for the whole weekend, listening to a chapter or two here and there, but once I started it, that was it. These characters drew me in and held on tight. The voices of Andi Arndt and Zachary Webber didn't help any with hitting the pause button. I've listened to both of these narrators before, so I expected great things, and I found them. The book is read in dual POV with Webber doing Connor's chapters while Arndt did Violet's, and they captured every emotion. 
So, to sum it up, Getting Real is a fantastic listen that I'll definitely come back to again. Somehow, this is my first book by Emma Chase, which I plan to remedy very soon, and as always, I'm blown away by these narrators. If you haven't read or listened to this book yet, you definitely need to.

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