Friday, November 26, 2021

Gateway to Dark Stars Tour and Giveaway


Gateway to Dark Stars

by Kate Haley

Genre: Horror, Action, Adventure 

Slaying monsters. It ain’t much, but it’s honest work.

In the age of jazz and bootleg liquor, black magic is making a big comeback. Luckily, the scourge of demons and cultists are keeping Doctor Vincent Temple in business. Even the Mafia are having trouble with monsters, and they’ve hired Temple to sort it out. Cash is cash, and the old Doctor has never been one to turn his nose up at a job, no matter who’s paying. This time luck is smiling on him. The gangsters are tangling with a cult Doctor Temple has been stalking over a personal matter, but when reconnaissance turns into rescue can he save the world before things become too personal?

The Witcher meets Cthulhu in this gruesome, high-octane adventure. Snatch up your copy now and get ready to slay some demons!

The thugs, because no matter how they presented themselves Lucy knew they were thugs, gave polite half-nods of agreement. Ferro turned back to her. “Your father’s been a thorn in my side for years, signorina. He should have taken better care to make sure we never met.”

She’s helping Vincent!” Tony interrupted. “She’s here because she was trying to help sort– ugh!” Tony doubled over and sank to his knees as one of the thugs punched him in the gut.

Manners, Antony,” Ferro warned him against further interruptions. He shook his head. “My sister’s boy. You’d think she would have raised him better.” He spoke as if by way of an apology, and then shrugged away the inconvenience. A slight smile teased the corner of his thin lips as he saw the way Lucy flinched to look at the young man groaning on the ground. “Unfortunately, signorina, these docks are terribly unsafe. You’re going to have to come with us.”

No,” Lucy tightened her grip on the rifle. “You don’t want that.”

It’s my obligation as a gentleman to make sure you get home safely, child.”

I don’t need help to go anywhere,” she retorted. “But you’re going to need mine. I’m the only one of us that can kill what’s sneaking up behind you.”

Ferro laughed. “Signorina, you do me a disservice if you think I’d fall for that.”

Lucy just waited. It was almost upon them now. One of Ferro’s goons screamed as he was suddenly hauled into the air. The imp that had snatched him was snarling hungrily. The gangsters turned as one with shouts of fear and alarm.

Get it!” Ferro roared.

All of them drew their guns and fired straight into the ugly monster’s chest. It didn’t even flinch. It shrieked at them and then hauled its struggling captive closer. Lucy took aim. She wanted to prove a point, but she wasn’t going to let someone get eaten to make it. She fired. Imp brains exploded in a bloody cloud over the gangsters. They all turned to her. She stared down their wild eyes and slack jaws from behind the barrel.

Kate Haley is a speculative fiction author who works predominantly in fantasy and horror.

While currently content to fill her days with writing and table-top RPGs, her grander plans involve world domination. Something akin to the tyranny of the greatest city atop the Disc would be an acceptable standard. She believes a super-villainous overlord would be an upgrade, given that our current villains lack style and imagination.

After all, super-villainy requires Presentation.

If you like her references, consider reading her books. Peruse the website for short fictions and merchandise, and join the mailing list for early access and exclusive cool stuff.

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